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  1. @Richie Rich What is the mod you did to the shocks and what are the different trailing arms you used? What is the difference they give. I have done quite bit of work to my Bruiser if you've seen the thread. Looking for more improvement. majo rchange was Schumacer CAT XLS Rear shocks all round
  2. Morning. Think I may have one. However I am on the process of moving house, so won't know for a week. All my stuff is packed up at present. Give this a bump if you get no joy. Phil B
  3. This reminds me. I >MUST< clean and oil the bearings in all my cars.
  4. Been doing a few more Bruiser Suspension mods. Started on my Mk1 85 Hotshot rebuild. Needs it after being ragged around on 2s with a 4950Kv Etronix brushless for a while. Broke the gearbox i have just fitted on my real life car (one of them.) MAJORLY annoyed!!! Pix Layter
  5. I fitted the Shapeways front servo mount to my Bruiser, and I am seriously unhappy with the steering action. Due to the Ackerman principle (i think) I am getting considerably more turn angle in one direction than the other. When I first did it, it was so bad that it bent the standard metal plate ta the ball joint goes onto. (Part BA35, Section 9 in the instructions). i am guessing that the white plastic L piece counteracts this. Is there a way round the problem as my Transmitter is the Futaba T4YF, and doesn't have end point adjustment. Its REALLY winding me up. Just want to use the thing again! Its all muddy and wet here If you need pictures, I can take some.
  6. You wont regret the Bruiser/ Mountain Rider. My mate has the lower spec High Lift. Nah.... not for me. Absolutely love mine, and modding it!!
  7. My RC Tool set consists of: The usual Tamiya 8 Piece JIS set. A small multi box with eh various kit issue spanners and wrenches in A small multi box with the various greases in, with applicators. (they are the small sponge makeup tester brushes, and awesome) A decent desktop soldering station, and 2 sets of helping hands, one with a magnifying glass. An aluminium Various small tools in a small container. Best tool? I love my parallel action pliers. Need to get: Shock shaft pliers. And I just found out about ball cup pliers. Real tools. 1:1. Bluepoint, Wera, Britool (Old, Good stuffz) etc
  8. Update time. First off, @taffer Thanks SO much for the Diff Putty recommendation. Wow, it climbs now. I have got it set to about 80% lock rear and 10-20% lock front. I love this vehicle, and using it is such fun. However, i wasn't happy with the travel it had, and having seen several mods, decided to go for it. I bought this set from Ebay as a start. The front mount is very good, and allows straight forward fitment of longer shocks. If you retain the front steering linkage, you will need to flatten out the chassis mount as the new front shock tower/body mount uses those holes. No biggie. The rear cantilever part needed jigging and adjustment to get it to fit. The body mount doesn't take into account the height difference between the cross member and the chassis rails. The canti link works well, but I used Schumacer balls, cups and threaded rod instead. Shock wise, I wanted some bling Piggyback shocks, and posted a thread re those and queries. When they arrived, and I had built them, the hose wouldn't stay on. Design flaw in the hose flange nut. Modelsport were very good, and refunded me as soon as they touched down there. That left me wanting for more shocks. I started off building my unused standard Top Force CVA shocks. Actually pretty good as standard, you cant adjust them for different pistons though, unless you use some other pistons and rods. Looked stealthy in black too. However, i wanted bling, and they werent quite long enough. So.... I scavenged from the Foxhsot and tried the Schumacer CAT XLS rear shocks fitted to that. Bingo. The shocks are not in stock as complete items, so went on Ebay, and bought all the parts needed for two sets. Not actually that expensive IMO. And bling!!! Just adding the shocks increased the travel, especially at the front. That meant the axle guard hit the gearbox (and eventually the front servo) so I trimmed that down, and added a profile for the gearbox. The rear, however posed several problems As the shock bore was larger, it meant the tires rubbed the cantilever, and the action just wasn't what i wanted in increase so I made a new rear shock tower to match the height of the front and fit upright shocks. I did a comparison test between the two types, and vertical shocks gave 9mm more travel, and with a more linear action. With the increase in travel, the Anti Tramp bars hit the bottom of the forward spring hangers effectively halving the amount of travel. Solution, fit longer front bolts, and add a flange nut on to act as a spacer. When the axle dropped down, the rear end of the anti Tramp bar hit the spring and axle shackle. Solution, saw and file back about 4mm allowing the axle to hang down more. All leaves had the smallest spring removed too, softening up the suspension. All this extra travel is awesome, but the front tyres were making significant contact with the corners of the arches. Solution, fit one of those pesky plastic bearings we all have between the R clip pin and the chassis. Instant body lift. Another forumite, @RichieRich very kindly point me at These hub extenders from Shapeways. Excellent bit of kit, and make the front and rear track match perfectly. I also ordered a front servo mount from there. Again, excellent bit of kit. However, fitting the front servo meant losing the rocker arm for the steering, and moving the actuator arm. That meant moving the shock lower mount to the back, giving the top a kinda cool forward rake. May well make the rears match for looks. This also bent the small thin metal piece bolted onto the front hub when in use. Don't know if it was because I didn't have a servo saver, or the position changed. Head scratching (again) and with a protractor held in place, it would appear that the wheels turn a different no of degrees left or right. The same both sides. Damned Ackerman principle!!! Still working on a solution for that in my limited free time. the easiest answer would be a Transmitter which allows you to set travel limits. My Futaba 4YS doesn't do that... (HELP!!!!!) ESC, i swapped out the very old Tamiya TEU-101 i robbed from the Foxshot and fitted a rather nice Hobbywing 1080 Crawler ESC. Tyres, just ordered the Yokohama Geolander M/T S Compound from Modelsport. Love this kit SO much. Can't wait for proper mud, rain and even snow! Have some Pix Balanced track Looking good Looking even better Full Extension Full Compression (At the time. Now it to the limit. Underguard Trimmed) Would have been SO bling Nearly fully trimmed. I am pants at picture diaries! Front Servo Mount Showing off her swagger on her new ESC Home made shock towers. Stock Vs Schumacer CAT XLS Getting even more travel And more at the back Off to Play. 3 Buggies and a Bruiser. No untouched Shelf Queens here. They look better on the shelf with dust and mud IMO
  9. Imagine just how insanely busy he has got during the worldwide pandemic. I would expect him to be a little busy, and need some time off!! That would explain the delay in reply.
  10. Wow. Thats a big mod! i have seen 4 link conversions using the Tamiya Axles. That looked complicated. While doing a quick search for those, These came up in a search Remote locking diffs. Now there is an idea..... Didn't know you could get those. As I said, new to this crawler/scaler/truck stuff. Absolutely love my Bruiser
  11. Cheers @RichieRich. I am totally new to this 3D Printing malarkey. When i sign up, will they make it for me, and ship to me, or do I have to print it myself? Currently, i don't own a 3D printer, and can't think of someone with one. I did a search for both parts out of curiosity as i thought both vehicles would be the same. The HG part came up as not found. I found it from the description though. They are quite different! Luckily, mine is a Bruiser I spent more time yesterday evening investigating the parts I have in the cantilever set I ordered, and how to improve upon them. Not got a final solution yet. Guess i had better start taking some pictures of the work I am doing too!
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