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  1. Thanks, guess I was overthinking it
  2. Noobie question here, but I see people referring to ‘packs’ as in: ‘Set the ride height and from the first pack it was driving well’.... When they talk about the ‘pack’ are they talking about a battery pack, or is it referring to something else (like maybe a term for filling the suspension or diff with oil?) Thanks for bearing with me
  3. Nah, everyone knows Boris builds model buses in his spare time, not Tamiya models
  4. Thanks for the input..... looking around, maybe it’s the 53163 that I actually need?
  5. Hi All, I’m looking for some softer springs for the CVA oil filled shocks on my TT02RR. It seems I have a couple of options - either the 53333 on-road tuned ‘short’ spring set, or the 53440 on-road spring set. According to the website of the Dutch importer, the 53333 are 28mm long, and the 53440 are 26mm long. However I ordered a set of 53333 and they are way to short for my TT02RR. Can someone confirm which springs I should be using? Is it right to assume that there is an error on the importer’s website, and in fact I need the 53440 springs, which are slightly longer, or do I need something completely different? If I measure the stock springs I have now, they are around 28mm in length, and the 53333 certainly are shorter...... TIA for any help
  6. Finished setting up my TT02RR chassis build (although the cabling still needs some tidying) ready for club day on Sunday
  7. Almost finished the build on my TT02RR. Frustrated by the turnbuckles - instructions say to cut each of the end parts 2mm shorter to get the overall length to 38mm - if Tamiya knows they need to be 2mm shorter, why not just make the part 2mm shorter in the first place? Also frustrated that my Hobbywing ESC has an XT60 connector, and my LiPo a Deans connector - so waiting for an adapter to arrive before I can go any further.
  8. Found some time to do the Bag A part of the TT02RR build
  9. Had a lot of fun involving a TT01E, full steering lock, and a patio
  10. My plan is pretty simple - try to make getting round the local RC track without crashing a repeatable occurrence
  11. Ordered the final parts (ESC, motor, pinion gear) for my TT02RR build, which I’ll hopefully accomplish over Christmas, assuming Father Christmas brings me the chassis
  12. Thanks for the tip, I‘l give that a try. They were bought as 55mm shocks - presumably I would have to shorten the springs a bit to reduce the eye to eye distance?
  13. Tried it out at the local indoor track and the car finally goes in a straight-ish line, and is easier to handle Need to work out how to get the car a little bit lower though as it rolls too easily
  14. Set up my TT-01E with better turnbuckles, oil shocks, and tightened the slack in the front and rear drive shafts. Would have replaced the stock ones with Tamiya 800600 universal shafts, but turns out the ones for the TT-01 don’t fit the TT-01E (or rather, I need to cut a bit of thread off - sticks out the wheel too much).
  15. Finished the painting last weekend, and over the last week slowly put the decals on the body. Finished this evening, fairly happy with the results
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