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  1. @martinjpayne thanks that would be great I will PM you my details.
  2. Just a reminder that the first auction starts tomorrow Saturday 9th November @ 10;00 GMT. I will be posting details of the next two auctions in about two weeks time. These auctions will have approximately 70 original vintage rc cars and include the following makes: Tamiya, Kyosho, Thunder Tiger, Nikko, HPI, Schumacher, Traxxas, Sammo, Pro Line & Hong Nor. Plus a load of unidentified cars and chassis.
  3. Where is the best place to buy a Quicrun 1060? I have noticed as usual a large difference in prices on eBay and hobby websites so I want to avoid buying a knockoff!
  4. Sounds great I will have a look which receiver I have later. I have a lot to learn!
  5. If I went over to ESC control does it still operate with my vintage 27MHZ contollers as I only own vintage equipment?
  6. Thanks @KEV THE REV I did look on eBay initially but couldn't find any but I will keep looking.
  7. I am new to RC cars and this is the first part that I have needed to source! My Grandkids managed to smash my Manta Ray into the side of my Madcap and break the 3 pin ceramic resistor Part No: 17265011 or 7265011 and break one of the plastic mounting posts off. I can glue the post back on but I will need a replacement resistor. Can someone advise me where I can get a replacement? I am in the UK.
  8. I am helping a friend of mine to dispose of a lifetime collection of all vintage rc cars, mostly Tamiya but other makes also. He is selling the cars as his Uncle now 76 has gone into a care home and they are being sold to help fund his care home fees. He collected the RC cars from 1990 to 2012 they are being sold in a series of auctions. The first auction of half a dozen cars and some parts is on 9th November 2019 at Marlborough Auction Rooms Ltd comprising four Tamiya and two HPI cars they are listed in Lot 251 to Lot 257. The link to the auction is below and you will need to register in advance with www.the-saleroom.com which hosts the auctions if you wish to bid. The auctions are in the UK. A much larger selection of cars will be auctioned later this month. I will update this page when the catalogues are available. Here’s the link for this auction: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/marlborough/catalogue-id-marlbo10033
  9. I believe the red arrows identify the battery isolator as mentioned above for use by the marshals in an emergency/incident.
  10. I've decided to buy a SkyRC S65 battery charger to future proof myself for battery upgrades. But I have noticed that it doesn't come with any battery leads, so what leads do I require for my Tamiya batteries? I will be buying 2000-3000mah Nimh batteries as recommended. So which make do I buy, does anyone have any experience with Vapextech batteries?
  11. @KEV THE REV well somebody saw it through but it wasn't me! A friend gave it to me for helping him out but he didn't build it either! I will bear in mind the spares if I have any problems in the future. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone I think I will follow @markbt73 suggestion and take one step at a time and keep my options open. But just to clarify upgrading to Nimh batteries with a brushed motor and MSC is OK and is not problematic as I have read on other forums/websites?
  13. I'm getting the gist of the money pit I've joined!
  14. Wow thank you Jonathan and everyone else for all the advice, I've got a lot to think about! So as far as identifying a specific unknown chassis/model Tamiya haven't made it easy!
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