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  1. Oh, use it. Mate has the Mountain Rider. We are building a track in his garden. Might even take it to Paddlesworth.
  2. I was thinking of sticking one on my Hotshot again to protect the body.
  3. My heart goes out to you. I lost my mum 6 months ago, and the pain is stil lvery real. partly becuase i am caring for my Dad with Demetia bck in my childhood home. I cannot comprehend the pain you must be in daily. Stay strong, and remember them for the good times, and that they wouldn't want you to give up. Talk to people to seek support. NEVER be afraid to talk. It helps to get emotions out there. Something us blokes have been to not to to, but MTFU for years. In my opinion, it takes a real dose of guts and courage to talk about things. Dont enter the sprial of dispair and depression, and be very aware of it creeeping up on you. Fight to stay out of it, for the ones you have lost. i know it all sounds crass, but when said to me, it made a difference. BTW, tears typing this.
  4. Very much so for me. My Foxshot was never a new kit for me, and the closest I got was upgrades and modding it with new and second hand bits from Beatties in Croydon. I remember lusting after the Hotshot (Inspiration for the Foxshot), and the Hilux & Sand Scorcher. I cannibalized my Foxshot of a steering ball for the Accelerator pedal of my Granada Scorpio in the early 90's, and kept the RC car in its crate, along with my original spare wheels, tyres, motors and other stuff in a fishing tackle box. I always looked at it, and though about getting it back on the 'road'. I even ordered a new set of Hotshot picot balls probably over 10 years ago, and never fitted them, only to find them in the spares/tool box when I started on the resurrection early last year. I happened to win a genuine Mk1 Hotshot that needed a rear arm back in March last year, just after joining a couple of groups. That was a real bonus win. A real spark of nostalgia, and a childhood dream come true. Although, i have to say, I was quite surprised that the chassis tub wasn't sealed and semi water tight like the Fox chassis. That prompted a flurry of expenditure on Etronix 4750Kv motors and ESC's for both vehicles, and 4 5000Mah Lipo's with 2 chargers after more research. Along with some NOS/NIB parts for both cars. I was enjoying running them again, and with my mate that I used to run with back in the 80s too! Then an offer came up on a Facebook group for an Avante ReRe, Egress ReRe and Top Force 100th anniversary that I couldn’t pass up. I lusted after the Avante when it came out BACK IN 88. It was a WHOLE new level when it came out. I still remember holding one in Beatties all those years ago. It was engineering excellence to me. And I appreciated good engineering back then too. The day I opened up the Egress box for the first time, and saw all the blister packs inside, it was a dream come true. Owning a NIB Tamiya kit. Something I never thought I would do back as a youth, or even up until a year ago. I think one of the things that got me back into the Tamiya scene was turning 50. The other was my mum getting diagnosed with Spinal bone cancer that wasn’t going to ever go away, unlike the small lump in her breast she found 2 days after my wedding 8 years ago. I had had a few conversations with my mum a couple of years ago about the Foxshot, and she said she remembered me working on it as a kid. My parents wouldn’t spend money on a hobby of mine as a child, until I had shown enough interest in it by partially funding it myself. That was the same for my brother too. I wanted to do cycle racing, and ride the Tour De France as a kid. I got quite good, and eventually my parents did help me. Until I smashed my left knee training up a really steep hill, the route of the oldest continuous cycle race in the world, the Catford CC hill Climb. I digress, I ride mountanbikes now, different story. I kept my mum upto date with the rebuild of the Hotshot, and ran it round their garden. She loved it. And the Egress, wow she appreciated that. My mum lost her battle, and passed in September last year after an 18 month fight, with me there nearly every day, and the wife back home. I think that is one of the reasons I was given the Bruiser as a Birthday present in November. Now, THAT sparked some nostalgia I can tell you. Hilux 4WD, OH YAEH! I remembered watching the vids in Beatties as a kid, AND watching them on Youtube recently. Yea, “The smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia”. Just like that tune. Oh, and I also like to cruise around in the car I spent all day waxing, blasting my Alpine. Litteraly!!! And that lot is retro (ish) too!!! Enjoy the pictures Yes, I am Odd, that does make 3 Rover 800's in those Pictures!! And, i have another!
