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  1. You should be proud of it. For a trailer you can do it. Just match your pant scheme with the colors and curvy lines it will look amazing. The same thing as cab just bigger. Repeat what you have all ready done. I think for you it would be easy. I hope you do because I would like to see it. Have a good one and enjoy your fine job.
  2. That turned out really nice. All the curved lines, details, sweet. Enjoy, you have a talent. The smile will always be there.
  3. I think the trim will look good, no worries. The tape marking I get seems to chemically reacted with the paint and looks filmy. I have used Wd-40 and wax to make it better but not a 100%. Never liked spray painting. I do it because, well I have to but not easy for me some times. (impatient) Will get a good look eventually though. Thanks for the tips. I will try isopropyl alcohol next time. Do you think that would hurt Tamiya TS lacquer paint?
  4. That's a nice touch with the strip, looks good. Your more of a painter than you think. What I did on my Knight Hauler, (to much chrome) was to leave the tanks chrome, paint there straps, painted the bottom rail body color, and the little rear tool boxes flat black. That breaks it up so it doesn't look like "Mr. T's" necklace on the lower half. (in Chrome) Your doing nice work on the look. Can't wait to see it done. Question and it may be above. How long did you wait before re-mask and re-paint between colors, dry time? I have issues with tape marking the paint it is protecting. leaves like a coating that is in the paint? ( Permanent) Keep it up.
  5. Power needs to be off when changing the switch for it to change- FYI. Some dumb questions, but: 1) Batteries have a full charge, truck and transmitter? 2) No loose wire connections? Control box to MFC. 3) Default set MFC as mentioned above? Turn power off after this, turn back on and reset transmitter to the MFC W/SW -1. That's all I can think of, unless Skyfly isn't set right? Not familiar.
  6. Some chrome is nice but it can really be to much some times. RE: Knight Hauler lower half. Good choice and I love the Voodoo Blue!
  7. Nothing wrong with MFC's. I like them. Everything in one package. A little bigger but electronics are a safe case (one case). Easy plug and play, complete, no computer etc... Mfc-01 and the MFC-03 are pretty much the same with a few different functions and ways things operate. But if you go with MFC-03 your sound will be funny to suite your truck because it is a euro sound truck on that one. I would save it for when you get a Volvo truck. Thumbs up on the MFC Choice though. Start out the easier way in my opinion. There is a lot of "don't know" on the first semi build. You can get the for better prices than you think. Shop around. Bier system can add up also and programming. (not my thing) Grand Hauler = MFC-01........Suggestion......
  8. Maybe? The control box (with on/off, volume, push buttons) has a toggle switch next to on/off switch, look the same. That needs to be in center position for everything to work. The bottom position is for run only. The middle is for run/light functions. The top position is for lights only and would be controlled by little push buttons ONLY. I think you have it in top position. Check it, I hit it by mistake all the time turning power on/off. Try it.
  9. I am familiar with "RCSparks". He has been around a long time and many video's. I think he recently shut down? He started out doing crawling I believe and then semi wars.
  10. Yes cats are great if you understand them. They aren't dogs. I like the dance they do...plant there feet before an ambush. Or they think they are hidden under a blanket or laundry but there big butt is sticking out. They are fun!
  11. I had a cat that hated being picked up back in the day. I think it is because they are not in control of the situation. Mine would come to me on his own though. An empty box is the best cat "toy" there is. They always make them theirs. (oow, a new box) Have a good one.
  12. Yes, the Cascadia is probably a license running out thing. I have 3 of them. The last one I made into a "UPS" delivery truck. Made the Cascadia into a day cab and the MB 1850L box on the rear. Not like delivers to residential houses but a short cube truck. That was just last year. I'm glad I did that. The Knight Hauler seems readily available so maybe they just stopped selling that bag #. That's a high price on the Fire Truck but everything probably worked. RE: water pump? I would rather have a Tamiya kit though. Tamiya might think of it to much a liability with water and electronics to. I might do a scratch build w/Globliner some day, will see? It's a lot of work though. Thanks for the info. Carmine A
  13. Those rims are gold chrome so you will have to remove the chrome for paint to stick well to it. At the very least sand them to where the shine is gone before you paint. paint might stick if you do nothing but might not last. A set of new rims aren't that expensive. As far as color that is really a personal choice. Matt black, gold, red, silver, any thing really depending on what you want it to look like. Try to match the colors all ready on it or go crazy with something way different.
  14. All my trucks have the stock 27 turn, I call gold can and have no problems. I can crepe in all gears just by feathering the throttle to where it is barely moving. I have always used Futaba radio's so I don't now how other radio's sensitivity is for the stick movement but I have no trouble driving it slowly and under control. (like real trucks) with the Futaba and stock motor. Other radio's might react different and why people change them? I have the Volvo tow truck and it has (I believe) a 35 turn motor that comes with it and I notice it being slower right off. Every one has there different way. That's me and my fleet/motors.
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