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  1. Hi am selling my Tamiya TNX 5.2r On eBay if someone would like to join for a biding I’m going to leave a link if someone is interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383553557818
  2. I’m doing Gear box in my Tamiya TNX 5.2r And I would need a little bit help from you guys do you know where I can download not the manual of TNX But there supposed to be another book with pictures of the RC strip down into the smallest part and listed with numbers. Anyone can help me ?
  3. My name is Damian I’m 35yo for a living I am a lorry driver and today I decide to join Tamiyaclub.com just because I am a happy owner of Tamiya TNX 5.2r. I bought it from eBay completely destroyed and I rebuild it so now I can show you my pride and joy. More parts are still coming for upgrades so I will keep you updated .
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