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  1. V cool, great video too. I want one, my 7 year old nephew is crazy good at Lego and this looks like a natural next step
  2. Stunning haul DM! Those blister pack kits are things of beauty, I have a couple myself including the Turbo Optima. They're almost a bit too beautiful, I'm not sure I'll be able to bring myself to break into them
  3. My Holy Grail. Or at least one of them Bit annoyed that I didn't notice it was pre-drilled, which means I probably won't be able to use it on an FF03 project as planned Hmmm....will have to find something else to sit it on Just need one more pair of 50770 rims now... Anyone?
  4. I've a few sets of Touring Car rims that are all surplus to requirements. All new in their packets, prices as listed with payment via PayPal f&f. P&P extra at cost, happy to ship anywhere Tamiya 49413 / Med-Narrow 24mm / 0 Offset / 4 pcs / Grey Smoke / £25 Tamiya 49409 / Med-Narrow 24mm / +2 offset / 4 pcs / Clear Blue / £25 Tamiya 10444123 / 26mm / 4pcs / Gold 16 spoke / £20 Tamiya 51021 / 26mm / +2 offset / 4 pcs / White Rally Dish / £10 Tamiya 54794 / 26mm / variable offset / 2pcs / Two Piece Chrome & Black Mesh / £15 Tamiya 50673 / 30mm / variable offset / 2pcs / Two piece Chrome & White 5-spoke / £15 HPI 120520 / 26mm / 6mm offset / 2pcs / Orange Mesh Tech 7 / £10
  5. Hey TC! Looking for a Super Astute shell and wing Must be Tamiya, new and unpainted If anyone has a spare lying around please let me know 👍 Cheers 😃
  6. TB-02 Carrera GT upgraded to TB-02R and then painted box art. Took a while to get weather good enough for painting, but it was worth the wait Hmm, just noticed the LF and RR wheels are in the wrong corners
  7. Also added a bit of braided sleeving to the servo and ESC wires to tidy the chassis up a little bit Hmm, just noticed the LF and RR wheels are in the wrong corners
  8. Got all the stickering finished, so the TB-02R chapter is complete. A few little creases here and there but over all pretty happy with the result Ahhh, dammit, didn't notice (until now) that little brake light sticker had lifted a bit. Some of the adhesive on the sticker sheet had become quite weak, so I will need to go around with some thin cement to help it along in places...
  9. @kwkenuf I finally got this one done Colour turned out pretty well, the HPI shell is an ok-ish fit on a TT-02 once you take the rear bumper off
  10. No, not a hidden Bowie remix... But a genuine bit of curiosity In the picture below are four e-rings. Across the top, from right to left, are Tamiya 2, 3 and 4mm e-rings as provided with most kits and in part number 50380 Beneath them is the oddity The bottom e-ring came with my Super Astute kit, in such a number that they must be intended as a 2mm e-ring. But they are bigger than the visual guide in the manual for a 2mm e-ring In terms of footprint, they're much bigger than a 2mm e-ring, nearer 3mm. But in terms of aperture, they're 2mm So, is this a 'thing'? Do Tamiya have two different 'sizes' of 2mm e-ring? Or is this an older form factor that at some point go replaced by newer, smaller 2mm e-rings? I imagine they would be fine over the likes of suspension rods, but they seem to be quite big for pistons I seem to have over 40 of them
  11. I've been playing around with a response to this, but couldn't put it better than ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The only place I use F&F is here on TC, or with actual friends & family. Anywhere else, I factor the fees and p&p costs into the price, and that's the price.
