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  1. Hey gents, just bought a neo scorcher and plasma edge 2 for me and my daughter to have some fun with. we want to do some tinkering and had a few questions. 1 - do you have to keep the front wheels smaller than the back? What effect does it have if all 4 either run wider or narrower? 2 - will any 12mm hex wheel fit? 3 - what are good tyres to get? Happy to have a few different sets but we would be running on sand, grass, tarmac and dirt. if you could provide links to any products that’s would be great. seen ones like these - would they work? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4PCS-Alloy-Beadlock-2-2-Wheel-Rim-For-1-10-RC-Axial-Wraith-TRX-4-SCX10-II-AX10/223462002974?pageci=eb8f9de5-ae2c-44a8-84f9-3c663de6820e https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Rear-2-2-Wheel-Rim-RC-205R-Off-Road-Buggy-12mm-Hub-D-62mm-W-36mm-Metal-1-10/192420399541?pageci=639afc39-fcb7-4489-8d34-47f3ab9c38f6 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Front-2-2-Wheel-Rim-RC-205F-Off-Road-Buggy-12mm-Hub-Metal-D-62mm-W-29mm-1-10/192420410506?pageci=48de4022-809c-4833-81ec-8987feeaa84c thanks for the help.
  2. OK the nice clean diff that gave me great running times has now been filled with black/silver as it tried to eat itself. Alas lots of clicking and not much go. Decided I'm too far in to give up so MIP ball bearing diff #16210 and frog shaft set #53908 both ordered. Hoping this is the last thing that needs replacing for a while.
  3. Any update on your build? This one has totally inspired my daughters who now want a ladybug and cat noir themed and a pink Neo scorcher to mess about with in the garden.
  4. @ALEXKYRIAK superb work. Just about to get a neo scorcher and just love this thread. to get that colour you sprayed orange then silver then black? keen to do similar in pink (building with my daughter) so should that be done with an iridescent tamiya paint? Love the wheels and custom ride height. May well be tapping you up for the dimensions! any update on running it?
  5. I thanked you above but terry had put up with many PMs from me hence the special note. apologies if you felt I had taken your advice for granted, I can assure you it wasn’t the case.
  6. Also had my old charger and then went cheap and bought a usb to tamiya lead which I put to my iPhone plug but it was woeful so it’s in the bin and this replaced it. can charge at 2/3.5/5a speeds so it’s perfect.
  7. A huge thank you to @Frog Jumper who has guided me quite a bit. started off having battery length issues which were solved by taking the diff/gearbox to bits, washing everything thoroughly and putting back together with lots of grease. Now it’s getting 40/50 mins with 4500 and 5000 mah batteries. Fitted the new bearings to the gearbox and wheels, added new cva shocks, a torque tuned motor and alloy hubs. few more bits in the post but it’s coming along nicely.
  8. Guys, new to this so be gentle. i have a vintage Monster beetle and I want to add lights to it for the kids. Also good practice to add lights to future cars I buy. how do I do it? i can see the kits on eBay but what do I connect it to? The electric pack on my MB has no free slots?
  9. Have a red vintage that I’m bringing into 2019 but I have to admit I prefer the black. guess it’s the black/gold like the lotus f1 cars, just looks so right
  10. Ok so df-02 is the tamiya model I will go for. Rising storm specifically (my daughters liked that the most). Once I’ve added the hop ups and receivers etc I’m at £200-230 all in. With that budget I could get a brushless Traxxas. So my next question is for that money what competes with the df-02. I have a soft spot for tamiya from my childhood but as we have one already I’d like to go in eyes open in case there is a blindly obvious alternative that’s better out the box for the same cash with just as many upgrade options.
