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  1. I did the Amain preorder hoping to get the extra decals with an early kit. After the discount plus taxes it came in at $385 shipped.
  2. For reference this is how the outdrives connect. There is no screw holding it. I can't recall off the top of my head if the female end has a hole all the way thru tho
  3. Hello all, I believe this is the last piece I need for my Cat 2000 rebuild is the right side front hub carrier. It is part number U1479. Does anyone have one they are willing to ship to the US? Thanks
  4. Very nice, I love how that flat black contrasts with the chrome. I am finishing up a knight hauler and this makes me regret using gloss black!
  5. Still looking for the final piece. I co-axial driveshaft for the Cat 2000 with the upright shocks. Part U1511 - new or used is fine.
  6. Hello, Still hoping to find a front driveshaft for the Cat 2000 shipped to the US. The first pic shows what the complete axles would look like. Pic 2 is the specific pieces I need which is the shaft (yellow) and the little cover (red) for the slider. Pic 3 is the what I currently have.
  7. August bump. Anyone with a spare telescoping driveshaft or a belt tensioner they would sell would make my week . In order to not make a new thread I am also looking for a front bumper & body mounts for a Losi Street Weapon.
  8. Still hoping to find a front driveshaft and belt tensioner.
  9. Probably should have put that in the first post lol. I am located in Rhode Island, United States. Contrary to the name it is not an actual island, it is on the East Coast between New York and Boston.
  10. Found front hub carrier. Still looking for remaining parts and any purple bits that will fit.
  11. I would also be interested in the lot or at least some of the spare parts you have. I am rebuilding a Cat 2000 and need: Front co-axial driveshaft - part no. U1511Y Motor plate - part # U1493G Motor Heatsink - part # U1494H Front hub carrier - U1478S Steering yoke - U1478R Belt tensioner - U1512Z It looks like your driveshaft is different but I spy a motor plate and heat sink in the toolbox
  12. Makes sense. The flame got away frome. When I masked up the truck and started drawing the flames the intention was more like jonboy's masked picture. I am going to rethink if I want to try it again or go with some pinstriping.
  13. I am probably in over my head but my plan for this truck was to have some ghost flames under the paint. I am not am expert but I (sigh..) watched some YouTube videos and the main point was to use a translucent paint over the flames. Now these were not rc related but I figured (hoped) it should carry over. I primed, painted the flames and did 2 Coates of Tamiya translucent orange but as you can see in the pics it doesn't seem to be covering. Should I keep going and hope for the best or bail out now? The orange isn't the shade I was hoping and right now it looks like a Bengal tiger which kinda sucks..
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