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  1. Imagine just how insanely busy he has got during the worldwide pandemic. I would expect him to be a little busy, and need some time off!! That would explain the delay in reply.
  2. Wow. Thats a big mod! i have seen 4 link conversions using the Tamiya Axles. That looked complicated. While doing a quick search for those, These came up in a search Remote locking diffs. Now there is an idea..... Didn't know you could get those. As I said, new to this crawler/scaler/truck stuff. Absolutely love my Bruiser
  3. Cheers @RichieRich. I am totally new to this 3D Printing malarkey. When i sign up, will they make it for me, and ship to me, or do I have to print it myself? Currently, i don't own a 3D printer, and can't think of someone with one. I did a search for both parts out of curiosity as i thought both vehicles would be the same. The HG part came up as not found. I found it from the description though. They are quite different! Luckily, mine is a Bruiser I spent more time yesterday evening investigating the parts I have in the cantilever set I ordered, and how to improve upon them. Not got a final solution yet. Guess i had better start taking some pictures of the work I am doing too!
  4. Didn't know you could get track extenders for the front of the Bruiser. VERY interested. Did you print them, or buy them online? I looked on Shapeways, and couldn't see anything: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ampro?section=Tamiya+Hilux+Series&s=0 I am in the process of modding the suspension on my Bruiser to give it better travel and articulation. I have fitted a Cantilever rear conversion, and am currently using Schumaccer CAT Long rear shocks or Tamiya Top Force shocks. I had bought some Hobbytech remote Piggy Back shocks and they were let down by the hose, so returned them. That needs some refinement as the tyres currently strike the pivot fittings and can lock the rear wheel The front is severely limited by the shock lower mounts, and shock length. The lower mounts need to be ball joints so that they can pivot as the axle rises. Without the shocks on, the travel is easily doubled i think. That then makes the front wheels strike the bodywork on compression. There are other things you can do to assist the travel and articulation and reduce stress on the components.
  5. The Alan Partidge White Gold needs the black waistband, and not a hatchback. Saloon or Coupe. Nightfire Red looks good only body shape. Colour Coder, or black waistband. Althought Colour Coded fastback wins
  6. Better that his!!!! That was not the best looking colour/trim/body combo. IMO
  7. Thanks @Toolmaker72. I had thought about the implications of having the amp upside down, and wasn't sure. Now I am The car has a metal rear shelf, and the rear seat does't fold down so I can make a better backing for it. Will try and post some Pix of what i mean, and want to do.
  8. Thankyou for that. Serious food for thought in my sounds for the car(s). I may close off the parcel shelf speakers and continue with the Sub, or just continue with the plans for the speaker amps.
  9. When you say Isolate the rear speakers, do you man have the rear side of them in a separate enclosure to the output side of the Sub? I am running an Alpine CDA 9812RB head unit with Alpine R Series fronts, and Pioneer TS-A2013i's in the rear shelf, and an Alpine 12" Sub and amp in the boot. Also, should i be running the Sub normal or reversed? I have a Kenwood 4 channel amp I want to stick in the boot to power the main speakers. Location is an issue. I wanted to mount it under the rear shelf, but was worried about vibration from the speakers. Newish to this High end ICE stuff. Advice greatly appreciated
  10. Not yet. I have just taught them how to adjust the speed correctly on a Goldring Lenco GL75 Turntable that can play everything from 16's to 78's. All 4 speeds can be set individually, and need a strobe light. Only use 33 & 45 though. I might bypass the Video 2000 system that is currently in the Parents loft though, and go straight on to cassettes as they remember that and don't use it. One car still has a cassette player head unit though. Not decided on the path of retro education. i drive Rover 800's, so they are used to cool retro stuff
  11. They were actually my younger brothers. I am 8 years older than him. The stereo is also period correct. And still in use Those pictures are 14 years old! My kids grown up now, 27 & 23, and my daughter has a 3 year old! Gramps
  12. Saw that on facebook. OH EMM GEE!!!! Sexy As a sexy thing on a sexy day. Sexylicious. 2nd sexiest thing in history Nearly as sexy as my wife
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