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  1. I charged up my old NiCd and NiMh batteries and they have provided a few minutes of fun, but they dont hold charge very well. TBH I'm surprised they still took the charge and worked after so long.l. So have ordered some new NiMh ones. Have cable tied receiver for the moment, will put this in a balloon to weatherproof it soon and cable tie to the chassis. Great fun to have it up and running again. Tyres seem to grip the wheels at the moment dont think I'll glue them just yet. Range with the 2.4Ghz is amazing, and the new servo and mount make steering very precise, does understeer on full power cornering though Now just enjoying it. Once new batteries arrive up the woods we go! That's it for now, once shocks arrive I'll post some more pics.
  2. Wheels on with new tyres, I've not glued them will see how it performs. Running the standard shocks at the moment as still waiting for the new shocks to arrive. Metal Wheel Hexes also ordered but haven't arrived yet.
  3. Evening All, had a few constructive evenings at the weekend Front and rear axles assembled and ESC fitted along with receiver. FT2 transmitter was already paired which made things easy. Reprogrammed ESC with Program Card to suit. The 0880 dual motor ESC requires the program card for brushless motors. Basically ignore the instructions that come with the program card And it all runs, motors work well being the age they are. Had an odd noise from rear gearbox so stripped it down again and found a bit of grit stuck in one of the cogs. All sorted now.
  4. Servo is fitted. No movement at all. Should make steering much better! Thats as far as I have got so far....More updates to follow. Thanks
  5. Now the rebuild Gearboxes completed and ready with 20T pinion upgrade, new Savos servo and custom servo mount thanks to @waterbok ready to go in. Sadly the GMade shocks are still 3 weeks out so will rebuild with standard for now to get it up and running
  6. Gearboxes removed And dismantled, cleaned and new bearing fitted
  7. Hi All, Thanks for all the advice. The restoration is well underway. Completely stripped down and cleaned
  8. @Badcrumble thanks will give this a go too
  9. Thanks @Mad Ax, some great pointers. will probably be going for the Gmade aeration 93mm shocks, bearing already on order :) do I need to change of the link arms or driveshafts or can they cope with longer shocks? just found the old manual for the car, says 'Do not cement' the tyres to the rims, guess this was a while ago though! Will get some sealant and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice on batteries, yes had considered LiPo, but project will run away on cost. For now I'll stick with some new 7.2v NiMh batteries and see how I get on. As for ESC, the Qiuckrun 0880 is a dual motor for brushed so will probably go with this for now. Will probably stretch to a new 2.4Ghz radio as the suggested one by @waterbok looks good and cost effective. Hadnt thought about servo upgrade, just the support side of things, but it does make sense. Awesome dual servo mod idea! Would never have thought have that. Will probably just stick to a single. Would this do for an upgrade https://www.modelsport.co.uk/power-hd-lw20-waterproof-high-torque-metal-gear-servo-blue/rc-car-products/404890 and will the original servo saver fit onto this or best to get a new one?
  10. Thanks @waterbok , very helpful. Yes in the UK, thanks for the bearing link will get some on order, along with pinion and shockmounts. Gmade looks good, I see they do a 93mm version, I guess this would save me having to cut them down 5mm. Are those screw sets available online? I'm sure it all make sense when I strip it down and which bolt needs to go where. Do you have a picture of the diy upper arms and ball ends? Like the idea of alloy wheel hexes and drilling out and putting a nut and bolt through makes sense. These M4 or M5? @Badcrumble thanks for the links thats great, dual motor ESC would make life easier. Think I'll get it up and running again with the above suggestions and improvements and then look to do motors later on
  11. Awesome thanks. so great suggestions. Looking at the quicrun 1060 - i assume I'll need to solder an extra motor cable to run the 2nd motor? and if i upgraded the brush motors, provided they replaced them with brush it would still be OK. Are these the ball bearings - https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-53008-1150-ball-bearing-p-4278.html how many will I need? This for a steel pinion - https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/0600-rw-racing-0-6-pinion-gear just match the tooth to what I have on at the moment? These for shock towers - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ALLOY-SHOCK-DAMPER-PLATE-B-TAMIYA-TWIN-DETONATOR-WILD-DAGGER-TOWER-/330394493833 Oil shocks - where would you get these? Any particular brand? Ah cool, If you find a servo mount let me know , would be interested. I have got the original stick controller, assume this wont work with new ESC? Thanks again for your help
  12. Hi All, Please forgive the newbie post, but hope you can help Looking for advise and suggestions as have been out of the RC world for quite awhile! If I say how long it will be showing my age. lol Anyway, I have dug out my Wild Dagger which has seen better days. The original speed controller is worn out and needs replacing with an ESC. Tyres have started to perish so new ones on order. Otherwise everything else is working. I plan to strip it down, clean it and re-grease the gearboxes. Reading around some of other articles on here, deciding how far to go is the challenge. I'd like to get to a point I just have some fun with it again, Nothing serious but want to some worthwhile upgrades to make it last. Whilst the original motors work, is it worth upgrading to brushless or sticking with brushed? Which motors would work well in this truck in both options? ESC obviously needs to be dual motor, but reading around running brushless motors seems to suggest I need two ESC. Does this mean I need a new handheld transmitter with dual channels? I did find Tamiya do a TEU-103BK for twin motors - would this work with my current motors? The steering servo mounting needs to be improved as this seems to be an issue with this truck. I did see a 3D printed support for it on here so could try that. Any other ideas? Was tempted to replace bearings in gearbox, but not sure if its worth it. Shocks are original too, again not sure if its worth changing these given I'm not going to be doing anything serious. But if they make a big difference may well consider it. Oh, batteries, I have some old NiCd and NimH 7.2v 3000mh batteries - could these still be used or have things moved on now? I guess these will need to work with the new ESC. Do people glue tyres to the rims? Have read mixed things online. Thanks in advance and welcome any suggestions and ideas. Tristan
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