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  1. Probably best to ask at your local club. Some clubs have active Tamiya classes (Top Stock, M, Truck etc), whereas other clubs frown upon ‘slower’ classes and would rather everyone was racing with Schumacher/Xfinity/TRF419/420 etc....
  2. That depends on the ESC that you have. Many have a ‘set’ switch that you press, and then you input from the handset the max forward and reverse throttle. Google the model number of your ESC and you should find the instructions online
  3. SimonL


    Any body that fits the TT02 will also for the TT01E, assuming it’s the same wheel base. I have both the 01 and the 02 built to 257mm wheel base and share bodies between the two
  4. Welcome. The M-07R is a really nice build. I just put one together and it seems so much more stable and well thought out compared to the TT series. Also move that all of the screws are hex - would suggest you to tap the threads into the plastic as you go through the build. Agree on the availability of (Tamiya) body shells though - the Mx-5 is about the only option if you want to build it as a middle wheel base build.
  5. Took my TT01E out on the road with an old bodysuit on it, set the EPA to 40% and let the neighbors’ boys (4, 6, & 8) have a drive with it. After takingIt repeatedly into the curb and jamming it under a number of parked cars, I’m impressed with how flexible Lexan really is
  6. Finished putting the electronics in my M-07R, mounted the body, and played around on the patio. Lot of fun to drive, much tighter turning circle than the TT-01/2
  7. Today both of the orders I had placed in 31/3 and 1/4 arrived in NL. Interestingly one of those orders still says ‘waiting for payment to verify’ on the rcmart website....
  8. Great thanks. I am indeed restricted to the 60D tires for racing, but for testing etc, and until the 60D arrive, I will use touring wheels
  9. I’m currently building a M-07R Kit and I’m a bit confused about the wheels that I should be using. I have some 60D tires on order from China, but locally I am limited to what I can buy in terms of M chassis specific wheels and tires. Can I just use regular 1/10 scale pre mounted tires? Diameter-wise there doesn’t seem to be too much difference , so will they just ‘look wrong’, or does that extra 2mm difference really cause a problem with rubbing etc?
  10. I asked them about this, and basically the status will remain so, even if it has been shipped, until the post office has provided them with a tracking number. So quite possibly it has gone, and they are just waiting for Hong Kong post to collect our ship it. I’ve been waiting for a couple of orders since 31/3. Finally today one of them looks like it has left Hong Kong
  11. Painted my Mazda MX-5 ready for the M-07R I am building. In retrospect I should have done more layers of the translucent orange as it’s a little bit ‘murky’ in some places, but hopefully that will be less noticeable when I’ve put some stickers on it....
  12. They say they are using alternative methods, but of my two packages, one was shipped with Hong Kong Post, and the other just not shipped. As usual, their email customer service responses leave a lot to be desired.....
  13. Interesting. I placed two small orders - one on 31/3 which was shipped within a day or two, and one on 1/4 which still does as ‘waiting for payment to verify’. Wonder if that order will also not ship....
  14. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see there are 50838 members. Which does seem rather a lot, they’re definitely not all active
  15. If you visit your profile page and look at the URL you’ll see a number there. Is it that one?
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