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  1. Just added: Porsche 911 GT2 Body (11825148) + H Parts in Black (19005487) + Replica Taisan Starcard sticker set and window masks + photocopy of instructions (£85 inc UK p&p) The body shell cost me £37, the H Parts £30 and the sticker set £25. Would be willing to split and sell just the shell and H parts (ie no stickers or masks) for £65 inc UK p&p.
  2. Just added: Audi R8 LMS Nürburgring 24 Hours Body (11825686) + H Parts (19000279) + Sticker Set (19495691) + Instructions (11051993) + metal parts bag (£100 inc UK p&p)
  3. I know right, I’ve been looking for about a year! I just got very lucky….got chatting to another member here about his showroom entry and asking for a spare TA03 J7 part (which he had), then got onto his amazing TA03 collection, then onto the boxes of 02/03/04 spares and hop ups it turns out he has, and hey presto; dampers and blue steering! I’ve got silver steering arms and 42102 dampers on my 04-TRF at the moment so am looking forward to adding these finishing touches 😊 I saw your post about the plastic parts….I haven’t decided what to do with the silver ones yet. I might move them over to my new built 04-R, which would free up the as-new plastic arms on there. Or I might sell them and leave the 04-R with stock steering 🤷🏻‍♂️ Either way, I’ll let you know. Would you be interested in the silver ones or are you just looking for plastic?
  4. Just back from a week's holiday to find something close to the Holy Grail on the doormat I shall treat myself to a little bit of tinkering with the TA04-TRF tomorrow
  5. Is that a Tamiya PS yellow or a different brand? I’m looking for a flat yellow finish like that for a 911 RSR but haven’t figured it out yet 🧐
  6. This Alfa Giulia I believe the front section of the bonnet is notoriously hard to get paint into whatever you do, so trying to get clean lines between different colours was ambitious / foolish. The masking job inside the shell was hugely swear-provoking 😂 It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough. I took on something challenging and learned a few lessons along the way, and I’ve got another clean shell where I might apply those lessons and try and do a better job. One day. Maybe.
  7. Everywhere I’ve looked has said it’s out of stock until October, so you might just have to breathe on it for a while. But at least it’s coming!
  8. I do love these body sets in the illustrated boxes. It’s one of my bugbears that they seem to be (generally) limited to the Far East while the European market (generally) just gets the cellophane bag. The boxes are so much nicer, more engaging, easier to store, handy to store parts in etc…
  9. This is an old picture I took shortly after I finished building it, which I thought I would include just to show the body fitted to the chassis. NB The chrome wheels in this picture are not included (though are listed for sale separately). The sale includes the gold MB wheels on their sprues The chrome spotlights are also not included, they had the wrong plug connector on them so I took them off. My intention was always to mount the black Absima ones (included in the sale) instead but I never got around to it
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