  5. Update time! I have been busy with the rattle cans. Not a bad effot. I hate a crappy paint job. My 1:1 cars I try to keep in A1 condition. I love a bit of detailing on cars. Yup, Non box art. Looks SO much better IMO. I did spray the proper colour first, and it just looked naff and cheap. The wife thought so too. When I suggetsed the same blue as my Avante, she agreed. Not painted the front bumper yet, as i mighht chrome it. I painted the lights from the inside following a top tip on here. What i didnt know was that the round headlights only came out for one year in the Hilux range. 1979 ****, that looks good. I used Tamiya plastic masking tape for the window rubber. Only one very small bit of seepage. Shiney But, VERY annoyingly, there are still traces of the 3000 grit I used very lightly to remove some imperfections. Actually considering stripping the shell, and repainting with proper hard car paint! Its not 100% perfect. Even though it will get used and enjoyed. Yeah, so this happened too. After it had a good prep, 3000 grit, a polish with Mer, and then a special super fine polish, I gave the shell really good two coats of wax. Proper car wax. This stuff is the Mutts Nuts. 2 years ago I did one of my cars with this, and it still beads very well when it's clean. I use the proper method to wash my cars with snow foam, 2 buckets, and intermediate rinses, with a blow dry to finish off. Just HAD to have a test fit before the gearbox and radio gear is fitted. DAYUM it looks good!. On anothe note. I was looking at the box, to see how well my door handles compared to the Tamiya Box Art, and I noticed something..... Their stickers dont line up!!!!
  6. So, Update time: I have Started on the Drivetrain. Only got as far as the axles & shocks. A very enjoyable experience it was! The sheer quality of this kit is really impressive. Some of it requires a level of dexterity and attention to ensure the best is achieved out of the kit. Anyway, have some pictures, with notes Differential Components all laid out. Diff casing, pre greased. I build on the flanel, in a metal tray, not on the cuttin board. Can't contaminate that. It's used soley for cutting plastic and stickers. Internal gears fitted, and then rotated to check all covered in grease. Diff fitted, shafts fitted, and all greased up. It says to only fit one shim. I checked them endfloat, and it needed 2 shims each side. The front axle swivel heads had some flash from the casting. i checked that this would clear the hubs prior to fitting the axle together, and it didn't, so I filed them off and smoothed with 1000 grit. Before i fitted the internals so I didn't get any nasty filings in the axle. Nearly done. Didnt get a picture of the finshed article. I had pondered using sealant along the edges of both axles to make them more waterproof, but chose to only use grease as I felt a sealant could distort the axle halves when separated. Front Axle. Spring components all laid out. Yes, the leaves are in teh wrong order. Smallest at the bottom is correct. You need to make sure the axles are level in the clamps. There a guide marks on the axles. Only guides!!! I used a vernier depth gauge to ensure all were equal. having read post(s) on here, i set the front to neutral too. As stated before, Tamiya says use synthetic rubber cement to hold things in place while making fiddly bits. Some of these bits are really fiddly, and unless you pre hold them, you'll need 3 hands, all with tweezers in them to be able to build the axles, and shackles. I used a guide to ensure that these little metal axle rests were completely square. Rear axle all bolted up. You need to measure a 6mm distance between the shackle plate and the large diameter inner edge. Once I had these measured, i then checked the leaves were parallel and test fitted the assembly between the spring carriers BEFORE i added the anerobic gel to the shackle nuts.The fron was slightly out. Also, to ensure ease of measurement, fit the front swivel hub units AFTER assembly of the springs, or it is very awkward/impossible to get a vernier depth gauge in. (Lesson learned the hard way after a 2 day haiatus bbewteen axle build and spring build) On to the Shocks: These little brass free pistons need O Rings fitted. And they're tight and fiddly. I suggest slipping them down a small Tamiya Allen key (Other, lesser brands are available in best BBC Accent ) Lube them with shock oil prior to fitting. It makes it easier. Again. Both lessons leant the hard way after the first one was tried.... Fitted the Fiddly things!! Built! Make sure you get all the air out!! And brewathe and relax until the next stage
  7. yeah. Found a couple of threads using my work browser history. Exactly the thread I was after. Cant wait to show my build/painting off. It wont take 2-3 years like a coule of people to finish!!!
