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  1. Basher shell complete this was a state when I got it so been a longish process will do for what I need it for!
  2. I find the steering okay, but both my trf’s have had the alloy steering kit so not sure if that’s made a difference. They are quite light at the front.
  3. Yeah that’s a good shout strange set up it seems. Too many projects on the go so needs to go. 😩
  4. 😂 yeah thought this would be a good starting point to see if anyone has any info on them 👍🏻
  5. There’s a few build threads on here worth a nosey a few guys have converted there’s to a TRF spec, I’ve got a TRF201 still working in getting a few bits for it as was a basher that needed some tlc. What motor are you running?
  6. They are great chassis even though older still very capable. Can still get plenty upgrades for it as well!
  7. Any ideas on these suspension arms guys? Just noticed they are completely different to any of the other TB-01’s I own.
  8. Got this with a Trf recently as a spare any ideas what body this is? Sorry please move if in wrong place meant to put this in general discussions Cheers Sean
  9. Yeah looks like it. Lots of extras on this car still trying to figure it out lol.
  10. Hi guys just got this for a great price has some goodies on it. Just wondering what shocks these are? Cheers Sean
  11. Japanese yahoo auction site. No more for a while sitting with 4 now need to get some work done to them and make a plan.
  12. Some good ideas above, Ive been using these and had no issues so far even in my runners etc.
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