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  1. Yeah fair points just trying a few different combos out also got the trackstar 10t brushless set up to play with and need to order a few pinions just trial and error really, still not decided on a shell either.
  2. So this is how it stands now have opted for he 58t spur with 20t pinion hoping to give it a run tomorrow still need to get a speedo to measure it. Going to order a few more pinions and see what the outcome is. Also need to play about with a few ideas for holding the battery in place.
  3. Yeah fair point lots of trial and error I guess.
  4. So reading the motor info states to use within 9:1-11:1 gear ratio so should be good for the maiden run. I was under the impression that the lower ratios would mean a higher top speed? Either way this is a speed run project so will be good to try out various combos.
  5. Stabiliser set on now messing about with the gear ratios, have a separate thread on this. Going to try the brushed set up first with the BZ Motor/Hobbywing 1060 esc with non lipo battery as I don’t have a 0.4 pinion for the 88t spur I ordered. Only hassle with this chassis is gearbox out to change the spur. Also got round to fitting the servo today. Still waiting on the carbon prop shaft with steel splines but for now I’m itching to go hopefully can get a run sometime this week.
  6. Got a donor car with plastic gears too so lots of option initially thought power with the metal gears on the carbon chassis would be wise so will be a bit of trial and error I guess, interesting to hear that the brushless 10t is on a par with with RZ/TZ motors. What speedo would you guys recommend as won’t be using my phone lol .
  7. Metal gears getting used also got a tz/rz motor so got a few options. Yeah no way would I run that on the plastic gears 😂
  8. Nice one cheers for the reply I’ve got a Leopard v2 speedo and a Turnigy Trackstar 10t motor, the plans were to see what top speed could be achieved on the tb-01 chassis. Got loads of different spurs as well so was more of a project for fun. I appreciate there is more to it than just a spur/pinion combo so still trying to look at other factors and still learning loads as I go.
  9. Hello, recently got ahold of an 88t spur i know it’s 0.4 pitch just wondering what’s the lowest I can get pinion wise to match. I had had a nosey on here and now I seem even more confused 😂I was under the impression that bigger pinion and smaller spur would make more top end but I guess there’s more to it than that. Any help or info would be appreciated. I’m after high top speed for a project if that helps. Cheers Sean
  10. Amazing top job. Absolutely stunned with this mate.👍🏻
  11. I’m hooked can’t wait to see the progress!
  12. Back with the alloy shock towers for now waiting on a few more bits to turn up then can hopefully make a bit more progress. This is how it stands for now.
  13. Front end sorted for now just the shocks to go on have used 6mm ball connectors to beef the steering up a bit although newish original plastic bits there will be a bit of slop as we know the TB-01’s are prone too, will be a fair bit of trial and error with the steering as high speed needs stability. So may have to try a few different set ups etc.
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