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  1. Jeez! Also, what happened with the outcast? Something with the radio?
  2. Sorry for responding to a dead thread, but where do you put the battery?
  3. Sure! another thing is if someone has an Arrma outcast/notorious could you put a clod next to that?
  4. Can you post pictures of how big a (stock) clodbuster is next to a reconizable object (or a lunchbox or monster beetle) thanks!
  5. I’ve heard the hotshot has an involving chassis, is that true?
  6. I like building them (not the body, too impatient for that) so what is a long chassis to build?
  7. I have been lurking a bit recently, so haven’t posed just testing this edit: shakes a bit when I started to edit, but fine now, iOS 12.2 iPad Air 2 (not iPados because it’s a school iPad, would if I could lol) it does look messed up. Probably optimized for phones
  8. Monster beetle or Blackfoot, easy to build, and from what little I’ve drven my mb, fun to drive
  9. Just to clarify, that’s not my car, it’s just a pic from google
  10. The Twingo is a car that looks like it’s extremely happy
  11. I think I’ll get a g601 for now, but I think it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when!
  12. What are your thoughts about driving in the snow, I’m thinking of getting a konghead for the snow, is that a good idea? I live in Minnesota, so it’s snow like half the year. Also, my dad doesn’t want me to break it in the snow and be sad and then beg for money, anyway I can convince him it’s okay? Thanks in advance!
  13. I personally would build some shelves, you can just take planks and put them on these: https://www.amazon.com/Knape-Vogt-Sterling-Adjustable-0122-11PM/dp/B00DXZLFPI or something like it you find at the hardware store. It looks really good if you finish them and cut a notch for the wall bracket, and it’s adjustable height-wise, and you can make them wider too.
  14. Closest I would do would be with a rere, I wouldn’t want a vintage, I would mess it up
  15. The lunchbox, get a cheap hobbywing brushless system and just bash it lol!
  16. Agreed, I wouldn’t mess up an original, but a rere? It’s still being produced, it can be replaced!
  17. I think I will get it, because my parents still give me a lot of stuff with my hobbies.
  18. The rtrs, if it’s an mt, it’s for just sending it, the on road ones I don’t get, but the arrma Notorious is made for jumping, and it’s just fun, and you don’t have to worry about it.
  19. Should I get a clodbuster for myself, I don’t have a job yet, as I’m in middle school, so I might pre order the black edition, since it’s cheaper. It would be my first solid axle mt, and I wouldn’t put a brushless in like I did w/ my lunchbox. Just for messing around, how would it handle the snow? And would one of the red 20kg servos from amazon work? TIA!
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