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  1. It’s the one next to battery pack.
  2. Hi all, sorry to be a pain. Just need an answer to something. In the instructions it seems to suggest you should remove the screws placed in the image below. Am I reading this wrongly as I’ve not taken them out and it seems fine?
  3. Hi, just tried to shorten it. Can’t get a sweet spot. It seems to then as I use the car it seems to lose that position.
  4. So I’ve reset the servo again and the car doesn’t like to reverse consistently. I can trim it, but then throttle forwards doesn’t work at full. I’ve taken a picture of both situations without the motor connected.
  5. I did have power on for sure because I was using the remote to test the throttle. It does seem to centre. But whereas before if I engaged full forward throttle the contacts went beyond the plate it has to touch, now when I reverse the same thing happens with the reverse contact. Sorry I don’t really know the descriptions.
  6. I think I’d like to keep the body for nostalgia. I’ve added some pictures of it. I guess I had it early/mid 90’s from new. Also added the broken arm at the front I referred to.
  7. Evening. So I cleaned the car as best I could this evening. Particularly the throttle servo and components. I then went ahead and disconnected the motor. I connected the battery and ensured the remote was able to operate both the steering and throttle servos. Both worked, but I noticed that when engaged the rod that comes from the servo pushed the contacts beyond the plates that engage the forward throttle. It was however no longer sticking. When released it didn’t centre, rather it kept the throttle forward due to this. I removed the rod and servo attachement and tried to realign them. This temporarily resolved the issue. But after 10 mins of use the car will now not reverse. I assume the contacts aren’t meeting in reverse this time. As this hasn’t cost me a penny at the moment I was hoping I could keep it that way. So could anyone offer any reason as to why after centring the servo it has lost this caliberation, only in reverse? Otherwise, the car drives fine. Although I will be after some hop ups, a rear bumper (cracked), and the part that the rods at the front of the car connect to, behind the bumper as one of the self tapping holes has sheared off. Is it worth sanding and repainting this shell? Thanks all
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