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  1. it looks like clodbusterfan and I are doing very similar builds, if you still have any questions, I can help
  2. Is anyone else having trouble contacting them or getting parts? Or do the parts usually take a while to ship?
  3. Does anyone have instructions on how to mount the CPE 4 link kit? Or anyone that has it can you take pictures of it?
  4. There are some motors that are 389 sized, but use 540 mounts, like the hip flux shot for example
  5. It seems most 1/10 brushless motors will fit a 540-sized mount just fine, and some actually have multiple sets of holes for screws, so you can angle it the way you want
  6. I just like the look of long antennas on rere cars, I wouldn’t do it on for example, a Traxxas or Arrma or something like that, but I do it with my lunchbox
  7. https://www.text-image.com/convert/ It’s a pretty old website, but still works, only one where you can make it say one word
  8. I don’t like the reciever antennas either, but I like the look of the antenna tubes
  9. Am I the only one who likes long antennas even though I don’t even use it? (Mostly antenna tubes, not the actual antenna)
  10. Can someone post a picture of what the clodbuster black edition decal sheet?
  11. I would suggest zooming in for the best effect
  12. Is it possible to power 2 low power ESCs with one battery. I’m using a Tamiya dual motor gearbox to make a car with tank steering for a school project.
  13. No, I love the konghead, but alsowant a clod, and with towerhobbies, it’s split between 3 months, and I don’t have a job, so it doesn’t really help. I convinced my parents to buy it and keep it until I have enough money, so all is well in my world!
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