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  1. Some more tasty bits from Japan The elusive second blue TA03 pulley means my 'Bluebird' TA03F-TRF project is now good to go, after over a year of collecting all the parts šŸ˜ƒ The TRF415 pulley also means I now have everything I need now to build my TRF415MSX restoration...apart from the servo mounts, which are made from purest unobtainium šŸ™„ Springs will come in handy down the road sometime And some nice F103 bits. The CF lower deck is white labelled but reassuringly has the two star logo on the header card
  2. Little bit of fettling this evening after work... First, it bugged me that Tamiya only made TA04 battery straps out of SSG carbon, when all the other upgrade parts (upper deck, damper towers) were carbon fibre. Well, turns out that these Top Force parts are a perfect fit for my TA04-R. These are Xtra Speed but there is a Tamiya part too (19803319) Much better Then onto my TA04-TRF. My insistence on using these aluminium front posts is all well and good, but they were much too short for my chosen body shell (Audi V8 Touring). So, the fix...rather than threading them through the bumper as per instructions, I put an 18mm aluminium spacer inside the urethane so I could sit the body posts on top of it rather than inside it. This meant that the lower pin holes were too high to get a pin in snug to the urethane, but a TRF415 bumper brace tidied everything up and a pair of Yokomo body mount spacer / bushings closed the gap up nicely They're a nice length for the shell now, which is all painted and ready for stickering
  3. That colour scheme always looks great man, but especially good in the white stuff šŸ‘Œ
  4. Next level stuff Mr Willy, beautiful work šŸ‘
  5. However you got there, the final result looks absolutely amazing. That's one beautiful Ford GT šŸ‘
  6. Another dreary, wet, dark day today so I spent a few hours finishing off the main chassis build of my 'Purple Haze' TA03F-Pro Still a few things to do....I need another set of those Killerbody rims from somewhere for starters, and to make a decision on electronics. But it's getting there šŸ˜Ž
  7. Great pics @Saito2, that looks like a lot of fun šŸ˜€
  8. I couldn't find 35mm purple countersunk screws for the battery holder, but other than that... There are still a few jobs to do before this is finished... I've ordered some aluminium hex hub / brake discs and callipers from Integy which are on their way and should make for a nice extra detail finishing touch Need to trim down the body posts and add the purple post-toppers Still need another set of Killerbody rims! Toying with the idea of using some translucent purple film to tint the front headlights on the AMG shell... Electronics install....still to decide whether to go all in on a Hobbywing brushless drift combo of a well-fit purple ESC and black / purple motor. They would look awesome, but it's a lot of Ā£Ā£Ā£Ā£Ā£. I think I need a couple of my trades to sell first
  9. And that's the main build done and dusted. As ever there were quite a few leftovers... The kit diff cups, pinion and spur gear shaft along with an unopened C Parts Bag, a front stabiliser bar and a tub of Tamiya-shrapnel, mostly tapping screws and brass ball connectors which will get sorted into the spares pots. I must have about 100 of these ball connectors now šŸ˜‚ And then some unused Hop Ups and hardware...
  10. And then the final step of the manual, installing the rear stabiliser. I couldn't resist adding the carbon support bar, along with these 3rd party stabiliser stoppers Maybe one day next summer I will spray the stabiliser bar purple too šŸ˜Ž
  11. Then onto the belt tension pulley...the FRP chassis kit included a bracket, and there was one in the kits D Parts bag too so now I have a spare, which is nice More bags of unopened hardware!
  12. Then on with the upper deck, I had just enough purple countersunk screws. The additional purple hardware had arrived so I was able to finish the QR battery holder too These are the kit-supplied 'drift' rims and tyres, which are literally just holding one side up until the other set of Killerbody rims materialise
  13. Been laid up with some heinous illness for a week, but was finally able to pick up this project again this morning First up, getting the servo all built and centred Then installed onto the chassis and connected to the tie-rods I've still only managed to find one set of these beautiful Killerbody aluminium rims. I've placed a backorder with a model shop for another set, so I'm living in hope (rather than expectation) šŸ¤ž
  14. This has been stuck in a delivery office since Wednesday night due to the strikes so I wasn't expecting it until Monday, but fair play to Parcelforce for doing an extraordinary Saturday round to catch up on the backlog šŸ‘ The shell, white arms, diff bits and shafts are for a TA02-W carbon chassis bits-a-build project that's now ready to go. Don't think I'll need the Skyline Long Arm Set, but it came in a bundle with the other TA02 parts so šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø So chuffed to have got hold of the body set, I think it looks utterly awesome. The chassis is going to have white arms, red gearboxes and blue hubs / steering arms to match the colour scheme of the shell. It's a Thanksgiving Special šŸ˜ƒ
  15. Spectacular work! I doff my cap....
  16. Hi Wondering if anyone has the 92163 Taisan Skyline TT01 kit, or has access to the body set instructions, and would be able to either scan them or photograph them for me? Thanks in advance
  17. Well, servo should have been the next step. Except... I couldn't resist doing a test fit with the wheels and body shell and, well, yeah.... The front wheels were much too far back. I initially assumed that maybe those after-market TA02 uprights were a slightly different geometry but, no... I'd put the front lower arms on back to front šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø The lower arms are attached in Step 3, and as I was now on Step 28 it needed a fairly substantial tear-down to correct it. The whole front end had to come off šŸ™„ Anyway, after a bit of solid Anglo-Saxon and an hour or so of work... S'all good-man
  18. This is the most probable explanation, there's always a strong element of crossed fingers and invocations to higher powers when it comes to paint šŸ˜‚ This is the main thing, glad to hear it šŸ‘
  19. Hey @bRIBEGuy really sorry to see that, I find painting issues (primarily caused by my own incompetence or impatience) to be absolutely gutting because it's really hard to row back and make them good again. I doubt it's the drying overnight that's caused it; I always leave different colours to cure fully for 24 hours before moving on to the next colour, and have never experienced this problem Sounds more likely to be due to the extra heat from the hair dryer, as per @alvinlwh's link and investigations above. That's the only thing in your process that isn't in mine Hope you manage to find a workaround šŸ‘
  20. Now then, dampers.... I had originally intended to use the 49293 TRF Damper Set for this build but, inspired by @wtcc5's TB02-R build thread and with the kind help of @Mokei Kagaku, I managed to get hold of a set of these damper cylinders They seem the right choice for this build, which is essentially an all-blue Evo III. The Evo III kit aluminium parts were grey and the damper cylinders were also grey with smooth upper and lower caps. So these parts, in the right blue and with smooth caps, are a good match with the rest of the Evo III Blue Conversion Kit and in spirit with the original kit They also further demonstrate how the 49293 set is a completely different shade of blue...does anyone know why they were produced in this colour?
  21. A couple more essential parts for any restoration build arrived today...build manual and chassis sticker sheet
  22. And the belt is threaded through and front and rear sections attached šŸ˜ƒ
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