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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply, budget wise I dont want to spend more than say £30 as the car won’t be getting used for racing tbh. Also need to source a servo for my TB-01 so may try one of each see how I get on. Thats interesting regarding full size servos and weight. Cheers Sean
  2. What’s your budget? Are you wanting to add hop ups as you go? Theres a couple of DN-01 builds on the go at the moment, you can still get these from abroad as far as I’m aware. They have good foundations to be tuned and plenty hop ups to get them upto TRF spec. Failing that I’d be on ebay looking at some of the other mentioned kits. I was considering Kyosho etc too but as I have a Tamiya TB-01 I thought I’d keep with Tamiya for now. I got a good deal on a TRF201. Ticks all the boxes doesn't look too modern yet can still hold its own. Can change the shells on them too to suit your style.
  3. Cheers for the replies gents will have a nosey at them all. 👍🏻 Sean
  4. Hello, looking at a few options. I know everyone seems to stick to savox these days, I am looking for a reasonably priced metal gear ball raced servo for the Trf 201, doesn't have to be waterproof. Seems there’s so much choice these days, as I’m not long back into the hobby I would appreciate someones input as there seems too many for me to choose from 😂. I use to run futaba ones yers ago and they seemed fine. Is there anything I should be looking out for as I know the Trf is fairly light at the front end? Cheers, Sean
  5. @TwistedxSlayer knows his stuff about these chassis you should have a read over his build threads, really good reads and useful tips. Keep having a nosey on ebay etc I was after an alloy motor mount and eventually got one form the Usa after 3 month search. Take it you’re going to run it?
  6. Nice one will look into that as have another couple of projects that I want to start and it has been frustrating loading things up hence the lack of updates and pictures.
  7. Amazing work mate, really detailed and looks like you got a great result!
  8. Using a Hobbywing 1060 with the GT tuned motor for this chassis, also have a superstock BZ I was planning on using for my trf201 so might see how it runs with this for now.
  9. Another TC sideways picture! Excuse the mess been busy with the wee one all his things on my table lol!
  10. Anyways just about sorted with this one, it was a bargain I guess based in what prices I seen them for. Needs a few bits to complete it. Steering pieces mainly then running gear.
  11. Within reason, prices are all over the place, I seen an egress for £700 I was a bit shocked as I’ve only just returned to the hobby it was good to get an idea so I don’t get caught out/scammed. 👍🏻
  12. Looking good, are you going to paint the wing with a fade as well, or solid blue?
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