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  1. Well done! They are all coming along very nicely. Just a word of caution with those BFG Mud Terrain tires... I've gotten my Jeep thoroughly dirty and the mud that caked to the sidewalls of those tires took of the lettering. Seems like they shouldn't do that, but it happened.
  2. Just FYI the original Jeep Wrangler rims and tires from this Tamiya Jeep are going up on eBay if anyone is interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223954524367
  3. I did some driving with the Jurassic Park Jeep this weekend. The gears in the rear differential stripped. Also, some gears in the Tamiya Blackfoot Xtreme behind it stripped out. Where's the best place to get replacement parts? Do they make metal gears for either of these trucks? This will be my third transmission for the Blackfoot.
  4. With the wiring done, I mounted the spare tire, mirrors, light bar, center caps to cover the mounting nuts and made some final adjustments to the body. I then added one last minute detail. It's not very involved, but it was a quick and easy addition.
  5. Time for final wiring...
  6. Don't give me that much credit. The LEDs aren't installed in that shot.
  7. I decided to test my home made decals before putting them on. I put one on the old hard top and then let the faucet drip on it for an hour. This was a new technique I thought of. I printed the images onto paper and gave the back side a coat of white paint (to keep colors from showing through). Then used clear lacquer to seal the images. It seems to work. Here I am test fitting the light bar. The wood is glued on as place to hold it by. JP logo is installed. I don't have a picture of me cutting individual lenses for the fog lights and the light bar. It took lots of hand sanding on tiny little Plexiglas rectangles to get them to fit.
  8. Time to start wiring up the lights and prep them for paint. The Mopar lightbar and rear fogs shown. All the 3D printed parts needed a coating of 2 part epoxy thinned with lacquer thinner to aid in filling the rough printing texture before paint. Adding in LEDs...
  9. Close. This is Jeep #12. The one Nedry died in. So it's more like... "No wonder you're extinct. I'm gonna run you over when I come back down."
  10. Sorry, I don't have any.
  11. More like a large sea creature I assume?
  12. Website won't let me edit the previous post... What do you mean by decals? Jurassic Park ones, or ones that come with the original Jeep?
  13. Funny you mention that. I just didn't have that complete yet. How about now? The body isn't mounted yet (it's just sitting on the chassis). I have to adjust the rear mounting pins lengths since I smoothed out the rear mounting locations in the shell.
  14. Have you tired thinning out some two part epoxy with lacquer thinner and coating the Shapeways parts? It makes a great brush-on filler that can be sanded down. Practice on the back of that bumper or underside of the hood. I use about 5% thinner mix into the epoxy.
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