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  1. The lunchbox, get a cheap hobbywing brushless system and just bash it lol!
  2. Agreed, I wouldn’t mess up an original, but a rere? It’s still being produced, it can be replaced!
  3. I think I will get it, because my parents still give me a lot of stuff with my hobbies.
  4. The rtrs, if it’s an mt, it’s for just sending it, the on road ones I don’t get, but the arrma Notorious is made for jumping, and it’s just fun, and you don’t have to worry about it.
  5. Should I get a clodbuster for myself, I don’t have a job yet, as I’m in middle school, so I might pre order the black edition, since it’s cheaper. It would be my first solid axle mt, and I wouldn’t put a brushless in like I did w/ my lunchbox. Just for messing around, how would it handle the snow? And would one of the red 20kg servos from amazon work? TIA!
  6. They don’t drive it on the road, they drive it on their own property, or somewhere else where there aren’t people around. It’s fun to just be able to pop a battery in a truck and go drive, and not have something that’s finicky. I have an arrma Notorious, which is 6s, 100kmh, but I am careful when I drive it, it’s not like my lunchbox, I’m not really attached to it as much as with my lunchbox.
  7. I think it’s mostly lunchboxes, and it’s just stupid fun imo, I wouldn’t do it to a clod, or a grasshopper, but the lunchbox was dumb from the start, so we just make it more dumb!
  8. You can get an upgraded bumper mount it looks like.
  9. How did you break it, I’m assuming you sent it, am I right? I would get a metal replacement, IMO, if you break something, upgrade it.
  10. I’m wondering what the clodbuster part 3 and 4 9n the h tree is for, I d9nt own one I’m just curious and was looking through the manual. Thanks in advance!
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Hot-Racing-Aluminum-Counter-TLB1750/dp/B01EILW7J8 thats the gear I got for it
  12. What pitch I are the gears in the lunchbox? I might do that.
  13. Ok, I like the stupidity of it though. I’ll get some more gears, and fix the mesh, and try it again, if I break it again, I think I’ll put in a sport tuned and stop the stupidity lol!
  14. I have a metal spur gear, so that’s good, but maybe I will get a bigger pinion gear, I think what happened is that it doesn’t have that little bump around the pinion, so it wasn’t lines up right. Also the pinion shaft is pretty long, so if I wanted I could do the same to the other side too!
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