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  1. Ok so I had a tinker last night. stripped the rear diffs and checked all was in order, no issues there. i swapped the wiring on the receiver and now if I press the left/right it goes flat out forwards and backwards! Up/down goes left/right! when I return them to normal positions (the wires) it still acts unusually and won’t run properly . . . This has got me totally bamboozled 🤔
  2. Thanks guys. the ESC was calibrated in the shop yesterday hence why I’m confused. the batteries are brand new, the motor is new as is all of the gears and it’s geared as per the spec and parts by Tamiya. There are no hop ups on it at all. shall I try and switch to a different ESC?
  3. Hi guys im struggling here! I’ve not built an RC for 25 years and now there are ESC’s instead of 2 servos. I have a Viper eco 27 which I’m running on a Tamiya DF-03 with a brushed motor and standard kit. i took it back to the shop that I bought all of he electronics as it would only go in reverse! (Steering is and always has been fine), the chap in the shop said it was a dud and swapped for a new Viper eco 27. so now I’m home. Everything works in reverse (if not a bit slow on the uptake) but when I go full throttle - NOTHING...... if I startin the middle and go slow to build up pace it works fine but I want to race! It seems if I go past 3/4 acceleration it cuts off. I’m stumped, annoyed and embarrassed as my 10 year old son thinks I’m thick 😂 any ideas or help please? CAEC61FA-AB56-4658-8E92-7C369BB17CC2.MOV
  4. Hi everyone, thanks for reading. I’ve just got a new RC and I’m half way through the build. I’ve come across a few parts (rear diffs) which look a bit week. Id like to know of any upgrades people would suggest above and beyond the basic kit? also I don’t have the servo and esc yet so was wandering what you would all recommend? As it stands I’m running the supplied motor and pinion, 26T and 78T spur. any advice would be much appreciated.
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