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  1. Nope, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks
  2. Thanks, that’s the sort of feedback I was looking for. Certainly if you go for a TT02 standard kit with body shell etc it would be cheaper to buy the kit and upgrade separately. But I wonder if the same holds true for the TT02RR, which is a more expensive chassis only option and no wheels/motor/shell etc, and whether a kit built up with the Yeah racing kit is better or worse (or just different) compared to a TT02RR....
  3. I’ve come across the Yeah Racing Aluminium Conversion kit, which seems to contain the majority of the parts to build a TT-02, with the exception of the bottom plate, the gearing, and some other random parts and screws. I understand that the usual approach is to buy (or use an existing) TT-02, and then use the Yeah kit to convert it to a stronger model, but has anyone done it the other way round? Bought the kit, and then bought the appropriate spare parts from Tamiya in order to complete the car? Is this practical, or too much hassle?
  4. Took my TT01E for a first drive at the local indoor track. It’s very clear I need a lot of practice and will be in the beginners class for a while
  5. I’m finishing off my TT01E build, and have one last question regarding tires - I have the kit tires which seem to fit tightly to the wheels, but I understand it is advisable to glue these as well. Every tutorial/video I can find suggests that the tires should be filled with foam before they are glued, however all the tutorials seem to be focusing on off road/buggies, whereas I will be using this car on road. Since the kit didn’t provide any foam inserts for the tires, should I assume that they are not needed? Or should I buy and insert some foams before I go any further? Thanks!
  6. Today the stickers. I know I haven’t put them all on, but I’m in two minds whether to leave it as is, or also add the race numbers and VW logos on (they seem to be a little bit too conspicuous for my taste )
  7. Painted my first RC body last night. Pretty happy with the way it came out, although I realize now it would have been better to cut the body out before I started painting, rather than afterwards. Thought the edge bits would have been handy to hold the body during the painting, which they were, but cutting them out later isn’t the best for the paint.... Two layers of translucent red, followed by a layer of gunmetal gray.
  8. Thanks, think that is what I’ll do then
  9. Hi All, I’m getting ready to paint my first body. Whilst I’ll be using PS spray can for the main body color, there is a small amount of the body around the skirt at the bottom that should be painted black. According to the instructions, Tamiya suggest to mask the whole body before spraying the skirt (which is probably less than 1cm deep on the front and back bumper). It seems like a lot of masking for such a small surface area of paint. Whilst I could do this, I’m wondering if there are quicker ways of achieving this, still with good results. For example: - mask the skirt off, paint the inside (probably metallic red), and then remove the skirt masking and spray the remainder in black. However if I don’t back the metallic paint with white first, is this going to look bad? - brush paint the black skirt with semi gloss black acrylic paint. But will this give good results, or will brush strokes make it look poor? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  10. To follow up - decided to go the budget route and went for the TT01E after all. Arrived today, and looking forward to having the time to build it up. I’ll use this to begin with and get some experience, and maybe upgrade the TT02RR later
  11. Thanks for that info @GooneyBird, very helpful. I guess we must be fairly local to one another if RC-Paradise was local - have you ever tried the indoor track at MRC Vianen? Seems to be the closest one to me now....
  12. Thanks Jonathon, makes sense. I have experience building models, just not RC cars, with the exception of a brief foray into nitro about 15 years ago (turns out trying to build nitro cars in a flat in the middle of a city wasn't the most flexible plan, so that I didn't stick with it very long ) Tamiya Cup Top Stock (at least in the Netherlands) is fairly limited in terms of the chassis (TT01/02) and motor (23T Carson brushed). Any upgrades are restricted and controlled, and for the ones that are allowed have to be either Tamiya or Carson - there are other classes for the higher range chassis, and if I wanted to race at the local club I would also have to make a step up to a different class.
  13. Thanks for the answer. I can certainly see that being true if I buy a TT-02 with the intention of upgrading it later to TT-02RR spec, but I'm looking at the TT-01E and playing around with it for a while, with the intention of later buying a TT-02RR. The way I look at it is I would be able to reuse the body shell (~50 Euros), motor (~15 Euros) and the ESC (~30 Euros), and have a second rolling chassis for basically free.....
  14. Hi All, Just joined the forum after following it for a couple of weeks. Always wanted a ‘fast’ RC when I was young, but could never afford one. Now I can, and the Internet has helped me realize there are so many options to be had I want to buy something that will allow me to have some fun in car parks and maybe the local race track, with the longer term intention of taking part (I won’t say ‘racing’, as I know I’m not going to be competitive) in the Tamiya Cup Top Stock class. After visiting the local hobby shop, I had pretty much decided that the TT-02RR chassis would be a good start, understanding that I would need to additionally invest in ESC, motor, body, RC gear etc. However, that’s still a significant outlay, and looking around locally I’ve found a TT-01E Scirocco kit for less than 90 Euros. Seems to me to be a good deal - either I buy it and build it, and it satisfies my need for an RC car, maybe with some hop ups, or I buy it and decide I want to ‘upgrade’ to a TT-02RR chassis later. Advantages of this would be I have gained some experience both building and driving a cheaper car, plus I would be able to reuse many of the parts of the TT-01E kit (body shell, ESC etc), and I pretty much wouldn’t lose any money in doing so. Given the great price on the kit, does this make sense? Or should I just go ahead and buy the TT-02RR immediately? Thanks for any advice
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