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  1. I always felt that the TT01 has a bit more give in it, so it can handle a few more crashes, whereas the TT02 is a bit more rigid and responds better to shock tuning. Just my thoughts.
  2. Really interesting thread this! I am lucky enough to live near 3 indoor tracks (with access to a few more a short drive away), from small to national sized. I love racing at all of them, but miss the simplicity of mardave minis in a school hall. Cheap cars, motors and electrics, along with no additive and slippery school/church wood floors was immense fun and more relaxing/cheaper then the constant hunt for the best tyres/additive/lipos in order to win. Once the latest lockdown is over, I'll be looking to find a local school or church to see if a cheapo club can be started for us on a budget
  3. I have an F104 pro ii which I have raced against 'proper' RC F1 cars and it was interesting. I used to have an F201, which I raced down south in Southampton. Loved it.
  4. the facebook group is RC Rally GB I'd still go with an XV01 for 'proper' rallying. We tried indoor rally on carpet with jumps, and tt02 tt01 etc were fine, but it wasn't bumpy.
  5. We got a decent drop of snow, enough to stop the traffic for a couple of days. Thankfully I am just outside the city, so I had plenty of fresh snow all to myself
  6. Its snowing poperly here in West Yorkshire, so time to put on the wellies and go for a play. Tried my crawler, but the snow is too deep (and it is really heavy), so its the lunchbox next, then the comical grasshopper followed by the Konghead. Anybody tried driving in the snow, what works well?
  7. I got into crawling at the start of lockdown as something to do in the garden. I had a second hand Carisma crawler, that was a great introduction, as I couldnt find a Tamiya that would do the job. Recently I bought a Traxxas TRX4 kit, so I could enjoy building a crawler, and the quality is excellent. I've heard the electrics are awful, so I installed my own (the kit doesnt come iwth any), and its a joy to drive. Traxxas have terrible ethics, but most of the companies that I buy from in my food shopping also have appauling ethics, so I spend my cash on what makes me happy. Still wishing for a decent Tamiya crawler though...
  8. Nothing for me this year. Lack of work has meant that we are a bit skint
  9. I buy most of my stuff online from MBModels as they are local to me and I can pick up easily. The stock is accurate as well, so I know if it is in stock. For actually visiting a shop, I use Demon Models in Wakefield. Lyndon is super helpful and a right laff
  10. I have both a Konghead and a Dancing rider. Both are fun, though the Konghead can be run on many different surfaces. The Dancing Rider is lots of fun on our carpet racetrack, or a very smooth surface, but that kind of limits where you can run it.
  11. I tried a cheap brushless combo with mine, and it was much faster, but cogged terribly. Just bought a Sport Tuned (sitting next to me on my desk) and will try it out and let you know once I get a pinion for it
  12. the M4 is excellent, with lots of upgrade opportunity
  13. Hi ThunderDragonCy, I am planning to do the yeah racing spur mod, do I need 48p pinions for this, or Tamiya 0.6 mod ? Thanks for any advice!
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