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  1. Good point, not exactly up on the whole utoob world myself, but I think at least one of them has stated that they make a fair bit from the affiliate 'link in description below' with a discount code if you want one stuff. "maybe has some ill-judged upgrades added to it"...... Like adding a brushless system that makes the car go so fast that when it tries to mate with a lamppost, the kinetic energy rips the motor clean off the plastic mounting. It hits the ESC making that come loose and also snaps the battery retainer post causing all three to end up sitting on the concrete path next to the car.... MEDIC !! ...…… Not sure what you mean
  2. Ok thanks ! Wow that vandal is much cheaper...... Backorder no ETA … ******... Found this too which seems to be a similar spec, but cheaper as no electronics, and it's a kit and half the fun for us is building.... Hhmmmm… Vantage is better looking IMHO. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/absima-ab3.4-1-10-ep-buggy-4wd-kit-version-437209 Either way I could save myself some time and buy a bunch of spares at the same time for the inevitable breakages Watch out for the lamppost son..... BANG...…. Orders parts...….Week later back on road..... Don't jump it off there...…. BANG......Orders parts...
  3. Hi, Yeah after reading the vantage forum suggested by badcrumble and watching a few vids the Vantage has a few issues, motor moving away from the plastic spur gear no matter how much you tighten it, which strips the plastic gear with brushless etc... Ok thanks for replies leaning back to Wltoys now...
  4. Ah I see, and a lot cheaper than the xray !
  5. Cheers two new things to look into !!
  6. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, will be building a Tamiya Blackfoot and probably asking if mip ball diff is worth the price soon The wl toys latest buggy the 104001 seems to be all over YouTube, speed runs, brushless conversions etc. From what I have seen it’s slow out of the box. My question, why buy one of them and wait weeks for it to arrive, and weeks if you need parts, when you can buy this for the same ish price https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/ftx-vantage-1-10-4wd-brushed-buggy-2.4ghz-waterproof-379131 Spec seems similar, adjustable turnbuckles, large bore shocks. It would arrive in days, and it would be easier to upgrade to brushless because from what I can see it has a 3 wire servo. And in my opinion it looks much better that the wl toys. And it has some level of water proofing Can’t see how the wl toys would be a track car, you be looking at a Schumacher, Kyosho RB7 etc for that. Am I missing something? P.s. Just looking for something cheapish to put my hobbywing brushless combo in, that my son can bash and I won’t be gutted if he wraps it round a lamppost.....Again
  7. If you watch Mechanic After Hours video, it's one of, if not the best looking RC car I've ever seen !
  8. I just bought a Kyosho Javelin after finishing my DT03 (which you've seen on the other thread ) , they are currently back in stock... Mechanic After Hours and RC kicks have build videos on utoob if you want to have a look,. Very different to Tamiya which is what appealed to me as a change..... Lot more metal in the kit, chain or belt drive etc.
  9. I've going to see how it goes with the g series, then see if I want to put a HW combo in I've never put drivers in cars, but not saying those who do are wrong, each to their own, I like the fact that people have different tastes ! I just think they look odd just having 1/3 of a body etc...…. BUT since I posted the above I have seen a youtube video of a well painted Avante driver..... And now I want one of those to put in my Javelin lol. I'd imagine my chances of getting one are about zero though ! So my opinion on drivers might be changing The mad thing is I've been painting miniatures for nearly 20 years, so have all the paints etc to do a half decent job. I have my sons Mad Bull Driver still on sprue..... Might have to have a go at painting it...
  10. SkyRc, never looked at their stuff before, something else to look into I was thinking of this https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=420922 But would have to put esc where driver should go (if it would fit there) but then I never put drivers in cars anyway...(mind you after watching mechanic after hours driver vid I want an avante driver now lol. Well a driver like it anyway i.e not a steering wheel) Went with cheap option for now, hw1060 and g series 15t brushed. (Fairly sure hw1060 fits as I think that’s what Gavin at rckicks put in his).
  11. Ok cheers, I actually had one in my basket, along with a hw1060, and took the motor and esc out at the last minute Partly because my brain couldn’t get over the price, “can’t be any good at that price” etc. But then working from 9am till midnight several days running I wasn’t thinking straight at 1am or whenever it was I ordered the car lol. But then I have a tble02 here and could get a Turnigy trackstar 13.5t Sensored brushless for the same money as the above two... so would get better run time.... Or I could put the money towards a hw combo, just not one as mental as the 4000kv BL in my sons haiboxing rocket.... arrgghh dunno
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