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  1. Really not sure, I really wasn’t forcing it. The diff screw got as tight as you would expect but the ring gear would always slip. The joints were never tight enough against the diff plates, and I took it apart and put it back together again four or five times until the joint eventually just gave way 😦 It looks almost burnt, like it was a friction failure. I was trying to use the wrong diff nut holder (I didn’t have the A5 part until @svenb sent me a couple of his spares) so that might have been it, or maybe the joint was faulty. It definitely wasn’t just a case of superhuman strength though 😂
  2. Can’t believe I managed to break one during my Evo III build 😧
  3. I think I'm going to keep it just so that the TB02-R is complete or could be returned to stock, if you know what I mean? Though I might change my mind....I'm not sure yet 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Thanks mate. How are you getting on with yours, didn’t you end up with a whole TB02-D instead of a new tub?
  5. Thanks very much 👍 I used this stuff, it's a translucent yellow film. It's a little fiddly to get it to follow the contours of the body shape but with constant hairdryer support it seemed to go ok! I tried translucent yellow spray paint (PS-42) but just couldn't get it to take consistently. The film worked out much better
  6. That's a good shout, I've got a carbon fibre touring car crossmember (54783) somewhere that would do the same job I'll give it a go...it should work, as long as the o-rings secure the bar tightly enough to stop the mounts rotating in parallel and shifting from a rectangle to a parallelogram, if you know what I mean?
  7. Swapped in the new blue bits to get my TB02-R as blue as possible... Just need to find the blue damper caps now. One day.... The body shell is ready for stickering....
  8. So, this thread: started with a TB02-R Carrera GT That got upgraded so much it became a TB02-RR There were so many standard parts left over I was able to build a complete extra TB02, which I sold I've now also replaced the body shell! So now I've got a TB02-RR with a Mercedes AMG-GT3 body shell. Absolutely nothing to do with where I started! That job lot of parts also contained almost enough bits to build another TB02. And the Carrera GT shell is immaculate, having just sat on the shelf for a couple of years. So the plan now is to build that, put the Carrera GT shell on it, put it back in its box with its manual and sell it on as a shelf queen.
  9. And now back under its new shell, ready for cosmetic surgery (stickering) over the winter months
  10. Then we flipped the patient over for the spine replacement Easily done, the wonders of modern medicine 😃
  11. I had to unscrew both gearboxes from the chassis to create the flexibility to get the new prop shaft in, but got there in the end. Much better! Then back on with the upper braces
  12. The motor mount was much more straightforward to swap over!
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