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  1. Hey Dave...if you're just after a couple of bars then I have spare sets of red and blue...I bought full sets for my TB02-R and Evo III bits-a-builds and only used yellow on both So if you want a pair of reds, or a pair of blues, let me know
  2. Cool! It looks great, but I did spend the whole vid kind of waiting for them to, you know…drive it a bit! Go on, take it up the big ramp thingy! No? Oh…
  3. 50927 Lancer Evolution VII WRC Boxed Body Set is now sold, thanks @Tobyone 👍
  4. Just added: 51658 Ford Escort MkII Rally M Chassis Boxed Body Set £40 inc UK P&P 50927 Lancer Evolution VII WRC Boxed Body Set £35 inc UK p&p
  5. Nice! Is it still the boxed 1400SP you’re looking for?
  6. Blimey, if hobby beeronomics are no longer effective, we’re doomed 😂 In truth, I love the look of the BBX and really want one but something has to go first 🙄 I had to renegotiate our home contents insurance last week and the number connected to toy cars was, well…😳
  7. Time to crack open a couple of IPAs by the sound of it 🍻
  8. I think the damper pliers, turnbuckle wrench and adjuster wrench are my favourite of all the Tamiya tools...easy-peasy damper rod assembly and the cure for turnbuckle-thumb 👍
  9. I love reading stuff like this, work that is just way beyond my skill / will level Amazing attention to detail, it’s looking fantastic 👏
  10. I'm in! Admittedly I've only been back into this hobby for the last 4 years but IMO this is the best looking new buggy-thing that Tamiya have released since I've been paying attention Shall wait and see what Fusion's price ends up at after TC discount before jumping at Tamico...
  11. I think the 992 looks great! My Porsche knowledge isnt all that strong, I just go with what my eyes like the look of Thanks for the info Erik, much appreciated. I've got a sheet of the Vodafone stickers so being able to get hold of an undrilled body will be really useful, here's hoping the body set is released too 🙏
  12. Lots to like there! The BBX looks fantastic in that Fighting Buggy-esque livery with its squat stance The Golf body shell also looks superb, not that keen on it hoiked up high in rally stance but in road trim and colour it will look stunning The GT3 body looks nice too...looks like a different tooling to the recent VIP Cup editions? Re-re'ing the Alfa should mean availability of body sets and parts again, which is a bonus And if that CLK is the same body shell as the old CLK-DTM that would be a HUGE result (for me, at least!)
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