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  1. The Alfa Giulia is now sold so that just leaves the CLK-GTR boxed body set...anyone?
  2. I hear ya! I've got the wheel nuts in red and blue, and have got the tyre stickers too but not sure they'll fit. I would love to, but I haven't had much luck getting stickers to fit 24mm tyres. The profile is that bit lower than 26mm tyres and there doesn't seem to be enough room Of course, I could just be doing it wrong 😬
  3. Following on from this earlier post about the dilemma of finding the right 24mm rims for my Calsonic Skyline TB Evo III... Found 'em! In the end I didn't even need to wait for them to pop up on Japanese Yahoo, I found them in a hobby shop in HK They're close enough to the right design, certainly closer than anything Tamiya offers at 24mm. Next step...a coat of TS-26 to brighten them up and then some slow and patient work with a chrome pen to add a bit of detailing to the barrel and 'nuts'
  4. Cheers! I got the body set, inevitably, from Japanese Yahoo. Including fees and domestic shipping it was a tick over £60 and I managed to offset the international shipping by selling a few bits and bobs I shipped with it. Well worth the hassle though, I absolutely love it I also really love the blue / yellow Bilstein livery, I did something similar on an AMG GT3 shell that sits on my TB02-R bits-a-build using a sticker set I managed to get Nath at MCI to produce for me using a 1/24 decal set as a base and adding in lots of patience and a fair amount of arm twisting! Again, worth the hassle though 😊
  5. Tamiya 51471 Audi R8 LMS Body Set on a TA04-RR built entirely from parts with the addition of: upgraded one-piece diff joints carbon fibre front and rear damper stays carbon fibre battery straps silver aluminium steering arms
  6. Almost a full year after I last worked on this Audi R8 LMS shell, I finally finished it! It's a great fit on the TA04-RR bits-a-build, so that's another one finished 😀
  7. I'm on a roll... This morning I finally finished the stickering on this Audi R8 LMS. It's the 51471 body set, one of my absolute favourites of Tamiya's It sits on a TA04-RR bits-a-build...essentially a TA04-R built entirely from parts with Hop Up carbon fibre damper stays, diff joints and aluminium steering Another project finished
  8. With added pre-printed tyre lettering 😍
  9. Thanks Chris, this inspired me to do a bit of reading this afternoon. I found this article to be pretty good as a 'beginner's guide' https://www.dailysportscar.com/2020/03/18/rhapsody-in-blue-the-history-of-calsonic-and-nissan-racing.html
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