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  1. What do you think of the bridges are they a decent upgrade? I’m waiting on a few alloy bits to turn up. You had any thoughts on a motor yet?
  2. Nice one sounds good! Good to keep on top of them. My main reason was for tweaking the suspension I’ve ordered some turnbuckles too, new tyres then that will be me until I desire more power. Still to get stickers on the go too. All takes time I guess. Look forward to your updates 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Thanks for the info I’m on call that weekend typical. Was thinking of joining spoke to the guy but everyone seems to race Yokomo and associates etc so not sure how well the Dt-03 would hold up. It’s mainly for fun with me but some people take things to seriously 😂. Wonder if we could try and organise a central meet for other people too Wooders??
  4. Does anyone know of some decent locations for bashing? I’m going to try the bmx in Musselburgh next weekend. Was just wondering if there’s any other meets etc in and around the East of Scotland. I know there’s a club in Dunfermline. Cheers Sean
  5. Excuse the quality of the picture as this website is a pain in the erse to upload decent pictures from an iPhone for some reason. Anyways had it out for a run today, seemed okay struggled in the grass tbh it wasn’t too long but I’m presuming that it would also be due to the grass being wet that the run time wasn’t great as well. Anyways got another few places to try out next weekend. Car rolled a couple of times didn’t break anything so happy days!
  6. Coming on nicely. What slicks are you going for?
  7. Fitted, and finally worked out that I need to take photos horizontally to upload them to this sight lol. Also fitted a steel pinion as read the alloy ones are poor. Going to run the stock tyres for now as will mainly be off road.
  8. Yeah I had a nosey at his build some good tips there. Chassis is now completed, I fitted a full set of ball bearings so far that’s the only hop-up part for now. I’ve decided on yellow for the body and I’ve made a carbon rear wing something a bit different. I have ordered a few alloy bits too for areas that seem weak on this chassis. I will get more bits fitted as and when I get the chance. It’s been a low build but fun, just want to get out and use it soon This arrived this morning. The rear one will be here sometime next week.
  9. Any ideas as to why my pictures are showing the wrong way?
  10. Hello, I recently got hold of a racing fighter kit for a great price. It’s not going to be a quick build as I’m really busy with other things in life at present however I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. I was looking at other cars and so on and read a few other members builds so I got looking at the DT-03 as I think it’ll fit in well for my needs and seems a good bit of kit for upgrading as my skills progress. I’ve had a long break from rc cars, how things have changed a lot lol. Anyways I look forward to picking some of your brains for hints and tips. Sean
  11. Sorted all good. Seen a few nitro Tamiyas for sale so may go down that route and covert to brushless when I get the time. Starting a dt03 build in the mean time. Thanks for the replies 👍🏻👍🏻
  12. I take it you don’t have a link Johnathon?
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