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  1. Mad Ax Thanks for the info. I actually have the m06 Karmann Ghia kit but I haven't even opened it yet. I'm seeing a lot of bodies but it seems that here in the states no one stocks much. Really no problem I don't mind ordering from abroad. Is the TT01 and TT02 chassis considered touring cars? Thanks for the info Jeff
  2. I was hoping to be able to get some clarification on different bodies for the M chassis cars. I recently acquired a M-08 concept kit and was looking at bodies for it. I see the 3 lengths listed for wheel base but a lot of bodies I see list the dimensions of 190 or 200mm which I think is a measurement of width. I guess my question is what bodies fit the m cars. I would really like to find something like a VW square back or something in a 2 door wagon. Does anyone know if anything like this is out there? Thanks for the time and info Jeff
  3. Now the VQS shows "temporarily out of stock". Hasn't even been on sale yet.
  4. RC Mart had the TFE available for pre-order for 399 US for a couple of days then it jumped to 469 and now it says available for pre-order but there is no link available. Kinda seems like they have quit taking pre-orders. Thank goodness for Tower where it is listed for 399 then at the moment there is an 85 dollar coupon code. The TamiyaUSA site always seems to be behind.
  5. Only took approximately 2.5 months but mine made it with only slight box wear. No customs fees either. Is that commen for shipments to the US. I open it up and looked at all the parts, everything looks great. I must admit I'm pretty excited about this one but I have to finish my crawler first. Can't have too many projects at one time
  6. Good to know I'm not the only one waiting on a Top Force from Honk Kong. I ordered mine via Ebay on June 3. Seller said something about it coming by boat and would be over a month. I'm just gonna hurry up and wait.
  7. I plan on trimming the body this weekend so I can set it on there and better tell how much room I have. Being able to stand it up and blow on the esc is a real good idea if I can make it happen. Thanks for the help Jeff
  8. Okay, I picked up a Flysky gt3c which seems easy enough. I received my cheap esc, motor, programing card eBay combo. The motor fit great with no problems but the esc has a fan which I thought would be removable. I can take it off but the wires are soldered to the board. If it becomes necessary due to clearance can the wires from the esc to the fan be cut to use the esc without the fan? I really appreciate all of the help and information all of you have shared with me. Thanks Jeff
  9. Okay, I just purchased a motor and ESC. Motor shows to be a 3650 4300kv with a shaft that is just over 3mm and the esc says it is a 60amp that is 2s and 3s compatible. I really only plan on using 2s. I found a 23t gear that is an option gear that came with my Traxxas Slash. The big gear is a 79 tooth on the Tamiya. Will this gear work or should I maybe order a set of other 48p gears to try? I appreciate all your information. I have been studying it over and over again getting what I can from it. Thanks for your time Jeff
  10. Hey, I really appreciate the info. If I'm understanding all this right for my basic playing around one of the lets say second or third tier brands would be great for my needs. This is good news, I guess I can always buy better and more suited items as time goes on and I learn more. I'm really thinking brushless because my slash is brushed and Im just looking at doing something new. I find that it runs great with a 6 cell pack and if I want to go a little faster I just use a 7 cell pack. Bad news is all my packs have went bad since they have just been setting for 3 to 4 years. Ive tried charging and discharging them but I don't think they are coming back. This might be a good chance to get a lipo charger and try some 2s packs. I was looking at the Flysky gt3 due to the receivers being somewhat inexpensive and what looks to be available fairly easily. Also I might have already bought and snuck in a new Sand Scorcher that will also need a radio and receiver and thought the GT3 might be nice for it too. Also could you direct me to some sort of easy to use chart to figure gearing. The TRF doesn't come with a gear for the motor so I need to do some research and figure that out. Anyways thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions.
  11. Hi my name is Jeff. I recently decided I wanted to build an RC car to play around the yard with. I have a slash that I have had for years but was looking for something different. I ended up buying a TRF201 of the Tamiya site because it looked like a fun build and I felt the price was right. My questions are what kind of electronics would you use just to play around with. Nothing real expensive but not junk either. I have read on here that there might be some clearance issues with the esc with the body the car comes with, so Im guessing that using an esc with a fan is out. What is a good servo for a buggy. I seem them priced anywhere from less than five bucks plum up to more than I have given for real cars. Just looking for your opinions on this stuff. Thanks for your time.
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