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  1. https://www.thercracer.com/2020/08/thercracer-tamiya-tb01-carbon-shock.html?m=0 Sorry not hijacking your post here’s the link. I have these on my TB-01 and they are great. Read through the page for all the bits you will need. As @TwistedxSlayer has said the plastic ones are difficult to get ahold of. Hope this helps.
  2. Rears sorted is there any other manufacturers that do the front ones with bearings?
  3. Hi mate I may have sources some pin drives will keep you yous updated thanks for the quick replies. Sean
  4. Hi guys looking for non hard white Tamiya wheels for this, non hex too, is this something that’s even possible to find or am I best looking at Schumacher/Associated wheels?
  5. Escort Cosworth Tiger Stripe or Michelin Pilot Sport ? What I don’t understand is they can do the Calibra V6 with sponsors and so on surely it’s a matter of time before we see one of their most iconic rally cars re-re’d? I wasn’t too keen on the L&L models Michelin Pilot Sport one to be fair. I mean it’s definitely ideal for a basher the stickers are poor and I found the body just a bit off.
  6. Buy a nitro car. Sorted
  7. Can relate to this. I’ve been in and out the hobby a few times over the last quarter of a century. This time round I was too busy messing with finding hop ups and trying to make that perfect car, probably wasted money buying and selling however, now I have way more fun using my time running them and finding bits/spares/hop ups as I go. I reckon that because when I was younger theres was all those fancy kits I wanted that I couldn’t afford and no way my parents would be able to either, where as now moneys not really an issue regarding buying whatever whenever (10 year old pocket money v now decent salary) I think my next build I will ad hop ups as I go will make me more likely not to get fed up. Each to their own I guess?
  8. I’m still using brushed motors. I my TB-01 I use the GT tuned one and I’m my TRF-201 I use a Superstock BZ one. Still not jumped to brushless yet, possibly in time when I take the plunge to li-po I will change to brushless but happy with what I have for now.
  9. Cheers guys as always appreciate the replies in this great forum. A member has PM’d me so possibly gonna get one as it’s a runner I need something to many of these end up on shelf’s and I’m gutted 😂 Sean
  10. Yeah need to spend a certain amount for the delivery though gutted 😭
  11. Hello, I have done a search and had no luck I know that @jontea had issues with his 201 steering and servo set up so just seeing if anyone who’s running these has any ideas of an aftermarket servo horn that works on a full size servo as I got this 2nd hand there’s no servo horn included. Can’t find L parts tree anywhere. Cheers Sean
  12. Sorry maybe should move this to general.
  13. As the title says needs these or a suitable offset servo horn that would work with a full size servo as tried a few standard horns with no luck. Any hint or tips would be appreciated.
  14. One on eBay the now looks mint built obviously!
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