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  1. Nope! Yeah, I'm sure the Evo3 route is an option, buying the Evo 3 plates, motor mount, J Parts and A Parts..... But I'm intrigued by the Fibre Lyte TB02 plates and how they can possibly work without any drilled holes for the J and A parts, or equivalent. Someone must know!
  2. Hi there. Did you get around to taking any pics of your TB02 carbon chassis install? I've checked the TB02D manual and its a standard tub chassis, so it would be interesting to hear how you went about your carbon chassis install. Cheers!
  3. Hi Nick I got them from a couple of different eBay sellers These are the black / black ones. The seller does them in 3/6/9mm offset in packs of 4. I ended up buying all three, and while 6/9 are perfect for the shelf I think I will run it with 3/6 for a little extra clearance. They also do them in chrome / black, chrome / gold and white / white I bought the chrome / gold ones from here though, simply because they offer mixed packs of pairs so it works out a bit more cost effective to get the three pairs you need to try it all out Hope that helps! Cheers, Matt
  4. A Christmas card from Plaza Japan. I’m not taking this as a good sign....Mrs J is suddenly suspicious of how good a customer I am to them 🤣 (Narrator: he isn't that good a customer to them)
  5. That was my initial hunch, to get an Evo III motor mount (58299), J Parts (50989) and A Parts (50988). But the Evo III lower deck has holes drilled in it to host the A part (deck support) and J Parts (Battery Holders) which aren't in the Fibre Lyte plates. I can't see how you could attach the necessary parts to those FL plates without drilling a load of extra holes...unless I'm missing something obvious? Appreciate the help, more needed!!
  6. Yeah I know, hence asking here if anyone knew what else was needed as well as the FL parts
  7. I've got a TB02 in the works that I'm thinking of converting to a CF chassis using these Fibre Lyte parts But I can't figure out what plastic parts I will need (if any??) to replace the areas of the tub chassis that hold the battery, support the spur gear / drive shaft etc The two CF chassis kits I have built so far have come with a plastic parts tree for those structural elements, so I'm assuming this will need something similar but could well be wrong, so,... Has anybody done this conversion using the FL parts, or has the expert knowledge and could shed some light? Cheers, J
  8. Lovely thread, some stunning and inspiring builds here! My latest was a 49400 30th Anniversary 934 in Gulf livery. There is so much blue aluminium in the kit, built up around the CF chassis plates, it felt more structural than anything else I've built. I took A LOT of photos along the way It's absolutely gawwww-jus
  9. It's a 900g small parcel, the International Signed tracked service with insurance cover up to £50 costs £25 and would (apparently!!) be with you in 5-7 working days
  10. Changed my mind on a shell for a build so am selling this LandL Models Mk2 Escort Shell with Rothmans decals It's all brand new in packet with all stickers and fixings Cost £32 new plus p&p, selling for £30 including UK postage. Happy to discuss international postage, just let me know
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