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  1. All these years i have wanted to know what Hairy Ogre looked like. Who ever built and raced the Egress must have a seriously cool or out of this world, I thought as a kid. I guess Black windows was a no go with that colour scheme (Tamiya thought too much black) and so understand why the blue tint is used to enhance the scheme. The down side is now i can see into the cockpit,...... and there is not one. Where is Hairy Ogre and the technologically advanced cockpit of the Avante V2.0???? I can't put this next to an Avante with its stunning sci-fi interior and driver. Im now going to have to make one Hairy Ogre driver myself. Think i will go full on, robotic. Thanks for the Egress BE vid and pic!
  2. I was totally sold on the idea of neon green wheels, then i was out due to silver wheels, back in with the seduction of"Dark" HiCaps so just placed a pre-order. Then,.... i saw a 540 type motor is required? This must be a typo! Special edition motor has to be included at this price. Come on Tamiya! The Decals better be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i hope silver does not mean Chrome. Put a special edition DynaTech in the box then and then you can do what you like to the Egress Black Special.
  3. Just had email confirmation from my UK HS, me egress is in the post and arrives tomorrow :0)
  4. Know what you mean about the Vanquish, its just lacking something to stir the soul The name change to VQS did not help. Good bucket list for the King Cab. I take it you grabbed an NIB EVO this year?
  5. Wow, you beat us too it! ...glad you finally managed to get your Egress. After the long wait, should be getting one next week but i won't hold my breath just incase. In the Avante vs Egress question I have an 1988 avante Im restoring. It came without a body or rear wing. Painted and Decaled up a new set. The box art is killer,.... but then when fitting it to the car i could not believe how small the rear wing is? I mean its tiny and i did a double take, thinking it can't be right??? All these years i never realised, the Avante wing is way to small and out of proportion. Therefore the Egress will be King on my shelf. And for me there is one other car that's on the podium with the Egress and Avante, anyone else noticed the Egress Avante love child.
  6. Pre order has increased here too from the £430 on got on the list with to £480. They say the msrp is £535! Not Happy the Avante is up too. Tamiya now asking a mrsp of £515 with a real world price of £460. Im tapping out!
  7. Skrich

    Mega Force

    Hi, Anyone still running a Kyosho Mega Force? I just pick one up for restoration but as these are getting old and are fidelity nitro powered, I just wondered if there is still love for these and if any are still run for fun? Also, anyone, know an easy/cheap replacement for the massive 6.8 OD x 3.8 W x 3.2 tyres (keen to keep the same monster look) ?????? Cheers,
  8. i got tired of waiting,..........so today the postman delivered this puppy.
  9. With the current situation these re-releases are going to be rarer than the originals. lol
  10. Hi Rich, Thanks for letting us know about the modelsport date change and glad you managed to get one on ebay. Enjoy the build
  11. Well let us know if it turns up or any date changes. I do wonder how the distributor divides up the stock. If its equal or if the bigger suppliers get first dibs over the smaller guys? I nearly went with modelsport for the TFE but being a proper yorkshireman i went with the cheaper deal and saved five notes.
  12. I dont mind, as long as they arrive this pair will be worth the wait
  13. Just got this reply from the shop for the TFE order: "pre order for the Evo, original date shows as the 27th of May, it does look like this also has been slightly pushed back. New date we have for this is the 1st of July."
  14. I was in the same boat, ordered the TFE and then realised they were taking orders for the egress too. Reading all the stock issues with tamiya and the astronomical price rises i'm kinda thinking its now or never. The egress has gone by £50 since last time they had stock but found a cheeky code for 5% so had no choice and place a second order with the same store. Im just double checking about the TFE order now but think its just egress which had been pushed back Sorry A-Baum , but there is one on ali express, they have nine left apparently! (Tamiya Egress 2013 1:10 4WD Buggy RC Cars Kit EP Off Road #58583)
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