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  1. Spent a few hours going through the egress manual and tracking down all the parts to build a set of egress hi cap dampers from scratch. Found everything except a pair of front springs
  2. Lovely thread, I’ve got a few bits and bobs to contribute but we’ll start with these left overs from recent DF03 build, all new and as removed from the kit 13485151 Main Shaft 9808060 Left & Right Rear Diff Joints 5305082 3x117mm Threaded Shaft Free to a good home, free postage in the UK Cheers!
  3. Building a set of Egress Hi Cap dampers from scratch, gradually pulling all the parts together but just cannot get hold of the front springs Part code is 19805322 If anyone has a spare set, or knows someone who has them, it would be much appreciated Cheers!
  4. Thanks, that all makes sense. I'm kinda keen to stick to the SA tower, so will stick with the kit dampers until a pair of Egress fronts turn up! I've found a pair of rear Egress shocks, springs and shafts, but can't find the fronts anywhere, whether just the cylinders (19804649) or the set (84300)
  5. Building up towards a Super Astute build, and getting loads of helpful tips from this thread! I just wanted to double check the options for upgraded dampers / mounts, as there are a few combos about. This is my understanding: With SA front tower: Kit dampers DF03 upgrade dampers (53926) Egress Mini Hi-Caps (if you can find them, and the unicorn they're riding) Buggy Big Bore Aeration Dampers, but only with lots of spacers so not really ideal With Dyna Storm front tower Buggy Big Bore Aeration Dampers (without all the spacers above) Top Force Hi Caps Is that right? Cheers all!
  6. Tamiya DF02 DF03 TT02B Damper Parts 2x 50599 Mini / front Damper Cylinder W Parts 2x 50598 Mini / front Damper V Parts 2x 10225073 Rear Damper Cylinder Y Parts 2x 50950 Rear Damper X Parts https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?id=52876&cid=122591&t=5272020105428
  7. Brand New replacement body parts for TT02B (Dual Ridge) Tamiya 19804824 Body & Wing Tamiya 319495832 Stickers https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=122589&x=0
  8. Juhunio


    That has worked for my tiny non-engineering brain, thanks! It also helped explain why the FDRs shown in the Super Astute manual are completely different to those shown in the DF03 slipper clutch manual, despite both using an 82T spur and .05 mod pinions. As you explain it, it's not just the spur and pinion playing a part, there are other factors in the gears of those two chassis that create the final FDRs
  9. Thanks mate! it was a combination of these https://mciracing.ca/products/blank20-66912930-10ee-4031-9fca-94788c02fb82 and Tamiya 19495922 Do you clear coat yours or is that just the paint finish? They look so good 👍
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