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  1. Not looking to buy any more kits, except maybe a Sand Scorcher. What i do want is a Poly body for my Bruiser so i can run it and abuse it more. As cool as it is to use it, I spent an absolute age doing it perfectly. I don't mind the few little marks it has at the moment. Just don't want to give it full on battle scars. The Proline Hilux is out of stock. May end up just getting another hard body & MCI decals if I cant get one. Or a different car body for the Bruiser to fit. Ideas??
  2. I would go Bigwig (Still in Lockdown in UK), then an easy quick Novafox for lockdown eases and you have less time on your hands
  3. So, i have an original 85 Hotshot I scored about 18 months ago on Ebay. it came with some spares, and a few mods along with the original release front arms and pivot balls (not fitted, and the updated versions). in getting it running it received an eTronix 4950KV Brushless setup. What i dont want to do is destroy the original gearbox internals or cases. Along with a full RC Channel suspension upgrade, and Mk2 Chassis tub. Will I need new drive cups too? And will those remove the need for different length drive shafts? This will potentially mean I end up with 2 Hotshots as i also bought a new body as the original one was so well cut out and painted. Also, does anyone recognise the Hotshot? it had a grey and green painted chassis when I got it, with silver painted gearboxes As It Arrived.
  4. Like this . Looking at the picture, it may be possible to use those Screw mount holes on the cross member. Will look into it.
  5. On my Bruiser, with the rear shock upgrade, these bars strike the bottom of the spring carrier, even after putting a spacer between the chassis in the anti tramp bar
  6. Been away! Thanks for the info re the trailing arms. They are a hinderance for the rear travel I find. Think I will try yours, and bend them. Do they bend easily do you know?
  7. @Richie Rich What is the mod you did to the shocks and what are the different trailing arms you used? What is the difference they give. I have done quite bit of work to my Bruiser if you've seen the thread. Looking for more improvement. majo rchange was Schumacer CAT XLS Rear shocks all round
  8. Morning. Think I may have one. However I am on the process of moving house, so won't know for a week. All my stuff is packed up at present. Give this a bump if you get no joy. Phil B
  9. This reminds me. I >MUST< clean and oil the bearings in all my cars.
  10. Been doing a few more Bruiser Suspension mods. Started on my Mk1 85 Hotshot rebuild. Needs it after being ragged around on 2s with a 4950Kv Etronix brushless for a while. Broke the gearbox i have just fitted on my real life car (one of them.) MAJORLY annoyed!!! Pix Layter
  11. I fitted the Shapeways front servo mount to my Bruiser, and I am seriously unhappy with the steering action. Due to the Ackerman principle (i think) I am getting considerably more turn angle in one direction than the other. When I first did it, it was so bad that it bent the standard metal plate ta the ball joint goes onto. (Part BA35, Section 9 in the instructions). i am guessing that the white plastic L piece counteracts this. Is there a way round the problem as my Transmitter is the Futaba T4YF, and doesn't have end point adjustment. Its REALLY winding me up. Just want to use the thing again! Its all muddy and wet here If you need pictures, I can take some.
  12. You wont regret the Bruiser/ Mountain Rider. My mate has the lower spec High Lift. Nah.... not for me. Absolutely love mine, and modding it!!
  13. My RC Tool set consists of: The usual Tamiya 8 Piece JIS set. A small multi box with eh various kit issue spanners and wrenches in A small multi box with the various greases in, with applicators. (they are the small sponge makeup tester brushes, and awesome) A decent desktop soldering station, and 2 sets of helping hands, one with a magnifying glass. An aluminium Various small tools in a small container. Best tool? I love my parallel action pliers. Need to get: Shock shaft pliers. And I just found out about ball cup pliers. Real tools. 1:1. Bluepoint, Wera, Britool (Old, Good stuffz) etc
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