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  1. Ok, more involved than I thought. Thanks for the help. I’ll have to sit down and work it out...
  2. I guess the problem with the above is that I’ll be turning a Vanquish into an egress. 😭
  3. I have an original egress chassis, shock towers and shocks coming. I think that’s all I need for the conversion. I couldn’t find any resources on the conversion itself, I don’t think it’s requiring the ‘Avante Chassis set’ from back in the day - at least I hope it doesn’t!
  4. Damage is to the rear, which has snapped off.
  5. Yes, not at home until the weekend so I’ll post then. Cheers! 👍
  6. Hi everyone. My first post. I have a Vanquish which I’d love to restore as a runner. I’ve stripped it down completely and the only parts broken (unfortunately) are: - Rear section - final two screw holes - of the main chassis tub missing (broken off). - missing rear bumper (for above reason probably) - front bumper is toast - link pins bent - shell and wing broken and cracked I think my only two options are : 1. Rebuild it with out the bumpers (no point IMHO), with TBG body and MCI decals 2. Go Carbon, maybe even go Page 28 upgrade in the manual. 😃. But I don’t have the HiCaps ☹️. Anyone want to give a view on this one? Thanks! Paul.
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