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  1. OOps - ignore last - would help if I read the instructions on how to switch it to charge! It's Christmas - what can I say?
  2. Thanks for all the advice - I decided to go for the Mistral as it was £20 cheaper than the Overlander and is rated at 50w & 5A - more than enough for what I need. However, I've been trying to charge my 6C 2000mAh battery and even after 2 hours at 5A it's still not at 7.2v. Yes it was only reading around 6.5v when I started charging it - but after two hours I would've expected it to have charged it from flat. Any ideas from the knowledgeable people here?
  3. I have a Mad Bull to paint which states TS14 colour. Anyone have any better suggestions? I was think a metallic black colour but I can't seem to find one.
  4. Ok so I like the sky rc s60. And by default it should charge a 2000mah battery in 20 mins (@6A)? Although that’s probably not good for the life of the battery. Is it customisable to change the amperage of the charge (say charge at 1C so 2A)? Sorry for all the questions but I’m just trying to learn
  5. So for a 2000mah battery I want to charge at 2A. Seems easy enough this is the style of battery I was thinking of using. Does it need a Nimh only charger or can I use a lipo one? https://www.pegasusmodels.co.uk/product.asp?type=submenu&maingp=NiMh%2FPB+Batteries+(Lead+Acid)&prodid=1003166#.XfAL7i-nyhA
  6. Ok Need a little help here. What does 1C mean and what is 2S and 3S etc. I’m only planning on charging one battery at a time which will be 2000mah or thereabouts for a mad bull
  7. Thanks TurnipJF - bit pricey though
  8. Hi - I'm looking to get a Mad Bull for my son for Christmas and just wondered what would be the best fast charger? The place I'm buying from sells the Mistral lipo 5A charger. Anyone have any experience with this or suggestions for better versions (that don't cost the earth)? Thanks
  9. I think the ‘instant wheelie’ of the pumpkin may sway me toward the bull
  10. Thank you all for the advice - really pleased to have found such an active forum and not one where you have to wait days for a response! Going to use the local shop as they sell Absima radio's and probably go for the Mad Bull also. As for the charger, don't need anything fancy as long as it charges the battery in under 1 hr. Still hesitating over the Midnight Pumpkin though - It does look cool and can take a lunchbox top also :-)
  11. Ok probably should've been more specific! So I'm looking at this https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/acoms-electric-package-deal-2/ This is the charger I'm interest in - [https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/ansmann-acdc-delta-3-charger/] I've also seen this https://www.pegasusmodels.co.uk/product.asp?type=package&maingp=Chargers%20-%20Power%20Supplies&id=NiCd%20-%20NiMh&prodid=1010871#.XYpqcihKiUk - goes to 5A instead of 3A so presume it will charge faster? And then there's this https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/etronix-et0208-powerpal-peak-mains-hyper-delta-nimh-charger-p-57777.html It's for my son who's going to want to recharge this and get it back on the road pretty quick. I've been out of the RC game since the 80's - I'm not looking for people to do my homework for me but would appreciate any feedback. It would be a useful start if there were some formula I could use for working out how fast they would charge a NiMH battery (2000mAh) based upon their specifications. Sorry for so many questions but just trying to learn....is Absima any good as a 2 channel radio over Carson? https://www.pegasusmodels.co.uk/product.asp?type=package&maingp=Transmitters&id=2 Channel&prodid=1014810#.XYptOyhKiUk
  12. Going to buy a Mad Bull following recommendations on here but need some advice on the best fast charger. Also so many online outlets can any one recommend their experiences with one? Thank you good people
  13. Thank you everyone for the excellent advice. This would be my sons first Tamiya build. He’s watched a few YouTube videos of the hornet and the grasshopper and also the lunchbox. He likes them all but judging from your suggestions I think the Mad Bull may be the way to go. Would be good to know the differences between the lunchbox and the mad bull. Either way, excellent forum and glad to be part of such an active group 😀😀😀
  14. I started with a Sand Scorcher and moved onto a Quattro
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