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  1. Just a reminder that the above Lots will be auctioned tomorrow Sunday 6th December 10:00 am.
  2. If you bid to your maximum (ie the most you are willing to pay) and you get outbid you wouldn't have won the auction anyway. It's too easy to get drawn in on auctions and pay too much for an item! We've all done it!
  3. Hi @burakol I'm sorry I can't help you with shipping fees to USA, I am surprised that they couldn't give you a ball park figure or an example of cost per kilo for postage and packaging. With regard to USA taxation I haven't got a clue! I do know that the price you pay in the UK includes all UK taxes but you also need to be aware that the winning bid price has a buyers fee added which is +26.34% and covers all VAT and sales tax. Maybe you could start a separate thread on here to ask these questions on the forum. I imagine that you are not the first person to buy on auction from the UK, this forum has a great font of knowledge amongst it's members.
  4. Auction of 30 Vintage RC Cars 4th – 6th December 2020 Here we have another batch of my friend’s Uncle’s lifetime collection of RC cars for sale to raise funds for his care home fees. Details of which and previous auctions held are in my previous posts prior to Covid 19. This auction for 30 vintage cars is on 4th-6th December 10:00am GMT at Wessex Auction Rooms. The link to the auction is below and you will need to register in advance with www.the-saleroom.com which hosts the auctions if you wish to bid. The auction is now live for placing bids online in advance of the auction. The auctions are in the UK and are only for online bidding due to Covid restrictions although viewing is available by appointment only. Wessex Auction Rooms https://www.wessexauctionrooms.co.uk/ There are 21 lots at Wessex Auction Rooms that are Lot 2027 to Lot 2047 comprising of approximately 30 cars and 3 chassis from various manufacturers. Some of the cars are listed below: Tamiya – Hump Back Monster Beetle – Monster Beetle Chassis – The Hornet 2 off – Gravel Hound (58328) – Bush Devil (58101) – Dyna Blaster (58123) – Manta Ray – Thunder Dragon (58073) – Thundershot (58067) – Nitro Crusher – Vanessa’s Lunchbox (58063) – Midnight Pumpkin (58070) – Ford Escort (58125) 2 off – Fox (58051) – Grasshopper Chassis Schumacher – Nitro XTR Desert Storm – Nitro RS4-2 – Top Cat Classic – Rascal Nitro Kyosho – Nitro 4WD Honda – Nitro Audi Quattro Thunder Tiger - Nitro 2WD DT10 VW Beetle HPI – Racing Trophy 3.5 Nitro Racing Buggy 1/8 Hobao –4WD Nitro Chassis CEN – 4WD Nitro Subaru WRX Rally VRX Racing – VRX-2 Nitro 1/8 FS Racing – Nitro GB-4 4WD Buggy SMT Smartech – Nitro Speedy Tiger 4WD Here’s the link for this auction: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/wessex-auction-rooms/catalogue-id-srwess10262
  5. Thanks everyone and Jugular for extremely comprehensive reply a fantastic response from a brilliant club yet again.
  6. Can anyone advise me what this body shell is please?
  7. I just found this on eBay UK (of course) could you use something like this assuming its the correct shade? I don't think aerosols can be shipped to the USA so I didn't bother to look for them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEADLIGHT-TINT-TAIL-LIGHT-FILM-GREEN-30CM-X-1M-VINYL-TINT-STICKER-WRAP-UK-/183627065190 Is vinyl wrap used in rc cars?
  8. ACCEL once again thanks for another top answer I have really enjoyed our little journey of discovery together this club and the members are fantastic, very helpful and knowledgeable. Stay safe and good luck with your window colour tint search I'm sure you will find it. What part of the States are you, I have relatives in Minnesota and California? As an aside now that the orange one has the virus do you think it will make any difference to his approach?
  9. Ok so it's not flexible when it's dried but ok on polycarbonate otherwise?
  10. Just to clarify are you saying that it is only suitable for polystyrene? And there are tests of it on the club forum?
  11. Thanks again and if you don't mind I'll wait for the results of your experiments before I attempt it on my vintage body! I look forward to your results with bated breath!
  12. Hi ACCEL thanks again for the info. I have a further question, I have seen a mention of Revell Contacta Professional for repairing cracks on bodies. Would this be suitable for repairing polycarbonate bodies or would it heat up and melt the plastic like the others?
  13. Thanks ACCEL for your comprehensive reply. I am in the UK so I'll have check to see if the products you mentioned are available here.
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