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  1. Hi, I previously posted a new thread titled "can't get my brushless motor to work" to which I received some helpful advise. Today I tried everything I know to get the brushless motor to work, and I mean everything! My only course of action is to ask if there is anybody that might live in the East Devon, West Dorset, South Somerset areas where I could meet them and get this Pumpkin running? I'm willing to pass on my mobile number. Please help!! Thank you.
  2. Thank you TurnipFJ, Juggular and Jonathon Gillam. I will reattempt to do the suggested!! The motor I got is from China so has no coloured wires, but if I try all the variables I should/could get things sorted. Thanks again!!
  3. Hello, I'm new to the black art of R/C cars but do love working on my Pumpkin lowrider! Recently I went on the forum for advise on buying a brushless motor and I received valuable advise. I bought a 13.5t motor and connected the thing to the Pumpkin. I followed the instructions on the TBLE-02S sheet. I connected the sensor cable. BUT..... even when I press "set" watching the lights scroll round it just won't work. (I reconnected the brushed motor and that worked). The lights on the controller keep on flashing red/green saying the sensor cable isn't connected, so I connected another cable, and it did the same thing. I've followed the "Motor Mode Setup" as per the TBLE instructions, still no good. The motor isn't Tamiya so am I assuming it will only work with a Tamiya motor? Also it has a 13.5T motor and reading the instructions it says for motors over 25 turns. So, is it the motor or do I buy another speed controller? Sorry it's such a long message but as I say I'm new to this hobby so any advise including "you're a pratt…" I will take!!!! But thank you...
  4. Many thanks TurnipJF, Magpie, and ThunderDragonCy for your help! I will certainly go these sites and get the necessary wheels especially the Venom88 tyres. I'm guessing if I use the existing brass pinion it won't last too long!! I will post a picture or two when it's finished. Thanks also for the ultra fast replies!!
  5. Hi everybody, a while ago I bought a Pumpkin and wish to modify it by replacing the rear wheels with larger units as I like the drag racer look. I've made some wheelie bars and hope to install a brushless motor the only small problem is that I'm new to the hobby! The whole kit has been completed and has a Tamiya speed controller with a cooling fan that says TFU-01 on the top. So can anybody tell me what wheels can be fitted to the hubs please? I know I would need to modify the rear arches. And what kind of brushless motor/s could be installed? Many thanks, and all advise will be appreciated!!!!
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