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  1. Black with black and blue/white with chrome both look great to me 👍
  2. +1 for that tool kit, it’s great. Add a decent set of plastic side cutters and a good modelling knife +1 for full bearings +1 also for the clear, organised work space. It makes everything much calmer Tamiya’s visual instructions are brilliant and to scale, so take the time to lay the screws bearings etc over the illustrations to make sure you’re using the right part Specific to your project, the first thing I looked to change on the TT02 was upgrading the outdrives, axles, hubs, prop shafts and prop to metal / aluminium, but that’s just cos I’m no fan of all the plastic. Pure personal preference. And on a more general level…forgive yourself. It’s fun after all! I was new to the hobby just over 2 years ago and learned that mistakes are part of the process, but with persistence and the amazing advice and support of the TC community, it’s possible to improve and quickly 👍
  3. @HillbillyRacing as mentioned above those Tamiya two part rims are great, the trick will be finding a hub / cap design that you think works with the van. I’ve seen gold mesh (50548/50549), black mesh (eg 54794) white 5 spoke (19803166/50673) black five spoke (eg 54854). You might not find all of them in the 30mm width but could always buy an extra set of the 26’s to get the hubs you want. There’s also the red gloss five spoke 26mm in various offsets (54551/54552/54553)
  4. Can’t compete with the amazing efforts above! Here’s my attempt at Ayrton, slightly scruffy but I was happy with the progress. Got two more to have a go at some point, and going to take on my first full cockpit this winter 😬
  5. Yeah! And a real shame not to do a build thread so we can all share in the beauty of it 👍
  6. Great choice @Busdriver I’ve got a few of them attached to 51000 servo savers and never had a problem. I quite like the little digital noises they make 😃
  7. Hairdryer sounds a bit safer than heat gun 😅 I’m gonna have to give it a go, thankfully I grabbed a spare shell and a couple of extra sticker sheets so I can take another shot at it 👍
  8. Beautiful work @Re-Bugged, truly stunning 👏 Those compound-aspect stickers, like the light clusters on the Alfa and large stickers that cover complex curves on body shells, are the next skill where I want / need to raise my game. The whole idea of taking heat to something a) so hard to get hold of and b) so obviously prone to melting just fills me with dread 😬
  9. Wait..you do know that’s…blue, right? 😉
  10. Axles arrived today Didn't expect 'em to be that quick, or to include cross shafts and pins too, which was nice So she's up on her wheels! Had to have a little test fit of the shell, and while there's going to be a bit of work to do to get it sitting right, considering this is essentially out of the box (there is no box 😂) with no fine tuning, it looks pretty good
  11. The purpose is to look cool! Mission accomplished The red is looking beautiful 👌
  12. Because I'm an idiot, I've bought loads of individual packs of hardware over the last couple of years and then not used it, either through over-buying or taking a different route As Tamico don't offer a parts amnesty I've got a pile of unopened bags of Tamiya hardware for sale, along with a couple of 'other' brand parts too. Full list below the picture! £8 for the blue ball connectors £2 per item for everything else P&P to be agreed 53462 5mm ball connector (blue, 10 pcs) 50597 Damper O Ring (Red. 10pcs) 12500024 3x18mm threaded rod (1pc) 19805745 3x25mm Countersunk Screw (2 pcs) 19805945 3x17mm self tapping step screw (2pcs) 19805575 3x18mm self tapping screw (2 pcs) 13485038 5x28mm gear shaft (1 pc) 19804364 3mm lock nut (Black, 10 pcs) 12500032 3x23mm threaded rod (1 pc) 50579 3x10mm kingpin (5 pcs) 19805897 3mm serrated flange nut (10 pcs) 19804867 3x25mm countersunk self tapping screw (2 pcs) 19805469 Gear Shafts 5x19mm / 5x30mm (2 pcs, 1 of each) 19805977 3x12mm countersunk screw (5 pcs) 19805636 3x6mm screw (3 packs / 6 pcs) 19805729 3x21mm self tapping step screw (4 pcs) 19804417 3x18mm pan head screw (10 pcs) 19804194 3x10mm screw (2 pcs) 5 packs available! 19805990 3x5mm hex head screws (10 pcs) 51211 3x5mm flat screw (5 pcs) 50581 3x12mm countersunk tapping screw (10 pcs) 50583 3x15mm tapping screw (10 pcs) 19804200 3x10mm countersunk screw (10 pcs) 19805696 3x8mm countersunk screw (4 pcs) 19804498 3x8mm step screw (5 pcs). (This one does look to be opened but all 5 screws are there and brand new) Absima AR715001 M34 Nyloc Nut (Black, 4 pcs) Superparts Nyloc Nut (silver, 6 pcs)
  13. There's also a Tamiya oil filled diff for the TT02; 54875. It's gasket sealed so you could use it with heavier oil up front and lighter in the rear Or keep the kit gear diff up front with diff putty and add an oil filled diff in the back with a lighter oil?
  14. For scale, these are the biggest Tamiya ones I have, which I reckon are the ones in that set
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