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  1. ..................that helped me find this list. Think that's all my questions answered, thanks guys! 49001 2WD Front Tyre (Red) 49002 2WD Front Tyre (Yellow) 49003 2WD Front Tyre (White) 49004 Oval Block Tyre Front (Red) 49005 Oval Block Tyre Front (Yellow) 49006 Oval Block Tyre Front (White) 49007 Oval Block Tyre Rear (Red) 49008 Oval Block Tyre Rear (Yellow) 49009 Oval Block Tyre Rear (White) 49010 Pin Spike Tyre Front (Red) 49011 Pin Spike Tyre Front (Red) 49012 Pin Spike Tyre Front (Yellow) 49013 Pin Spike Tyre Front (White) 49014 Pin Spike Tyre Rear (Red) 49015 Pin Spike Tyre Rear (Yellow) 49016 Pin Spike Tyre Rear (White)
  2. Thanks for the comments and pic mud4fun. Its great to know the Pin Spike version does exist and by the dozen from your old stash. Shame you thew them away but i keep looking. Your right about them going hard with age, i drew blood fitting them spikes yesterday. Thanks a million,.
  3. Hey, Anyone know anything about Tamiya coloured tyres? When were these made, are they just yellow and red? Which styles were they made in, how rare are these and more importantly to me, did they ever make PIN SPIKE REARs in yellow? I'm just looking to tweak a build so i'm trying to hunt down a pair of 50271 PIN SPIKE REAR TYRE (Avente type) in Yellow. I have the narrow fronts in yellow and i'm just looking for a wide pair of rear, its for a Vanquish build. However, i cant any info on coloured tamiya tyres. I have found the odd image of coloured grasshopper tyres or coloured LTD edition tyres in Hornet kits but not the super grippers? Any info would be much appreciated, as i feel im hunting down hens teeth? (PS I also have Yellow Super Gripper Oval Block narrows too, some someone must know something? Just in case you're wondering where i got these sets from, I purchased them new during the 9TZ)
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