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  1. I was lucky, mine was an hpi bullet st flux. And if you could change what you got what would it be? For me it would actually be a Tamiya lunchbox, or some other kit
  2. So guys, I got an Arrma Notorious yesterday, well ran it for the first time yesterday. Which means I’ll be treating the lunchbox much nicer! That thing is a beast.
  3. All those electronics are extras, it’s nit running ATM, it has a set of brushed electronics and the parts from my hpi bullet, that thing’s a pain to get running, so I gave up
  4. It’s one of the sloped one in front of my house, and I took the chrome bumper on the shell off, the useful one is still there, also excuse the electronics inside
  5. Well a gear lost a tooth, so it’s out of commission (yes I broke a lunchie gearbox, actually my friend did, landed while quarter throttle.) so I’m gonna get a metal replacement!
  6. Yea, I’m gonna do something for it soon, maybe a rebuild of everything over the winter!
  7. Also, it jumps much better with the front bumper off
  8. Sooo, when I jump my lunchbox rere up curbs, the front bumper hits the front wheels, so I took it off. Anyone else having this issue? When I have a chance I’m probably gonna dremel some of the corner off, is that a good idea? TIA!
  9. So I was doing dumb things in my lunchbox, and then the gearbox started sticking, like it didn’t want to move in one place, and it made a clicking kind of noise, I took the gearbox apart, and didn’t see anything. Anyone know what’s wrong?
  10. It’s controllable, but it can get onto the wheelie bar from half throttle, I think it’s a good balance actually!
  11. I found a 6s lunchbox, and saw the video, but it didn’t do a backflip, can you send me a video of it? (If there even was one)
  12. Ok, so I’ve seen people say it is possible, but I can’t seem to find a video of it, can you please share one? And if it’s lost in a general bashing video, please include the timestamp, thanks!
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