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  1. I'm going with @speedy_w_beans on this. However, if you do take one, a trail one so you can all be together/use it together.
  2. I'm a regular user of my TT01E Scooby and don't use any lube on my suspension pivots. It attracts the car park grime where we "race". Also, not a fan of Fastrax at all. i bought several sets of their 1:10 buggy spoke wheels in tarmac and pin spike. Absolute garbage. The rims are SO brittle. Actually had more than one shatter while just cornering on both my Top Force and Egress. Admittedly they are pretty fast. Top Force I've had tested up to 46 MPH in limited space, and Egress 45 MPH.
  3. Friday: Was working till 5Pm, then went to Battersea to to sort out a friend (Also an Ex) washing machine and sink that wasn't draining. Saturday: Work 6am to 6pm. Evening, cook a curry for the next 2 days. May fettle the TT01E or TA03RS. Or watch something on Ama/Flix. Sunday: Repeat. However Monday/Tuesday will be off so that will eb some more decorating of the spare room/Dads old bedroom so it can be let out.
  4. I recently re-glued the cone on the Sub in my car. I'd had a vibration, and when I had the unit out, noticed the box had come unfixed, so took the speaker out to fix it. Then i noticed part the rubber wasn't glued down. Full rebuild! 1st attempt ever. All glue removed, and raised ready for application. That's the glue I used. Securely "clamped" in place. Rather than loose wire, I fitted these. Filled some of the void with something like K-poc. The filling of a pillow loosely put inside to eliminate standing waves. Sounds so much better. Now, I've got to figure out why the amp isn't amplifying one channel input!! Its an Alpine MRD M Series
  5. I have used bits of sprue glued in place to do hole deletes on hard bodies before.
  6. Etronix 4950Kv ESC & motor. Box Stock. Etronix 4950Kv Setup. Turnbuckles. High Speed gear set. Avante Driver. Schumacer rear ARB and ball sockets. Oh yeah. 50Mph too "A few mods....... " Not that much in weight though. The FoxShot Nuff said Was a Mk1 85 Hotshot. ReRe Bumper RC Channel suspension Gool RC 3750 Setup Stainless front ARB mounts
  7. 100% https://postlmg.cc/Mvb1NNMM https://postlmg.cc/9rjGxCMH https://postlmg.cc/Yj8pPx22
  8. Question. Are those Dzuz style pins stock on that chassis/model????
  9. Not that I am aware of. Would require a new centre shaft
  10. This has been a highly interesting and informative read today at work
  11. Went out with some friends on a 4 hour trail walk with some rock crawling. I do love this vehicle. Its starting to get a few battle scars too. Really should get a user body for it, or a display body. Arty stop off "Service stop" in the woods.... Mates TRX4 with a Gravedigger body in the background. It did get wetter and muddier than this. Under water to headlights. Next mod is weights in the wheels, and change the oil rate in the rear shocks. Also going to strip, clean and re lube the gearbox. It's had around at least 50 packs through it since build, so at least 100 hours of hard use. This thing is just so much fun. Very capable, has a terrific scale look, and by far my most used RC apart from my TT01 Scooby "race" car.
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