  8. i will. There was a post in a thread on here about the axle build, and the bits that go into it. Explained about the little black bits (I Think) that go in the hubs, and how to fit them properly. Cant find it. Do you, or anyone know the post/thread I mean??? [Edit]Found it: [/Edit]
  9. Ahh, that explains the gaps then. Knew there would be a sensible reason. I deliberately didn't use primer on the seat, as I was after that 'patina' look. Same thing with the driver figure. Pix to follow soon
  10. I am about to start on the axle build on mine. Got as far as the leaf sprinh hangers. Body is painted, hardening before the clear coat goes on.
  11. Yup, snapped my front shock tower when it rolled on tarmac.
  12. Tool boxes, I have just got back into this Tami-crack-ya. I used to just use a simple chest type box when I was younger. Even had wheels and tyres in it. It kept them fresh and supple for around 30 years too!!! Much like this: https://imall.com/product/Lixada-Fishing-Tackle-Box-3-Layers-Waterproof-Hooks-Lures-Baits-Storage-Case-30-17-14cm-for-Carp-Pesca/Sports-Entertainment-Boxes/aliexpress.com/32867293600/567-21639665/en When I got back into RC, and purchased the Hotshot, I bought a Bait box/Seat Box as it had pull out trays. I put some of the contents of my original box in it: Its very handy. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lixada-Universal-Water-Resistant-Fishing-Box-Sea-Boat-Fishing-Tackle-Accessor-/303434231742?hash=item46a616efbe I then bought some other storage boxes for the odds and ends you get left over /Spare screws that accumulated over the next 3 builds and previous stuff. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NGT-FISHING-TACKLE-BOX-WITH-4-BIT-BOXES-TERMINAL-CARP-COARSE-TACKLE-4-1-BLACK/143376170552?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The tools themselves, I tend to keep in a small tub/deep tray in the drawer, and build on the cutting mat or metal tray Building the Bruiser, I want to keep the desk tidy
  13. The Anti Roll Bar/Sway Bar on vehicles is designed to level the wheels on the same axle. You can view it as either the compressed outer side in the corner lifting the opposing wheel on the inside, or the inner side fighting against the outer stop it compressing so much. I have fitted thicker front ARB to my Hotshot (yet to test) that is nearly as thick as the one on my Foxshot. I also noticed in the builds of the Avante and Egress that the bars were thinner on the Avante. The rear bar on the Avante is pretty much just for show. That will be getting beefed up!!
  14. So, I have got a little surther with the build. I painted the body Box Art, but didnt like the colour. Resprayed it Metallic blue. Looks SO much better. I've got to give it a light flat back with 1500 or 200 wet & dry then give it lacquer. Pictures to follow. While the paint is curing between stages, I started on the chassis Ist, i organised my existing and Bruiser supplied lubes and thread locks. Screws used with Just enough Threadlock. Or should I use more? You have to remove and threadlock the supplied screws in stage 1, then fit more in stage 2. My suggestion is combine the two stages and get everything level, even and tight. THEN apply all the thread lock one screw at a time. Took a couple of hours! But, its all true and level. i found out the hard way. When I threadlocked the supplied screws, i went to have a cuppa, came back and the next set of holes didnt line up properly on a shock mount. Out came the soldering iron to losen up the threadlock. Hopefully going to get onto the next stages today or tomorrow. Life duties trump Tamiya duties.
  15. It is a manual error. The JIS screws are a different dimension to Philips & Pozi. You ned the JIS Screwdriver set. I bought the Blue one. Best thing I have bought tool wise for my kits, and I got parallel action pliers, a proper solder station, and a connector soldering block too.
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