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  1. Thanks for the reply, should i just get the top force since it’s the hopped up version of the manta ray?
  2. Actually i’ve been looking at the top force for a while and i really like the way it looks. from what i understand it’s a improved manta ray. My only concerns are the low ground clearance and the lack of parts support due to it being a re re. also i’m not sure how it would stack up since it’s a vintage buggy after all. if i did decide to get it, what are some important hop ups?
  3. also wanted to mention that i’m getting it to bash with my friend’s traxxas rustler, i’m not saying my car should be faster that bc that would be kind of ridiculous without serious upgrades but i would at least like to keep up so it’s not boring.
  4. I currently have my eyes on the df03 dark impact and the db01 durga, now i understand that the durga is a much superior chassis, although i can’t just let go of the fact that the dark impact is that much better in the looks department (for my personal taste anyway) especially with the livery i’ve come up with for it. With some upgrades, would the dark impact stack up to the durga? would its high ground clearance be important to the performance in terms of bashing? Attached is the livery i mentioned if anyone is interested
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