  12. It wasn't just a case of the bumper sticking out, the shell wouldn't sit flat on the chassis at all with the bumper in place, that rear fender wouldn't go over the bumper, it just sat upon it I've just unscrewed the bumper and the body sits fine. If I do ever run it (unlikely) I'll have to be uber careful not to do any backwards crashing Thanks, and I think you're being hard on yourself. Sometimes these things just work out better than others, despite all the best efforts The HPI stickers were pre-cut too, and I have to say they were pretty good apart from the ones that needed to go around multiple contours (light buckets, air intakes on the bonnet), which I couldn't get absolutely spot on. Overall, I would rate the HPI shell 7.5/10 (on the basis that Tamiyas are 10/10, and everything else is a comparison / compromise). The detail is pretty good, but the lexan is a little thin in places, particularly the lower sides. The two-part rear end is a nonsense, it's really hard to get it bob on and looks a bit scruffy. The stickers were pre-cut, good weight and went on well. Being 200mm wide rather than 190 limits the chassis you can sit them on. But a TT02 isn't ideal either due to that rear bumper, which I had to remove to get it to sit down properly But all things considered, it turned out pretty well. I'll get it outside in the sunshine later and take some better pics
  13. You do all the cutting, the measuring, the adjusting, the trimming, the painting, layering, the stickering... and then it turns that when you finally attach the rear section, there’s no room for a TT-02 rear bumper 🙄 Do all HPI chassis not have rear bumpers? Or just the one their Ford GT shell sits on?
  14. I hadn't thought of that, that's really annoying . Managing postage payments out of the PayPal 'float' was dead easy and also helped keep track of true upsides (or losses, occasionally!)
  15. True, but PayPal charge 3% + 30p (I think, ish) so this approach would still seemingly be cheaper? I haven't had the hook yet, still clinging on to olde world PayPal bliss I wonder if they'll still do the Max £1 selling fees promo in the new world, because based on this they will be losing the difference between £1 and 12.8%, not £1 and 10% Saying that, I haven't had one of them offers for months either
  16. Thanks again! And if I could get a bit more benefit of your experience, and avoid setting fire to anything, presumably 'heat' in this application means a hairdryer on a pretty low heat?
  17. Cheers for that, I've never used water or heat before so this will be a first. Fingers crossed! Is there a 1/10 scale silicone squeegee ?? Or a tool of choice worth recommending?
  18. Fancy stand for fancy tools, and fancy dampers for a fancy M-chassis build Here are said fancy tools in their fancy new home. They seem happy enough...
  19. That looks like a lot of dusty fun 👍
  20. Cheers! Those braided cable covers really help 👌
  21. Finally some decent warm weather! So I grabbed the chance to paint the Carrera GT shell this weekend After a full can of PS-41 Bright Silver applied in five coats, it has a lovely metallic sparkle in the right light. Then two light coats of black at the back for the rear diffuser and light cluster The rear wing and mirrors were painted with TS-17 Gloss Aluminium, which ended up being a nigh on perfect match. Can't say I'm rushing towards stickering it, what with the full-panel window stickers and all
  22. Had a great Tamiya day today, whilst also getting through a good amount of jobs-and-chores and getting a cracking dinner in the oven. Keeping myself in Mrs J's good books . Firstly, I rebuilt my Super Astute around a new set of Xtraspeed Carbon Fibre plates, which are very good Then, taking advantage of the warm weather weekend, I finished the paint job of the Carrera GT shell for my TB-02R which I started yesterday A full can of PS-41 Bright Silver applied in five coats, gives a really nice depth of silver with loads of lovely metallic sparkle in the right light. Then two light coats of black at the back for the rear diffuser and light cluster The rear wing and mirrors were painted with TS-17 Gloss Aluminium, which ended up being a nigh on perfect match. Very pleased with it, next job is to build up the courage to do the stickers! Full window panel stickers Yikes!
  23. Operation Rebuild is complete! Have to say the Xtraspeed Carbon Fibre plates are excellent, really smooth and well finished, all the holes are drilled properly and accurately, all the countersinks are spot on Also added a bit of braided sleeving to the servo and ESC wiring to the receiver which does make it all look a bit smarter I replaced the plastic spacer on the rear upper arm mount with a shiny blue 3mm spacer, and added blue ball nuts back there too And left off the front and rear body mounts, as recommended by someone earlier in the thread on the basis that screwing the undercowl to the chassis and then attaching the shell to the undercowl with the velcro provided will be secure enough Just need to sort out a repro shell now
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