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  1. I've got to say, looks great from the rear with the shock mount chopped down lol. Turns out the rears are too wide so getting a new set
  2. I can't believe I got it measured right 1st time lol. The rear shock tower still needs trimming
  3. The chassis is taking shape. Need to cut the rear shock tower down but everything seems to line up. I've made it wider so I can use the original mounts for the front body and for extra room for the extra electronics
  4. The system I'm using is from a guy in Canada which is actually designed for 1/14 trucks. The front and rear wil; be adjusted independently
  5. Hey everyone, As I've been stuck in my flat since new year's eve due to my health and now this Corona BS I've got a million projects on the go. My next one is a Lowrider with functional air suspension. I've started with a TA02SW kit but I'm making a custom top and lower deck using 3mm styrene sheet. This will be more of a shelf queen so that should do, although I might later get a custom deck made from carbon fibre sheeting. The 1st step was to mark where all the holes are and then move the front section 54mm to get the wheelbase I need for the F350 body.
  6. I don't know yet but I have plans to set a world record lol
  7. I've ordered a TA02SW chassis and a F350 body with all the chrome
  8. What material would be best for the custom chassis? Would acrylic sheet be ok?
  9. I like to think outside the box lol. This is my mobility scooter
  10. I think I've got a plan. A company has also offered to send me a full air bag system to see if I can get it to work on a 1/10 car
  11. Think I've decided on a TA02 chassis then get a custom lower deck made. Plenty of hopups for that chassis too
  12. A friend used to have a pickup similar to the video above. So I wanted to get a kit with a flat chassis so I can send it to my plastic supplier to have an extended one cut
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