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  1. Thats pretty cool. I got a Chevette HSR body from Ebay, made by the seller
  2. Wow!!! i am doing that to the Bruiser clone chassis parts I bought from here. Not going to modify by ReRe Bruiser any more I think
  3. Nice build thread. I've just got a TA-03 rs with the Porsche body and a few upgrades for a decent price off a mate. Need to strip and rebuild it. Those rear hubs are lush.
  4. What an excellent write up, with really good pictures. Your jokes were on point too. 49207265616c6c7920656e6a6f796564207468652062696e6172792068657861646563696d616c206a6f6b65
  5. Erm, wow!!! That's not left field, that's outta the field!!
  6. I couldn't find any decent ones that weren't stupid expensive so i solder mine and squash them with pliers. Worked well so far
  7. Ok, thanks. Will check up on that.
  8. Ahh, sorry... think mine is a macgregor. if so, one of these. Will check when home MacGregor MG5921HV 20.3Kg High Voltage Servo (tjdmodels.com) MacGregor MG2810HV 10.0Kg/0.07s High Voltage Digital Servo (tjdmodels.com)
  9. I am currently runny a Gool RC Brushless set up. Mate is running a Hobbywing Max10 setup.
  10. Good Morning/Afternoon. Several of my mates, me included have the Absima CR3P transmitter and meet up at a couple of place for impromptu race sessions. These are at a school playground near Biggin Hill, and a train station car park in Sevenoaks. We have noticed some VERY erratic controlling at these sites, more so at Sevenoaks station. I have also had the same at Purley Station, but much worse. The main similarity with these sites is mobile phone transmitters, Purley being the biggest, and the closest as i was on the top floor of the multi story car park testing my TT01E Scooby race car. Also, weirdly, it seems worse at Sevenoaks when a train goes through the station. Has anyone else noticed anything like this? Are some transmitters/receivers more affected than others? Are we just plain unlucky?
  11. Not RC related. Experienced seeing a dead body in the bushes yesterday. The man whose dogs found it just outside East Surrey Hospital had 1% battery on his phone, asked to use mine. i was just sitting on the bench in the grounds sending a message to my brothers. My Dad is in there. Been there 2 weeks Had to describe it to the police operator, and wit till they arrived. Didnt look natural causes at all. Been there a couple days I would think. Had flies.... Yeah, wasn't really a very pleasant thing.
  12. That's cool. Can't be many over there.
  13. That is full on Dizzy (Rascal - Bonkers) love it!!!
  14. Erm. yeah. Not jealous mush of your garage!!!!
  15. Differences in the kit, I don't know. However, my mate has a re re mountain rider from 2014 and there are subtle differences in teh chassis build compared to my ReRe Bruiser. Most notable is stage 9 where it says to remove some flashing from the axle with a file.
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