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  1. Ordered from tower on the am of 2-4 along with the option parts and a green grasshopper. Got the green grass hopper a couple of months ago but crickets on the BBX and option parts. Talked to them via chat and although I can't see it in my orders they can pull it up. They tell me that it all looks good but they say they have no dates on pre order items. Kinda think I'm getting the run around but what else can I do? It will all work out in the end. Anyone heard when the new re released super champ racing buggy might make it to the US?
  2. Thanks, but now for the bad part. I'm pretty sure I need to go back through and threadlock all the screws that go to metal. I only did the ones that were marked in the manual. I've since read that locking the rest is a good idea. I will say that the beetle was a fun build. High quality parts and very straight forward. I like the idea of yellow but wasn't really feeling the yellow wheels. I decided to do the body in the darker Camel Yellow and add the chrome wheels. I bought an extra body set just in case it didn't work out. Are you going box art with yours? I'm kinda thinking the black theme since you bought some black wheels for it.
  3. Also put the driver in my Beetle that has been setting to the side for over a year. Someday I might even get around to putting a motor and ESC in this one 😂.
  4. Finally finished (for the most part, no radio gear) my Super Avante. First body to use and airbrush on and learned a lot. This turned out ok but I think the next one will be better.
  5. Got mine in yesterday. I know that some were not real excited about this kit but I was super excited due to missing out on the normal egress re release. The normal re re's seem to be selling for prices that I just cant justify but this is cheaper than the Top Force Evo. I know the TFE has a motor and esc but I don't put a lot of value in the silver can it came with. Anyways congrats to those who got one, now lets see them built and maybe some running videos too!
  6. I've always been very fortunate in getting product from Tower, but yes it seems as if the US is always the last to get the newest releases. There prices with the coupons just make it so hard to buy anywhere else. I know that I was very worried that I was going to miss out on the Avante Black that I went ahead and ordered one from EuroRC then the one from Tower shipped. Ended up with 2, I guess thats not a bad problem.
  7. Willy, who did you order from? I ordered from Tower but haven't heard a thing.
  8. Looks like Tower has quit taking pre orders on this. Just shows "out of stock" now.
  9. I received mine today. Haven't had a chance to unbox it yet though.
  10. Looks like there was plenty, Tower is now showing them as in stock. So they are available if anyone needs one.
  11. I wonder if it's a Tower issue or just an issue of how many of certain kits make it to the USA. It seems like Asia and Europe always seem to have kits but the distributors here are out of stock. Maybe less kits make it here then they get spread out pretty thin between the distributors here? But yes it's a pretty good feeling when you realize that your getting one you've been wanting.
  12. I can honestly say that Tower has always done me right. There has been a couple of times that the system shorted me points on a purchase but live chat always has taken care of it. Only negative I've noticed is that it use to be 200 points for a 5 dollar reward but now it is 250. I always check them first when looking for a kit. I haven't seen a Tamiya kit for sale in my area since the mid to late 90s so having Tower is really nice.
  13. Ordered, thanks for the heads up!
  14. For the US buyers Tower has moved up the delivery on these from November to September.
  15. Tower is showing they are due in November.
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