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  1. also, what shocks should I use to go rally? and can you adjust the wheel base and ride height on the tt02 rr
  2. thanks for the info from you guys. I think that I'm going to get the tt02 r and add some hop ups to it (Yeah ´╗┐Racing alloy prop shaft and steering rack, a carbon top deck from Fibrelyte, and a Fibrelyte chassis stiffener
  3. So I'm planning to get a new rc for on road and all terrain driving and I'm not sure what to get. I'm also planning to convert the one I get into a drifter. any thoughts. the tt02s. a highly upgraded version of the tt02 the tt02r a upgraded version of the tt02. tt01 e upgraded version of tt01 p.s, I'm going to use yeah racing's aluminum conversion kit for the one I get
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