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  1. Thank you, and I am just running the standard tt02s with all the full mods right now, I am a big subaru fan so I am building a subaru line up right now with the tt02 kits. Monte carlo rally , NBR Sti, plan to buy a Tt02 Subaru BRZ kit soon also, dont think Ill get a tt02b anytime soon since im already too deep in these ones , i want the Xv01 subaru but kinda wanna keep in the tt02 family for now, spending too much on these cars, but i love it haha. Im gonna wait for Arrmas new car release on the 21st of Nov to see what thats about, maybe a Xmaxx killer, but I did want the Arrma typhon 6s as my buggy to go with my Kraton, ill see. And I do have a brushed Tamiya ESC, their basic one that comes with the RTR cars so I can use that for that 15T brushed motor i got for now. Ill start with those gearings and go from there. Thanks again. Ordered the Tamiya High speed gear aswell.
  2. Can anyone help me / point me in a direction for gearing , I ordered the Hobbywing quicrun setup with the 13.5T , also have a 15T and 3000kv motor, I am not too good with gearing and ratios at all, would like to set up for the 13.5t ,can someone give me some setups to start on, pinion gear and spur ect. Or if you know of a good post with all the info in it. Would appreciate it thanks again.
  3. Thank you both looked over you're guys options and the whole thread and they seem better for sure. Thanks again for helping make my transition into this hobby alot easier and more pleasant. I managed to get a yeah racing full aluminum kit for 140$. so just need some gear upgrades soon and the car should be solid for awhile. I love the tt02's versatility I have the NBR sti, and the Monte carlo sti kits, might get the BRZ kit later on for a drifter aswell. Are the TT02B's worth it for a buggy? was thinking of just getting another arrma typhoon instead as my buggy .
  4. Also this was the 2nd option ESC but it is double the price https://www.arrma-rc.com/part/AR390229
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arrma-SENTON-4x4-3s-Brushless-BLX100-ESC-Speed-Control-granite-10th-AR102668/392151771995?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 hey quick question for one of you guys, is this too powerfull for the tt02, or would it work, still trying to understand the motor / esc power, i think this runs the 550 motor, but can it still run a 540 motor without a problem? and I decided to sell the TA07pro and stick with tt02 for now since I was going to get myself into the TA07 another 2-300 to get it running so figured id sell it and stick with tt02 since i will be driving around the house for fun for now and I got the arrma limitless on the way so I am gonna spend the money on that. Thanks ahead.
  6. Lucky, they only offering 15% off fashion products here in U.S. atm , i always wait for these deals when i buy things!
  7. Great info, thanks, love my tt02s, which one of these motors would you reccommend to swap onto a prebuilt with the brushed setup, a 20t or a 15T, Arrma sells them for pretty cheap https://www.ebay.com/itm/292843307820 / https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRMA-Mega-Motor-Brushed-15T-540-AR390031-Fast-Ship-wTrack/183672041374 , 20$, just want something a bit quicker then stock, nothing too fast, dont want to do to much upgrading right now either just want to mainly drive and break things and upgrade on the way lol. I have a STI NBR kit with a full YR aluminum conversion i plan to build that one up with a nice brush less setup.
  8. Sorry about that, did not realize there are many people from around the world on this forum, U.S. Dollars, and price is shipped within u.s. , updated the post. thanks
  9. New in box Ta07 Pro chassis kit + 8 pieces of Tamiya hop ups. Asking $290 shipped in U.S.
  10. I was debating between the infraction or limitless, went ahead and got the limitless, still on preoder, hopefully will get it before end of month, I bought on ebay the same 6s system used in the infraction, for 120 shipped, Theres still some avaliable, Arrma 185 ESC and arrma 2050KV motor, they are selling them for halfprice, since I believe these were the motors/ESC pulled out of the Arrma Nero's due to the lawsuit with traxxas, they are new just pulled out of the RTR models, so they are selling them on ebay cheap, same system in my Kraton 6s, and that thing is plenty fast as is stock. So for the price I said why not get another setup like that and try it out in the Limitless, if anything I can keep it around as a spare, and only need a motor upgrade since the ESC is pretty strong to handle a bit more powerful motor, I think.
  11. Thanks again, what do you think of this motor setup or soemthing alike,, or just the ESC to pare with another size motor. will this work in both the TT02 and the TA07, I think the motor is too big of a size , the ESC should work though right? thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arrma-BLX100-Brushless-2-3S-ESC-3200kv-Motor-Granite-Senton-Big-Rock-Typhon-3S/123566940466?epid=2298512166&hash=item1cc529e132:g:az8AAOSw8YRc24X0:sc:USPSPriorityMailPaddedFlatRateEnvelope!85383!US!-1
  12. Hey Jon, definitely alot for me to take in at once haha, but im getting the hang of it, So do I need two sets of the 54172, and two sets of the suspension mount( the single long bar). Also how do I go about swapping the gear, got any part number to look at? Thanks again,
  13. Again thanks everyone, huge help appetite it very much. Makes this alot more enjoyable then having to stress on what to buy. Do you have an part numbers on them Jon, or any other recommended basic ones for the TA07 to get while im at it, tried looking for most you'rs not sure if im getting all the right ones?, no worries if not i know its not a quick task to gather them, so after getting a tt02 and now the TA07, what motor/ motor sizes would you recommend in either chassis, and what esc system would you guys run / recommend / good brands to look at. as well as servos I planned to buy a med to high grade sanwa controller soon also.
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