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  1. Thanks @TurnipJF - wonder why this radio issue has suddenly appeared?!
  2. So based on the advice from the forum, I think the first thing I’ll try is to buy a couple of new batteries and a lipo charger. Thankfully parts for this car are pretty cheap! It now looks as though another problem has appeared - the ESC is flashing constantly and not responding to anything that I do. So I may just buy a new ESC while I’m at it. Would it be best to buy the same exact model, or is there a better version? @Juggular is that seriously all I need to replace all of the bearings in my car? Just $2 worth of bearings?? That’s awesome! Thanks again, this is the best forum!
  3. Also, there was a question about what charger I use. I have this one, which I seem to remember was pretty much the cheapest option when I bought my car :-)
  4. Thanks everyone for the in-depth answers and advice. I took the ESC apart and checked that all the connections looks good, and went through the calibration per the manual, as suggested. Interestingly, it does run better when the wheels aren’t touching the ground, perhaps pointing towards a battery that’s not holding its charge fully? I think I might start by purchasing a new 7.2V and see if that fixes the issue (I really should get myself one anyway!). Any recommendations on a good battery? Thanks again.
  5. I did replace the stock motor a long time ago with this one - if you have suggestions for a better (faster) one that would work for this car, then I am all ears! I don’t have access to another radio set, unfortunately. I’m willing to start replacing parts in order to fix it - I just don’t know which I should replace first. Maybe the battery?
  6. I’m not aware of any low voltage protection. Here’s a shot of the inside - the battery is pretty basic, but it’s been in the for a long time now.
  7. Only when I do full throttle. I can squeeze it really gently and it’ll go without surging, albeit really slowly of course.
  8. Hi all. I have a Tamiya Gravel Hound DF-02 that has been packed away for a while. I recently had a bit of spare time and after eagerly charging all the batteries and getting excited about racing it around the park, I switched it on and realized that it had a problem. I’m sort of a newbie to RC cars from a technical perspective (although I bought my first Tamiya more than 20 years ago!) so I’m hoping someone here might be able to diagnose it for me. Also, that high pitched whiny noise - what’s that all about?? It’s always been there but it bugs the badword out of me! Here’s a video of the car, lurching: Appreciate any help you can offer! Cheers
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