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  1. I have one, brand new, bought as a back up / display shell for my Re:Re Top Force which is in the loft, unbuilt, carbon plates, hi caps and all! Hence the interest in the quality of the repros...if they’re any good I’ll buy one to use as a runner, use my kit Re:Re shell for display thus making my spare Tamiya shell free to sell 👍 Not trying to tease you, promise!
  2. Are they any good? I've just got a Kamtec Super Astute repro shell and it's a bit...meh. Decent quality 'feel', but covered in pin prick marks, I assume from their forming process Might be interested in looking into a Penguin TF repro....so are they any good? Sorry for the threadjack Hairy It might end up being worth your while though
  3. I like to have a spare body shell for buggies, one for running and one for presentation, but SA shells are impossible to find So I thought I'd try 3rd Party Repro, and got this Kamtec effort which arrived today Initial impressions were positive, it's an accurate repro of shape and size and the lexan is nice and sturdy, good quality But on closer inspection it is covered in little pin prick marks that aren't on the original shell, which I assume are part of their moulding process. They're pretty hard to photograph, but there is a line of three down the middle of the nose, one on the roof and the undercowl is covered in them This is going to be a runner shell using MCI repro stickers, so it's not a huge issue, but if the quality had been better I might have bought another and used it for display and left the kit original shell and stickers untouched in the box (as they seem to be so rare). And at £35 delivered it's not exactly cheap enough to just shrug it off either. So the overall verdict is a little bit Catchphrase; it's good, but it's not right.
  4. Cheers! Actually, after getting hold of the CF chassis upgrade set, I've changed the name of the thread! It's becoming a bit of an uber-Astute
  5. One down, one to go! If ANYONE is sat on a pair of 50770 rims, in pack or at least in new condition, PLEASE let me know
  6. @Superluminal did you get sorted in the end? Turns out I have one of each, NIP. Any plans I have for them are on the long finger, so if you have a more immediate need I'd be happy to move them on to you and then look again in the future
  7. Thanks Thommo, that has helped a bit though it still seems very tight. I'll get used to it, but have ordered a Kamtec replica shell that I'll feel less guilty about being rougher with! That has definitely bought an extra couple of mm and created a wee bit of clearance at the back. As above I haven't painted or attached the undercowl / velcro attachments yet which might (I guess?) pull that rear section of the shell in a tiny bit too It also doesn't seem to have affected the ride height a whole heap, the front end still doesn't bottom out before the shocks Thanks for your help
  8. It is weirdly tight, the issue seems to be getting the rear 'cowling' over the rear subsection. I haven't painted or fitted the undercowl yet, and when I do I'm going to try just using the velcro to attach the shell and do away with the rear body mounts, see if that makes it any easier!
  9. Hey @DPR250R, thanks for the shout out and the progress pics, great to see another DF03 running! I like the shell colour, works well with the kit stickers, definitely better than original black Getting the diffs and clutch set right is a bit of a dark art, but videos like those shared by @Wooders28 definitely help. I spent hours working on mine on the bench by 'feel', and then doing short sprints in the garden by 'ear', to get it to a place I was happy with. I don't run it often, maybe 12/14 packs so far, but the clutch has stayed solid throughout. Enjoy!
  10. Added the blue wheel nuts and the TG10 axles Also tweaked some of the prices and the p&p rates
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