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  1. I am just about to paint up a part built/finished at dismantled CC01 Unimog I got for £25.00 with an 80x2 motor, and full Junfac alloy upgrades from my mate I did the Mountain Rider for. The upgraded front axles had the pivot point in the wrong place on the shaft so it affected the steering. I have gone back to stock. I also think he did something to the drive line. Its very noisy. Spent ages deciding on a colour. Going for Mica red with black arches. He has badly deleted the front bumper, so I fixed that in the chassis too. Looks stock, and doesn.t have one.
  2. Serious question time. Who has their RC stuff listed separately on their house insurance? When I got back into RC was about 4 years ago i only had my original FoxShot, then bought the Hotshot because Mum said i should as i wanted one as a kid. Year later, and I moved into Dad's house to care for him (Dementia) after mum passed (cancer). For 3 years, I got a few more RC kits, and insurance was down to Dad. Now, he has passed 6 months ago and I need to renew as the current is in his name. I listed my mountain bikes and tools under my old home insurance, but didn't have any RC. Who does what, and does it bump up a huge amount or not much. Or would it just generally fall under contents? Current fleet. FoxShot Mk1 85 Hotshot, with RC channel suspension. Top force (race car) Egress (race car) Avante Modified Bruiser (stands me £1,000+) Tt01e Scooby (race car) TA03RS GT3RS (race car) CC01 Unimog Axial scx24 2 mk1 OG Sand Scorchers. 6 lipos 3 transmitters Tools and paints Welcome your feedback
  3. i stopped doing biking when Mum was Diagnosed with Cancer, and Dad with Dementia at the same exact time. I used to do some serious stuff on my bikes. Morzine, Chatel Bike Park, Morgins, Fort William, Glentress, Bike Park Wales, Afan Argoed as well as lots of decent singletrack stuff round surrey where i live with my mate. His mum was diagnosed terminal within weeks of my mum. We decided to look after our parents, and nut put ourselves at risk. I have broken a few bones, and have some screws in me Ironically, was Mum who got me back into RC
  4. Spent another day doing DIY at home. getting the larger spare room ready to rent out hopefully. Taking the paint off the door has been a real nightmare. Its original late 20s/early 30s paint we think. Won't blister with a heat gun like normal paint. Just a slight rash, and has to be craped off quickly or it goes even harder. Wearing a proper mask too. Dust/lead content.
  5. I've been away from the forum for a while... what have I missed???
  6. Thanks. That rear end isn't with the screw front end! They were/are in a very bad condition
  7. I have 3 Old SRB chassis, and various wheels, 3 complete sets as far as I know. All different. Seem to be XLT, Scorcher and Rough Rider 2 of them have the cast front spring stops, one the screw type. This i know as the first release. However... The rear cage on them are all different. One appears to be a brass construction, could be another metal. Which, if any came with this version. It looks kinda home made, but well. Another is black plastic. Other is aluminium. Currently the black plastic rear cage is on the same chassis as the Screw stop front end. ideally I'd like to make one runner Sand Scorcher, modified with carbon chassis and RC Channel rear end etc, and 2 shelfies. One is for my mate I did the Mountain Rider for. What I don't want to do is use the oldest/rarest version on my runner, so advice please people. I have had a google, but came up with nothing. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Depends on what i am doing/Where I am going. I either use a Sainsbury's purple supermarket crate (Deep, no holes in the bottom or sides) or a slightly larger wooden crate I made. It has platted rope handles, and can accommodate a few buggies or road cars on their sides, and some tools and batteries. Can also be pulled on wheels if needed. Will get some pix/dimensions when back home.
  9. Tower Hobbies/USA is SO cheap compared to UK prices. I'm (supposed) to be going to Traverse City Michigan in June for a wedding. It would be rude not to order one and have it delivered to an address in USA for collection/to get shipped. $255 is £211. No Brainer
  10. I've been off line for a bit. This BBX is the total Mutts Nuts, The Dogs Danglies, The Cheese in my Bun, Gravy, All that and a bag of chips, Tickety-Boo. And more. Such a cool looking buggy. I want one. SO much. Dilemma though. Supposed to be saving as much as i can to buy my 2 brothers out of what was my Dads old house where we grew up and where I now live. This needs full electrics, inc motor and ESC. I have multi model transmitters. #RealWorldProblems #CoolTamiyaDoesntKeepARoofOverYourhead
  11. I'm going with @speedy_w_beans on this. However, if you do take one, a trail one so you can all be together/use it together.
  12. I'm a regular user of my TT01E Scooby and don't use any lube on my suspension pivots. It attracts the car park grime where we "race". Also, not a fan of Fastrax at all. i bought several sets of their 1:10 buggy spoke wheels in tarmac and pin spike. Absolute garbage. The rims are SO brittle. Actually had more than one shatter while just cornering on both my Top Force and Egress. Admittedly they are pretty fast. Top Force I've had tested up to 46 MPH in limited space, and Egress 45 MPH.
  13. Friday: Was working till 5Pm, then went to Battersea to to sort out a friend (Also an Ex) washing machine and sink that wasn't draining. Saturday: Work 6am to 6pm. Evening, cook a curry for the next 2 days. May fettle the TT01E or TA03RS. Or watch something on Ama/Flix. Sunday: Repeat. However Monday/Tuesday will be off so that will eb some more decorating of the spare room/Dads old bedroom so it can be let out.
  14. I recently re-glued the cone on the Sub in my car. I'd had a vibration, and when I had the unit out, noticed the box had come unfixed, so took the speaker out to fix it. Then i noticed part the rubber wasn't glued down. Full rebuild! 1st attempt ever. All glue removed, and raised ready for application. That's the glue I used. Securely "clamped" in place. Rather than loose wire, I fitted these. Filled some of the void with something like K-poc. The filling of a pillow loosely put inside to eliminate standing waves. Sounds so much better. Now, I've got to figure out why the amp isn't amplifying one channel input!! Its an Alpine MRD M Series
  15. I have used bits of sprue glued in place to do hole deletes on hard bodies before.
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