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  1. Had same thing last weekend, was out with my son and we both driving our own cars, me a lunchbox, him a dual ridge. Two old women were walking past and I heard one of them say "Look at him playing with kids toys" I have a hobby I enjoy, and I'm out in fresh air engaging with my son and not hurting anyone, what's the issue ? What just cause I'm 50 all I should be doing is just eating, sleeping and watching TV living a boring life until I die ? Then I thought, it's just sad for them that they don't have anything they enjoy to do like that just because of the generation they were born into. Good job she didn't catch me out skateboarding with my daughter an hour later Mind you it might been better if she had .. fell off and broke my arm
  2. Do you roll it on first drive like I did :o)
  3. Kev the Rev Thanks for the offer appreciated , I actually found my original last weekend :o) Cheers
  4. Went home at lunch time and grabbed the old rear tyres. Sizes are approx. as they are a bit deformed and the only ruler I have in the office, where the measure starts, the markers have been rubbed off Didn't have time to get the fronts off the car, bit of a drive home and back in an hour !
  5. It's not just Tamiya or RC market that have done this, there has been a rash of it across other industries too. My other cash dwindler is hobby board games. A lot of the big publishers like CMON / Asmodee introduced a MMAP (manufacturers minimum advertised price) over the last couple of years. One of the reasons given was the same, level the playing field etc. Also to stop counterfeiting which was growing at a pace. See it cheaper than $xx and you know it's fake. And also to preserve the brand. "Pay more because you know your getting quality"...….Hmmm have you seen what comes with this HBX in comparison to the equivalent Tamiya (much as I love Tamiya). Did some MD of a big company give a speech at a conference a couple of years ago saying MAP/MMAP's were a good idea in the internet age or something ?
  6. Cheers .. Yeah I don't think a hump pack will fit in the CJ7, the floor of the body sits flat on top of the battery tray. Where the drivers feet are is directly above the battery tray. I used a 6V Tamiya racing pack back in the day, looked a bit like this... In fact I still have it, not tried charging it for over 30 years though ! The Nimh I bought recently seems a tiny bit smaller than some other 7.2V batteries I've had and it JUST fits in without having to bend the plastic. Yeah I think it's a stock 540 motor, there are no markings on it, but the instructions mention a 540. Although to be honest it does not need any more performance, in 'racing' not wheelie mode you can't turn it at any speed (on a grippy surface) as it will just roll. A faster motor and it will be rolling more than driving I only wanted to change it so I didn't damage the original motor (And I'm not sure why that's even a worry, it's only a bog standard motor !!)
  7. Hi, I bought a dual ridge off Ebay, after cleaning up and a few upgrades I decided to tackle the body (it was painted metallic pink). I've repainted it and I have some new decals... Is there anywhere online to get what the instructions call the "body part instructions" ? I can find a TT02B manual easily enough, one even has the special edition body instructions. I just can't find the standard silver body instructions sheet ! Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
  8. Ampro engineering has an alternative to the 5th shock.. looks way easier to fit. He also has a front end conversion for bump steer.
  9. The other thing to think of here is what is Tamiya’s target market ? The hard core or core rc group ? Or people like me who walk into an Hobby shop to try and get parts for an old car to try and get it running. Find out they have re released the lunchbox and go “I’ve always wanted one of those” and buy it for nostalgia ? Twice I have been out recently and people have come up to me and said “Thats fantastic I had one of those when I was a kid”. When I tell them the cars have been rereleased both said “really, I’m getting one to build with my son”, which is what I did. Some of those people might only run it for a couple of weeks then into the loft. So does it matter if the body mounting post is cracked and glued back on, or the diff is half way to breaking ? Another two people close to my age where I work have said “oh I’ve got a Tamiya in the loft, I’m going to try and get it running to run with my kids”. Clearly there is a market for people who had Tamiya cars when they were young, who now have kids, and have the disposable income to buy one. (When I was a kid my dad did the same, but with Hornby train sets) For next to zero development cost they can sell to that market, just get the stuff out of storage and do another production run. It’s easy money compared to a full development cycle to do what, compete with Schumacher etc on racing circuit ? Or Traxxas for rtr ? Tamiya board could easily decide it wasn’t worth the investment, so the odd tweak here and there maybe, but that’s it.
  10. Ok just took the dual ridge tt02b out again with a fully charged battery, kids and I took it to a very loose dusty but flat gravel path. It was a blast I have to say, I think it seems slow as it’s quieter and there is less ‘drama’ and noise than with the MP & LB. Well until we got to the path that is !! And power sliding / doughnuts round my daughter made us all laugh... ..That would be a lot harder with the LB. So I can see the appeal and do like it, but I still love the mad bad Pumpkin Now for some upgrades.......Heh heh.
  11. Interesting discussion , I'm back into RC after a gap of... gulp... 27 years and nice to see a forum where a decent discussion can be had without abuse being chucked about for different opinions.. For my 2 cents I had a CJ7 back in the mid 80's (couldn't afford a Tamiya) then a Midnight Pumpkin in early 90's Dug them both out of the loft recently (too windy for the drones) to see if I could get my kids interested. We have been having a blast the last 4 weeks. I then bought a Lunchbox rerelease last month as it was the car I always wanted. I drive the pumpkin and my 12 yr old drives the Lunchbox (my 8yr old drives a tracked nikko) There are perfect for where we live, we have a large field near by and a (currently) dusty woods not far away. The LB and MP are great for both areas and we have a blast. I love the driving experience, fishtailing in the dirt, bouncing all over the place etc. We both come away grinning every time. Yeah ok been through a set of body mounts on the MP but no problem knew it would happen. I picked up a TT02b and we ran that last night, we both said it was a bit slow and boring compared to the Pumpkin and Lunchbox. (granted it can be upgraded to places the LB will never go, I will upgrade if the interest lasts with the kids). But we can't run it as it is on the field or woods where we drive the others. Zero argument on Tamiya being flawed ….. But it depends on what you want from the hobby, I would recommend a MP or LB to a newbie as they put a big smile on your face due to their madness . And I love the act of building too, so RTR is out for me... and RTR look too plasticky, anyway each to their own and the world is a better place for it !
  12. Hhhmmm The CJ7 should run off a 6 volt battery, the ESC is new so that's not an issue, but I did noticed the motor was pretty hot the other day after running a full 3500Mah Nimh. Now I have the Dual Ridge... I could put a better motor in that as it's a lot slower than I expected. I swear my CJ7, Lunchbox and Pumpkin are faster (in a straight line). Then I could put the stock 540 tamitya motor in the CJ7 as I don't want to damage that vintage motor, perfect ! Now that's proper man logic to justify buying more stuff
  13. Ah, I was thinking of contacting the seller and asking if he would take lower and put them back on buy it now... BUT..... I just won a dual ridge auction..... And boy can you get some bling for those. hhhmmm will keep an eye out for more !
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