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  1. Thanks Jonathon, it's sometime difficult to know if the parts is compatible, there is so many variant of this chassis. I would love to change my Ferrari 412T1 body to a brand new one, or buy another F1 body from the 90's or early 2000's but it seems Tamiya doesn't produce them at all.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm searching for spare parts on my Ferrari 412T1 (chassis F103) bought in 1995. Several things are broken: front body, battery holder, rear wing. Overall not in good condition... but it still run well with its trinity motor and a Novak Racer ESC I guess the body will be almost impossible de find (unless from an entire kit at very high price...) Do you have a good websites where I can find spare parts for this chassis ? For the battery holder, I found this reference on ebay: F103GT 50655 I wonder if it fits on F103... ? Thanks in advance!
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