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  1. Beautiful work, the chassis is obviously a thing of beauty and enabling use of the M05 steering assembly is a big plus. I also love your work arounds on the screw pins. Interested to hear your progress with the DF03 dampers, I’ve got a set on my boomerang and haven’t found a combo of oil and springs that really feels right yet.
  2. Thank you, look forward to hearing how you get on 👍
  3. Hey @Juggular I'm after the same sort of colour for a 911 RSR shell, and haven't found a PS can that will do the job. I assume you're talking about airbrushing? I've never used one, so as and when you do work out the colour and give this a go, if you wouldn't mind doing a 'Build Tip' tutorial I, for one, would hugely appreciate it
  4. Clear body shells remain available, along with other over the counter treatments if you need some…help…with that 😂
  5. For sale is this job lot of hop up parts for Tamiya TB-02 / TB-02R / Evo III / Evo IV £150 PayPal F&F, includes insured shipping within the UK. International shipping can be arranged at cost. Full listing includes c£220 worth of parts, all new in packet. A couple of these parts are now quite hard to find: 1x 50993 TB Evolution III Propeller Shaft 3x 53713 TB Evolution IV Suspension Mount A (Blue) 1x 50981 TB Evolution III Suspension Mount B (Grey) 1x 53715 TB Evolution IV Suspension Mount C (Blue) 1x 50983 TB Evolution III Suspension Mount D (Grey) 1x 50991 TB Evolution III One-Way Unit (Grey) 1x 53502 42mm Lightweight Rear Swing Shafts (Pair) for Assembly Universal Shaft (Blue) 1x 53684 TB Evolution III Aluminium Motor Mount 1x 19805883 TB Evolution III Steering Link Arms (Grey) 1x 19805885 TB Evolution III Servo Mounts (Grey) 1x 14305518 TB Evolution III Aluminium Spur Gear Holder (Grey) 1x 19804139 TB Evolution III Steering Posts (Grey) 1x 19415723 Aluminium Heat Sink (Grey) 1x 51073 Urethane Bumper
  6. Hi there! Not sure where you're based, but if in the UK / Ireland then for €35 in p&p you can get one from Zabawki in Poland I've bought from them a good few times, so can vouch for their reliability. I placed an order with them two days ago, so unfortunately you're 48 hours too late to add the stickers to my order They always seem to stock some bits and bobs that no-one else has, so worth a rummage around the site to see if there's anything else you fancy to offset the postage
  7. @Niadh I messed around with the suspension on my BigWig re:re, changing to different dampers to make it 'look' better but after a couple of months I just put all the kit parts back on and set it up as per manual. As pointed out above, adding the largest spring stiffeners does help. It's a re:re, it has a certain character and ride height, it's of its time, and I've had a lot more fun since I set it up as Tamiya intended. I love it! One change I did make was fitting a TT02 aluminium prop shaft and (I think) Hotshot cup joints. That old coathanger drive shaft doesn't half wobble about even with the kit GT Tuned motor, so not sure how well it will cope with high RPM brushless
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