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  1. Hi, Vintage 1986 The Falcon 1/10thScale RC car for sale, Item 58056. This is a Genuine untouched loft find. I have charged the battery and inserted batteries into the transmitter to test the car and it all works. The front wheels turn left and right and the rear wheels go back and forth. Otherwise the car is untouched and even includes a few dead spiders. I have decided not to clean the car up before selling as I am no expert and I want the car to go to an enthusiast who will enjoy the project. This car feels like a time warp as it is not just the car, as you will see in the photos it has everything (apart from original instructions) that came back with it from the Shop (Mick Charles Models in New Malden / Tolworth). I believe the car is a 1986 model based on the dates on the documents in the box. The item number is 58056 which I believe makes this car the 58thRC model Tamiya released. The car had minimal use before it went in the box all those years ago. I have listed a bit more information regarding what’s included below: Car – all original including the electrics. The Chassis tub broke at the front within the first few drives and was replaced with an original Tamiya part in roughly 1986/1987. I have the old tub still in the box. Body shell, some small cracks but nothing major, original decals in the right places. Electrics – All original. Futaba FP-R102GS receiver, Futaba FP-S138 servo, Manual speed controller. Futaba Attack-R FP-T2NR transmitter, Brown 26.995 MHz crystals. Box – original box, both top and bottom, great condition and no discolouring or rips. Instructions – Original instruction paperwork for the transmitter, mains charger, Servo. Charger – Original unit with both fast and trickle settings, tested and working. Battery – Original Sanyo 7.2v Spares – Tin of screws and a few plastic bits, Shoulders to go with driver helmet in shell, Metal Ariel (I think), Front bumper mount, Spare Chassis tub (front left damaged), Front suspension plastics, original tube of poly cement x 2 unused. The tyres will need changing as they are 30 years old and not round due to sitting for many years. Rather than putting this car on eBay I would much rather sell it via a group like this as I’m sure you guys would know what to do with it. Due to the age of the car I would much rather have the buyer collect the car so that they can take the time to look over it etc and not risk delivery damage. I am based in Hersham, Surrey, UK Postcode KT12 (Search for Hersham Station on your maps to see the distance). If the right buyer does not live to far away I am happy to deliver for a small fee. I have not listed a price as I would rather receive some offers to understand what the whole package is worth. Happy to message further via WhatsApp, my number is 07541282242. Thanks, James IMG_8984.HEIC IMG_8985.HEIC
  2. Ok great, thank you for that. I will keep it all together. Just charging the battery now to test if it works.
  3. Hey, thanks for responding and for your feedback. Its all intact, when I was a kid the chasis cracked and was replaced with an original new part (25 years ago) the old one is in the box along with suspension mounts etc and the car structurally is fine. Do you see any value in the additional parts and vintage charger or do you think selling it all together is the best option? I saw a few on EBay without all the additional stuff and boxes in bad condition that were listed for 200/250, are those guys just wishful thinking? Thanks, James
  4. Hi all, Im looking for some advice, I own a Falcon in original condition with the original box, transmitter, electrics, tyres, spares, charger some paperwork etc and I am looking to sell it. Is anyone able to review the photos and give be some feedback on what you think its worth (in uk pounds). Ive seen a few on Ebay but would rather sell it to someone who will appreciate it rather than try and flip it for a profit. Any thoughts on if it is more valuable all together or if I sold the car, box, electrics etc separately? should I also clean it up or leave it as is for an enthusiast to choose to do? Look forward to your experienced thoughts. Kind regards, James
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