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  1. Thanks guys for the comments and help, much appreciate it
  2. I have a 1:14 king hauler, what scale does a radio control car need to be to look the correct scale next to it? I’m confused lol As far as I can see there aren’t any 1:14 scale cars...below is a link to YouTube which seems to be the correct scale i want to run a car along side my truck for a video and want it to look right, thanks all
  3. Yeah sure that’ll be great, thanks.. I had to watch duel every night for a month when I built this! I still enjoy it.. it’s totally underrated as a movie in my opinion.
  4. Hi, thanks for your kind words and much appreciated.. I am a huge duel fan too but my wife thinks I’m sad so I’ll never get to visit the locations, I’m quite happy with the build and it is fully functioning with sounds etc, I will sort out a video just for you and let you know when I post it, I just need to find a suitable space to use it! thanks Jon
  5. Haha yes I do want to, but not sure what I can use as a close donor car?
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