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  1. Okay, so I fixed the throttle somehow but it looks like my motor doesn't have enough power to make it drive. The wheels are spinning when I hold it up but as soon as I put it on the ground the power is gone. What is the best thing I could do? Place a new motor or change the gears or something else?
  2. It doesn't change when I swap the channels, the throttle still doesn't work. It only shows the red led and starts making the beep sound.
  3. Nope only the steering works, and when I full throttle it turns the steeringwheels a bit.
  4. Here are the pics and no I don't have a spare one..
  5. Hey, So I just joined the forum because I need some help on my car. The car always worked fine untill now, I haven't used it for a while and now the throttle isn't working anymore. It gets the signal and starts making a beep sound when I pull the trigger but no movement, only the red led lights up. The steering works fine. I already tried to reset/reprogram the esc but it didn't do much. Using the tamiya teu 101bk I hope you guys know how to fix this.
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