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  1. I wish I had used proper car paint from a can on mine. It dries hard and can be polished etc. The Tamiya paint is SO soft I am actually thinking of either getting another body & decal set, or stripping my current one.
  2. You >>MUST<< report him to the local licencing authority too. He >SHOULD< lose his licence. The police take a VERY dim view on that type of behaviour. Its a VERY serious offence under the Covid19 restrictions. SHOULD be jail time IIRC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-52772337 That is shockingly disgusting behaviour. I am a fleet manager for a TFL licenced firm with well over 200 drivers. I don't take ANY **** from ANYONE. Drivers, TFL Employee when they are doing an inspection at our office, or with a driver on the road and giving false information, OR from customers. Everyone gets treated with respect, unless you show me no respect or a rude to me....
  3. Yeah, i saw that. It was more aimed at helping you to keep it running. Gears look complicated, but are mad simple when you know how they work, and how to keep them working. I have been riding for WAAAAAY to long. Used to be a roadie, now, Mountain bikes.
  4. So, Little update. Its finished The black panel gap detailing works really well: Metallic blue looks awesome too. Really pops in the sunlight. Happy days ! Went for a drive up the top of the garden. Weeds and foliage look scale jungle. Then it rained.... @flamejob Got to use them, and get them dirrrrrty It rolled at one point, and now has battle damage. Need to lock the diff(s) too. Rear is a must. Thinking about the front too. What are peoples experience of diff locking? Also considering moving the steering servo forward with the mod. I have already raised the front gearbox mount about 5mm for more front axle travel. May make more mods on that too.
  5. @Peter_B The gears will be indexed. When a cable stretches, you can use the barrel adjusters on the ends of the cables to line the rear mech up with the correct line on the sprocket. Your 1st point is to set the end limit adjusters (2 screws on the rear mech). These stop you sending the mech past the end of the required run. Drop the mech into the lowest (smallest) gear, and make sure that the jockey wheels on the mech line up the with corresponding freewheel sprocket. If they don't, adjust the H screw until they do. If the screw isn't labelled, and you don't see it move, set the screw back to where it was and turn the other screw. Then, with the back wheel off the ground, use the gear lever to go through the gears one at a time. The jockey wheels should stay in line with each ring on the freewheel. If they don't, then you need to adjust the barrel adjuster on the mech. This is the little furled nut between the end of the cable and the rear mech. Turning this changes effectively the length of the inner cable. Once the jockey wheels and freewheel line up, the gears will stay like that. When i fit a new cable, or build a bike, i set the end limits of the rear mech without the chain on first. You don't want the mech to travel too far inwards and meet the spokes. That's not good...... Follow this simple guide if what I have said doesn't make sense: https://www.cyclist.co.uk/tutorials/74/how-to-adjust-a-rear-derailleur
  6. @MrowkaOpen the image in MS Paint, and chose Resize Image from the image tool on the home tab. Use about 60% first of all. Then "save As" option so you dont lose the original. #ThankMelater
  7. I had that on mine. And I ordered TWO sets. One for the Avante, and one for the Egress. I was wholly dissapointed in them. A bearing should fit snug in it housing, making only the bearings work against their relative races. IE not spin on the axle or the hub. Was supposed to return them to the ebay seller. Life kinda got in the way. Feels like a waste of money
  8. I'm a real newbie here, and having been a member of Mountain Biking forum(s) in the past, i can honestly say the welcome and open answers to any questions I had were dealt with in a normal fashion. I wasn't looking forward to my first few posts!.... The main mountain Biking forum I used to use around 15 to 20 years ago was mainly populated by a younger clientele and n00bs were often given a hard time with what could be seen today cyber bullying. I think a lot of that came from the semi nerdiness of many bikers, and the fact it was, and still is a very expensive pastime so can often be much better off "kids". I am still friends in IRL with many of those forumites. several came to my wedding 8 years ago from all round the UK. We used to meet up for rides, which was good. I am much more of a reader and researcher on here at present, but that is mainly down to time constraints due to life. But I will make sure I contribute, including uploading to the main site showroom section.
  9. Update time Been spending the odd hour I have free on my Bruiser. After it having a few runs, i wanted to get it done before it got too dirty, so pictures looked good, and it was "perfect" at least once. Started off with just a base coat of Tamiya Flesh, after primer: Then I went on to do the body. This didn't get a base primer!! Made the flesh a different colour Managed to overcome that error. Then it was onto the Tail light lenses. Painted the glass from the back. The black detail. That needed a steady hand, an an illuminated magnifying lamp. Came up alright. Eyes. And Iris and pupils painted. After having the body together, I really wasn't happy with the edge of the sticker on the truck bed, and the panel gap lines on the doors and bonnet came out so well I just couldn't leave it like that, half done. So I didn't. Was a little nerve wracking cutting up the stickers as I wasn't too sure I had enough there to create the look I wanted. The end results, i think speak for themselves. Overall, a very good build. really good quality. Not quite box art, but close. I changed the colour to metallic blue, as i felt this better resembled the box pictures. And the correct blue looked pants IMO. Stickers: WHAT a right royal pain on this vehicle! Massive, awkward to fit, not the right shape or size. Applied in different layers. And if you actually follow the advised sticker order as I did, you risk getting some in the wrong place, forcing a change in layout. Although that I didn't mind, as i kind of prefer the Geartech sticker on the back. It makes the front look "too busy" IMO. The door mirrors are very likely to overlay the Calvin Brookman sticker if you're detail accurate and allow for panel gaps as i did. Again. Much annoyance after the event when i found out. It was only very minor, but could have been a very big mistake, ruining a "Box Art Shelfer" which this wont be. it's already seen dirt Just a couple of diddly things to do to it, like silver line the tailgate handles, and do the lines round the rear portal windows on one side that I missed. Forgot to save the pictures of it all put together. Will upload later.
  10. This is one of my cars. 1995 Rover 800 2 door coupe. 2.7 V6 Manual. Had it 15 years I have others too. 4 and 5 door. V6, and 4 pot Turbo!!
  11. Wish I still had my old Radio Control model Cars magazines from back in the 80's. And my 4 Tamiya Guide books
  12. That sounds like quite a system! I've got an Alpine CDA9812RB head unit, with 6" Alpine fronts, and Pioneer TS-A2013 rears. Both running off 4 channel amp (Pioneer IIRC), and an Alpine 12" Sub and Amp. Not as good as yours! Currently, listening to www.pointblank.fm
  13. Today, I watched this: Total legend, and probably why I got into mountainbiking. At 30+ And have been for 20+ years. I've been to Morzine/Les Gets many times, ridden those places. And Switzerland, Wales etc. When all this is over, if I am OK, I can't wait to get back on it.
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