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  1. second attempt edited - still no go. I can see the pics in 'my attachments' under my profile, but they don't get included with the post. any idea what I'm screwing up?
  2. more pics of the Blackfoot edited - guess I can't upload any more pics for now. will have to figure out something else john
  3. I've got a few pics I took after I cleaned them up (mainly just dust from being stored). Not all of the parts were installed on them, so I've got a box with most of the remaining parts. We never put any decals on the Hotshot, so they're still in the original plastic bag the came in. I'm still trying to locate the rear bumper for the Blackfoot. I've got another box or two to go through. The first pics are of the Blackfoot. There is one problem with the Blackfoot - where the driver's side fender attaches to the front grille, there is a break just above where the lower front fender attaches to the grille. I tried taking a pic of it but it didn't come out that great. Will have to try again. Since I've got several pics, I'm putting them in multiple posts. john
  4. thanks everyone for the info. I'm going to get everything out and cleaned up. Then I'll post pics of what I've got. I have to figure out which futaba controller goes with which model, and get a battery to put in the models to check them out. john
  5. I came across this website when looking for info on 2 old Tamiya RC models I bought back in the '80s. I have the Hotshot (#5847) and the Blackfoot (#5858) that my sons and I built back then, but put away when they went into the service in the late '90s. I came across them when going thru boxes in storage, so thought I'd do some research on them before I decide what to do with them. They're complete, but the rubber tires probably need replacing. They both ran when we boxed them up decades ago, and I've still got the box tops for both (which I took pics of the box ends and included). I haven't taken pics of the models themselves yet as they're still dirty from the last time they were used. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on them if they're not worth it. Any info is appreciated. thanks, John
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