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  1. Thanks both - will track one down
  2. Is it possible to get spare plastic parts without buying the entire sprue ? We've managed to snap the plastic washer that sits between the servo and the steering arms and need a replacement. Talking to a few modelshops they've advised we need the entire sprue which as its a shared sprue with the Monster Beetle has lots of parts we'd have no use for. Any help much appreciated
  3. I think I may have found the culprit This is the gear that attaches to the pinion from the motor - unless I'm mistaken looks like its been ground down on the side that connects to the pinion ?
  4. Checked again and it was on the flat side, but unscrewed and refitted - still the same issue. I'm wondering if something is out of alignment between the motor and the first cog so will take the gearbox apart again and see if I can spot something.
  5. My Super HotShot has developed some sort of drive problem that we're struggling to figure out. The car has been running perfectly until recently, however we now have a problem where if we lift the car off the ground all the wheels spin fine but as soon as we put the car down there is some motion, the car starts to screech and then nothing more. I've taken the gearbox apart and regreased, checked the pinion alignment on the motor and also rebuilt the front of the 4wd mechanism but still get the same problem. Any ideas much appreciated
  6. Thanks for all the advice - we found that a washer had got pulled into the motor and was causing the issue. Now to fix the next challenge - we have the motor spinning but no drive - so some more investigations tonight
  7. Thanks - we've done a lot of trouble shooting last night with the ESC and it does suggest its programmed correctly. The one thing we did do was remove the motor and realised that it doesnt turn manually and wondered if its the motor thats causing the issue. I'm just waiting to hear back from the store we bought it from
  8. Hi All, I've recently bought a Super HotShot so my son and I can enjoying building the car and i can relive my childhood.The build has been progressing well and we've got to the bit where we fit the electronics and this is where we have hit a problem We dry fitted everything and tested that the servo drove the steering which worked fine. However when we then connect the motor we get a high pitched beep any time we try and hit forwards/reverse on the controller, but the steering still works We are using the Tamiya TBLE-02S and have checked we have the wiring correct to the motor from the ESC so any hints or tips appreciated.
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