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  1. This shows 13mm for the 20T. https://www.ebay.com/itm/393179771014 Thanks!
  2. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I just measured with an old fashion ruler and get 13mm for the 20T
  3. Ugh!! so typo. The 21T measures 16mm. thanks!
  4. So... when I got a measurement of 13mm for the 21T it was with a friends digital calipers. I just measured it with my new non-digital calipers and got a measurement of 17mm. The 16T that came with the kit is 13mm. Sorry for the wrong information. thanks!
  5. I'm wondering if the pinion gear that came with the kit are maybe a proprietary size??
  6. The 16T does match perfectly. I wanted to get a metal gear... can't seem to find one. Might just have to go with this.... https://www.amainhobbies.com/tamiya-mod-.6-av-pinion-gear-set-20t-21t-tam50356/p48184 Thanks!
  7. Oh yeah... one other thing. For the Citroen... should I install the oil dampers I bought from Yeah Racing or stick with the dampers that came with the kit... was thinking based on some of the pics in this thread the actual cars looked kind of loose so just wanted to know your thoughts. thanks!
  8. I was about to install the Yeah Racing 20T pinion gear when I noticed that it looks smaller than what is in the manual. Not sure if it is ok to install or not. I have uploaded a pic. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone - I am interested in the Alpine A110 Jagermeister 1973 M-06 and was wondering just out of curiosity if anyone knew what paint is used for the orange color in the pics on the internet? I find it pretty cool! thanks!
  10. What about foam for the tires? I see it didn't come with any. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys - Just got to the part in the build where I need to make the decision to build the chassis lower or go higher. What do you guys think? Higher seems like it might be more fun... lower might perform better??? Didn't know the pros and cons of each. If you can let me know what you think that would be great!. thanks!
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