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  1. I recently bought an Arrma Kraton 6s, which will do 60mph on road with the optional gearing (allegedly). It is insanely fast, but not actually that much fun. I've driven it twice and will be selling it, as I would rather have a Rere Boomerang to blast around the lane at home, instead of a missile that I am sure will end up in pieces!
  2. I had a Boomerang in 1986 (I think). There was a local club that raced offroad on the grass at the side of a sports centre, with hose pipes to mark the course. It was cheap, and huge fun. during winter, lost of racers bought mardave minis and ran them in a church hall, with no additive on wood floors. Thats the racing I still yearn for
  3. just had a quick look, looks like it is 1.7
  4. I'm much more interested in the scale side of crawling, but am happy to drive down to Bracken Rocks to drive a different place a few times a year. The only bad bit for me, was no cider. The stuff for sale at Funduro was amazing!
  5. I went on Saturday and had a great time! We had a group of 5 of us with various rigs, and just did the 500 gate trail, which was alot easier then last years (in my opinion). My trusty trx4 sport kit was a trooper as always, and just kept plugging away at the trails. Looking forward to the next one already!
  6. I'm looking for some advice/opinions please. I recently acquired a Clodbuster at a very good price, and it appears to be mostly 1987. It has the chevy grille (a bit rough), 1987 stamped body (which is a bit battered), original air scoop etc. The wheels appear to be red, painted white, so possibly not original? I want to drive it, and enjoy it, but feel it would be a waste to risk damaging something which somebody else might desire greatly. Silly question, but is it worth selling and buying a new one to play with, allowing somebody the chance of owning an original?
  7. Totally forgot to check back on this! Mine is box art and looks gorgeous, but I really dont do shelf queens, so i might be running it soon in my local F1 class. I've got a l&l models 787b body that i can pop on it, after shortening the wheelbase, so i'll post back if i actually do it
  8. I've just finished building my C11, and its a beauty! I'm not interested in it as an investment, so i might even paint it non-box art
  9. I always felt that the TT01 has a bit more give in it, so it can handle a few more crashes, whereas the TT02 is a bit more rigid and responds better to shock tuning. Just my thoughts.
  10. Really interesting thread this! I am lucky enough to live near 3 indoor tracks (with access to a few more a short drive away), from small to national sized. I love racing at all of them, but miss the simplicity of mardave minis in a school hall. Cheap cars, motors and electrics, along with no additive and slippery school/church wood floors was immense fun and more relaxing/cheaper then the constant hunt for the best tyres/additive/lipos in order to win. Once the latest lockdown is over, I'll be looking to find a local school or church to see if a cheapo club can be started for us on a budget
  11. I have an F104 pro ii which I have raced against 'proper' RC F1 cars and it was interesting. I used to have an F201, which I raced down south in Southampton. Loved it.
  12. the facebook group is RC Rally GB I'd still go with an XV01 for 'proper' rallying. We tried indoor rally on carpet with jumps, and tt02 tt01 etc were fine, but it wasn't bumpy.
  13. We got a decent drop of snow, enough to stop the traffic for a couple of days. Thankfully I am just outside the city, so I had plenty of fresh snow all to myself
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