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  1. My 2 speed passion motors come unwired but now I know what wire to use and what type of connector, I will do my wirings at the exact size I need. thanks for the info about the tble02, I really will drop this thing. What would be the pro and cons about a 60A or 120A esc ? Because for the price difference (5 euros), is it not better to take the 120A directly ? i saw the programming box, I didn’t know that was for that purpose ;-) are they compatible with all the brands or they are specific per brand?
  2. Please correct me if i’m Wrong. Gear ratio of the TT02 is 2,6. If I installed the 10,5 in my touring car tt02, with a spur of 68 and pinion of 35, I have a FDR of 5 so the motor should run perfectly right ? and for the buggy with the 13,5T, with a spur of 70 and a pinion of 25, I would have a FDR of 7,28 which is close to the optimum ? am I missing something?
  3. Wow thanks for the infos. When you say you add a little bit timing, I guess that’s not possible with the tble02? If i understand correctly the theory, the lesser turns you have in the motor, the more torque it will provide ? Meaning if I have to choose between a 13,5T and 10,5T with same gear, I would prefer the 10,5T if I go to the grass etc. And it will run less hot than the 13,5T, right ? when you say low volt built in, I guess if the esc is programmable (connection to a pc) you have all the features you need (low volt cut, timings, firmware upgrades, etc.). If it doesn’t, i can forget about it?? I will ditch the tamiya plugs, that was planned, but since I have all my lipo in xt60 for my drones, I was hesitating to have both deans and xt60. Either way, both are great but I won’t fly with a dean plug ever, so xt60 would be a good choice for esc and lipo/nimh. you have a recommendation for the wires and connectors ? (Brand, shop, ...)
  4. Hello, I have 2 speed passion, 10,5 and 13,5T v3. For the moment, I use the 13,5 in a tt02 with a 25T pinion and the stock spur gear. i have several questions : - I read somewhere that every motor has an optimal FDR. I find a table in another topic but i would like to have more info on that. How to use it ? What do I have to take into account for my tt02? - I bought the high speed gear and a pinion of 35T with a spur gear of 64T. So basically I have 22/23/24/24/35T pinion and 70/68/64T spur gear. How would you configure it to have a decent final speed but still a good acceleration? With the 10,5 or 13,5? - what do you use to solder your speed passion, what type of wires ? What type of connectors to do that properly? - I have a tble02 esc, but If i follow the colour code BYO, I have to reverse the thrust on the remote. Any suggestion to have it correctly set ? - if I want another esc to go with the speed passion, what would be the best choice ? To benefit from its optimum efficiency? But also to upgrade to lipo in a near future ( I read that the tble02 should have a buzzer for low battery power, but what if I choose another esc, will it be equipped with that kind of security ?) - is there any cons to use XT60 instead of tamiya or deans connector for the esc/battery ? Thanks
  5. Steering seems really nice with the hopped up steering compared to earlier so I really have to test it on the track. when you say slowed a touch more, you mean more preload ? More oil weight ?
  6. Thanks for the sharing, really interesting, it gives me some inputs to work later on. Your setup seems nice, let me know when you have tested it ;-)
  7. Ok long parts installed, filled the rear with 60wt oil. Here is the result : https://youtu.be/fycqKIOu3XU what do you think ?
  8. You’re probably (certainly) right on this. I discussed with some enthusiasts at the track and in the shop, they all agree that for a « smaller » car like this, even with good equipment, I will never be able to jump like badword... which is kind of frustrating according to the power of the car : she just wants to fly... a lot. They say I have to use the slope for the landing, if there is none, don’t jump! That’s may be common sense but when you see a jump, all you want is... jump! :-) Anyway, the goal now is to have the best settings it can have for an « all round » type of driving. Something in between track and bashing. And may be for this particular track (which is kind of tricky), I will need a Xray xb8e / mugen mbx7r or 8 / TLR or anything really strong and close to competition. I am not yet there (and my wallet neither, even tough all the hop ups are not cheap, but at least I learn the basics right ?)
  9. Thanks Juls1, I will try that out and make another video. In the mean time, I think I will change the oil and put the longer ends. i will keep you posted.
  10. Indeed I use the small ones. I will try these ones, thanks for the suggestion. ok I understand the droop is almost equal to sag for my car, so I have to decrease the spring pressure and configure everything with battery etc (ready to run) right ? So to be sure I clearly understand, I will load my car with battery, « unscrew » all the crowns and rescrew them until 30% of the stroke is inside the shock, or at least 20%, correct ?
  11. Thanks a lot Juls1 for your analyse. i notice if use the other holes (outer and middle), the ground clearance is less. May be I can use the middle hole with a 800cst oil and see how it goes ? how do you set the droop? Just by turning the crown and stiffen or soften the spring ? the longer eyelets ? What are they ? Included in the df03 kit ? Thanks again for all your inputs, really appreciate. I’ve learned a lot since i’m Here, but still a lot know!
  12. Some vid of the damper test : https://youtu.be/3ziltAoJqDc https://youtu.be/NVGG8659lZk https://youtu.be/jY2YTdbSnEM shoot your comments
  13. Yes it is still touching the ground :-( i will post video
  14. Thanks, i ordered the arrowmax in case of, but I received my df03 dampers this morning, along with a lot of hopups, so I didn’t want to wait and I use a heat shrink tube (several layers) around my little pliers and It went good. I filled the front with tamiya yellow but added a little bit of 800cst oil. Il filled the rear with tamiya yellow only. I think the rear is really too soft but I can clearly see the difference between the standard shocks and these ones. I also installed the steering + turnbuckles, the reinforced lower arms and gear covers, the propeller shaft and joints, the fastrax motor mount with a pinion of 24T and the wheel alu hex. Not to forget a new savox servo with metal gears and the servo saver! A lot of work today! I also shimmed a lot of parts (lower arms, wheel axle, diff) The spoiler has a lot of crashes as you can see in the picture but that’s the buggy life! i am now waiting for the front and rear aluminium wheel hub and I think she will be close to finish. Any other recommendations ? i’m hesitating with the high speed gears and a larger pinion but it is already really nice like this. May be the universal shaft ?
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