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  1. Hi, and welcome! I'm still relatively new here too, but have built a TT02 911 and a TA02SW 934 in the last 12 months so can hopefully help The 934 shell, which as you rightly point out is readily available from Tamico either on its own or as a full Black Edition or Vaillant body set, has a wheelbase of 230mm. The original edition was the 30th Anniversary Vaillant 934, which was on a specific chassis (I think a variant of the TA05 maybe) with a 230mm wheelbase. They were made for each other Tamiya then released the Black and Jagermesiter editions for their 40th Anniversary, this time on the TA02SW chassis. The shells still have a 230mm wb, but the chassis is 236mm. Some find this an issue, others don't. If you're up for it, there are mods you can make to the TA02SW to get it to 230mm which are covered in my build thread Another thought is that maybe the 47443 TA03 would work for the 934 shell? It's only 1mm longer than the TA02SW, but might not be wide enough at 194mm, the TA02SW is 202mm. Some deeper wheel hex hubs might do it though? If you really want a 934, it might be worth just taking a deep breath and paying for one on eBay. There is a BNIB Jagermesiter kit on ebay now for £350 or Best Offer, which might be worth a very cheeky offer? I've bought from that seller before, and he is open to offers and I've been delighted with my purchase. The TT02 is a fun build and you can hop it up like crazy, but by the time you've spent all that you may as well go for the TA02SW. I think it's a far superior build and drive
  2. Good idea, and probably fair enough! It started out as a bit of historical context behind two great Tamiya kits, but has wandered a bit since On reflection, there's something in the kits themselves that reflects that original 1983 narrative: XV-01 Audi Quattro: tailor made for rallying, good for all surfaces, strong, grippy, almost bulletproof TA02S Lancia 037: Tamiya put a classic rally body on what is essentially a quick on-road chassis. I have another TA02(SW) and it has almost no ground clearance, but is very quick and handles beautifully. So it's quick, lightweight, a bit flighty, not at all appropriate for all surfaces and best on smooth tarmac surfaces. Much like the original!
  3. Snap! Grey metallic 1.6 on its roof down a bank off a bend on a steep hill I'll always remember the day I bought it from a ropey little garage in Tivoli in Cheltenham. It was screaming at my head "Don't even think about it!!", but my heart won
  4. Oh good shout, thanks! I’ve seen some others that would work as runners, so something like this would be grand to paint for the shelf. Don’t suppose you know the part number for the gold version? Cheers Truck!
  5. Whoah!!!! That looks like a cut-and-shut Delorian Sierra Cosworth It's amazing, at least three different cars all at once. I don't remember it at all, did it hold its own? Edit: just realised your post said (N)ever raced...I missed the N 🙄 My favourite car from that (or any) era is actually the 205 T16. As a result, my first ever car in 1995 was a used 205 1.6 GTi, which I loved more than is healthy, and drove like an idiot. Until I killed it ☹️
  6. They did disappear up their own trumpets towards the end of TG, but some of the GT pieces were amazing. Their bit on the Porsche 917 and Dickie Attwood was absolutely wonderful Why, thanks for asking! I'm sure I will, when the time comes
  7. Whilst then flinging that lightweight collapsible Italian rocket around mountain roads. For a laugh! This is not normal....
  8. I got a wee bit lost today too! For 10 mins of noisy Group B filth, this is pretty hard to beat
  9. I'm prone to something colourful and shiny and as a result have ended up with way too many sets of touring car rims! They will never get used so I need to move them along to a new loving home There are six sets in total, all brand new in packet. I'm selling them as a job lot to help offer a decent price while keeping postage costs to a minimum Tamiya 84250 24mm / +2 Offset Med-Narrow Mesh Wheels Black / Gold (4 pcs) Tamiya 49424 24mm / +2 Offset Med-Narrow Mesh Wheels Blue Plated (4 pcs) Tamiya 84252 24mm / +2 Offset Med-Narrow Mesh Wheels Black / Blue (4 pcs) Tamiya 84240 24mm / +2 Offset Med-Narrow Mesh Wheels White / Blue (4 pcs) Tamiya 51021 26mm / +2 Offset Rally Dish Wheels White (4 pcs) Tamiya 18080346. This is the wheel bag from the 'First Try / Part Assembled' TT02. They are 26mm black mesh wheels with 26mm slick tyres which are glued on. I don't know what offset they are but assume +2 (4 pcs) £60 for the six sets including UK delivery, happy to arrange overseas delivery for additional cost, just let me know There are more pics in the Trades section if you're interested
  10. Agreed, a bonkers era of ingenuity, creativity, bravery, visceral noise and speed!
  11. There was a lot to love about rallying in the 80s, particularly the fact it was on TV so often. You’re right, loads of it to enjoy on YouTube!
  12. Watching some music videos on YouTube this morning and this piece from S2 of the Grand Tour was linked. It's a look back at the 1983 WRC battle between Audi and Lancia, and the different philosophies behind the cars and the teams. It's a great watch, if you're interested in your motor racing history... It also offered a lovely bit of context for a couple of kits on my "To Do" list...an XV01 with Audi Quattro body set, and the TA02S Lancia 037 Thought it was worth a share
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