  11. @speedy_w_beans Thanks for that - super helpful and exactly what I was looking for. Id love the metallic red avante but that seems to be out of stock everywhere so missed the boat. Between these I'm guessing the only difference is the shell so go for the cheapest and mod from there? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TAMIYA-1-10-RC-Car-Series-No-550-Aero-Avante-DF-02-chassis-Kit-58550-From-Japan/163661180223?epid=1605396523&hash=item261af76d3f&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&enc=AQAEAAADMKvsXIZtBqdkfsZsMtzFbFsbX3WcW5fmB%2Fx7ZbaZTyex5r540oEHy%2BCYDT6%2BbpsxrepEkagswWBilk1vN7ZHY18IY9CiwUkdK8P9ruvWTdi3dJ33g2PH5SxYPFVPFK6Bzx%2FL39Oxc2ncbQeEUI1%2B0ojLz7b8WrSQ233RbuAt%2BJMoAcL4%2BVm3%2BCK3tSNz34cPSvjkdFb9YFctfiGTooLD9jrFOBqr1aIEk5CWu2z1tyWlKYtmVSbLCkajlvBG0dsq%2BkXaf9VkjuU%2Bez1%2Fw7hTvgn3x87%2BzvyWEeNERpnRVt2UY967%2FJOuc%2BLnUwSUDnmpVHBtS8yX%2Bh%2Bfqo5bzK5DOfefhPVgKzREVUDeqQmvm1smk3xBahKByUHLfvGlZO8Q6CE6fSVtYe%2Fxj8PkO2DBtT9yQ0jGxyH8TVLTyumLmWnOLTHueTRi1qZJMUmOtY7g1vFo603C2NvoV2nGjWHNXjE%2F6Lyfxh4NoDnRmKlPk6YaYo33bOtApESAgwhS9v9O0ht3kgT8qO%2BCk5JJsawNQPLB3LpS2LrLeBZOldAb3XaVMmRXAvCV%2Bbu3%2BYxJfyOLUXuFGguVjoeVqqioRf2rvu6BH%2BHkDu9ICvOnE7ROF4vA%2FxC8kvhVKGbavQtnIj3DzpsjQAV97ZmELnnU4A89iTBoug9AIHnGyM%2Ft5X3lZUFUjHlRs84d7ERl%2BQjPBUCMmKI6lkTUasYfIFLmQ5G3acq5ZCiVOOj4cwWIM2x3wBRY9pZMR70tiJzuljk7vreyNZX2oo1dTxvrS0Vi0zkVa8mm5ba1abLddv1nb4QG5iclYDZ8yRkvhyQ6TAXj67AMgSgVDsDAIhyhSg3Q%2Bcd9qcB%2FVYivStgbFqCysGT33i4d6X3dspa%2BC8f6g5C4Ydhv8qQ9d%2F8osyVbHIPrxpnggaMhEghnX7hdhOgo7iWYj%2FiLdoQdgMVE0XtFSDB4Le%2FtUBqDw94BA64LOS4d7C8hcHPplchq13HPsogJfcTIhlWtk3tLB1o8LzYEOK%2BUJMQODPldoLbVAiWLSD9e5111HUigW1guUjC9qLfQvRnPusSUR959ciGwD30eB7XqQ0gDMA%3D%3D&checksum=163661180223f9c9318ce5c742b8aebf71c2acc68c29 http://www.radiocontrolledshop.co.uk/58399-Tamiya-Plasma-Edge-Buggy http://www.radiocontrolledshop.co.uk/Tamiya-Rising-Storm-Buggy-DF-02-58334 http://www.radiocontrolledshop.co.uk/Tamiya-Gravel-Hound-DF-02-58328
  12. Ok, so are we saying it’s between: df02 df03 dt02 are any of those a winner or does one stick out to you guys? i don’t care about out the box, just strong, lots of upgrades 😄 how does the tt02b stack up against them?
  13. Hey guys, OK so it didn't take long for me to get the bug after beginning to sort out my vintage monster beetle for my kids. So I need a car (can't let the kids have all the fun). It will only be used for the garden and similar places, I will want (due to my inner child) to be power sliding it through loose surfaces and making it jump. Always had 2wd but genuinely not bothered either way, 4wd has its appeal for an off roader. I would also like it to have lots of options available, hop ups, different wheel designs, different shells (buggy/truggy/car etc) so if I want to make it more of a truggy I can or if I want to put slicks on it and run it on the road but also can get creative with lots of options without it either needing lots of work to fit or costing a fortune because they are rare. What would you guys recommend for me? Budget wise I guess up to £250 rtr Thanks in advance for your help. Al
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