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  1. There are quite a few I like but this one ticks so many boxes. Tamiya Lunchbox - Racing in the City (4K)
  2. Thank you svenb This pure gold for a complete Newbie Cheers Dave
  3. One more related question...What tyres can I use, the Rally Block or stick with the Racing Radial that partner those wheels on the TT-02? Thanks again. Dave
  4. I will post photos, however the XV-01 is currently on back order. I was just forward planning.
  5. I don't think so as it's the one with the Lancia Delta Integrale 58569 Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Will the 5 spoke wheels 9335809/19335809 fit the XV-01 chassis with the Quattro body 51615 fitted? Cheers Dave
  7. Yes, I've only had it 2 weeks. I've been in touch with the seller so hopefully will get a replacement sorted.
  8. I tried the other handset (Carson Reflex Stick Pro 3 2.4GHz) and it worked without issue. So the ESC must be OK? I'm guessing that the handset that came with the Lunch Box is faulty as it does not power up. Thanks again for your replies it is much appreciated from someone who is only just getting started
  9. Thanks for your replies/suggestions. I have just switched on to try and re pair to find that there is no power on the transmitter. They are new batteries in there. Swap them for another fresh set and still no power. The receiver is beeping and flashing away, I'm guessing it is trying to handshake with the transmitter. The battery in the car is new and freshly charged. When I get home I will try and pair this receiver with the transmitter that came bundled with the Sand Scorcher as I know that works OK. Assuming I can pair them like that?
  10. Morning All This is my first post so apologies if I've posted it in the wrong section. I switch on the transmitter then the car and without touching either of the sticks the motor fires up by itself. It will then continue to do so in bursts with the light on the transmitter flashing in time with the motor spins. Short video here Everything is connected correctly as far as I can see. Any ideas? Cheers Dave
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