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  1. I think this is amazing painting.
  2. Do you know when would be the release date for this chassis?
  3. Thank you for your time and your answer guys! You helped me a lot. I would have to read the last message once again to be sure that I got it right but I know what to do now and what would be my future updates.
  4. Ok I get it, there is a difference between cutoff switch and buzzer alarm. The alarm is good enough. Thank you!
  5. Hello guys, I’m new here looking for my first RC car. I think finally I chose my candidate - Nissan GT-R Drift TT-02D. Well, I was looking for BMW E30 body (my first car) but I couldn’t find it new. I will buy NiMH battery and cheap charger. Then I would think about NiPo upgrade. This kit include ESC TBLE-02S with Sport Tuned Brushed Motor. Which I think it is a good starter pack I have 3 questions:) I see that TBLE-02S doesn’t have low power cut-off for LiPo battery. Is there a workaround about that if I decide to upgrade the battery type or I have to change the ESC as well? I want this car mostly for drifts, but can I run it on grass? Is it worth to upgrade the Sport Tuned Brushed Motor to brushless 10.5T motor with 2S LiPo battery? And keep everything else the same. Thank you! BR
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