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  1. Probably a little bash and rally.
  2. I don't see any oil dampers/shocks. Wonder if they make them?? Thanks for your replys!
  3. Hey guys - I am looking to get the following kit. https://www.horizonhobby.com/TAM58650?KPID=TAM58650&CAWELAID=320011980001326231&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=103467141987&CATCI=pla-902663570617&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwr32BRD4ARIsAAJNf_1_6dcAvrxSIjPFG_dkUS2gdLLyOrdhDzRnsdzDfNyrAR4WdE_ycUEaAuwNEALw_wcB I can't see to find out what hop up/upgrade options are available. Any help would be great! thanks
  4. Hello - I am looking at getting a Tamiya VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE RALLY and was wondering what would be a good servo and transmitter would be. Any thought would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  5. https://www.amainhobbies.com/spektrum-rc-srx200-2channel-2.4ghz-waterproof-fhss-receiver-spmsrx200/p535759 Sorry hit the wrong button and sent before I added the link.
  6. This is the one that I have... 2.4
  7. Hey guys I bought a Lunch Box back in October. It's been built for a while now but I am getting back to it since the weather here is improving. One question I have is that antenna that came with the receiver is really short. Maybe only 6 inches. Will only go up the antenna tube just a few inches. Any thoughts? thanks!
  8. When I go to paint the body with Tamiya paints, is it best to prime it beforehand or can I just jump right into painting it? thanks
  9. Turns out that the color code in the manual for connecting the engine was not correct. I changed the wiring and we are now good to go. thanks
  10. Really stuck now. I have everything built but the wheels etc... The steering works but the throttle does not. The kit cam with a Tamiya TBLE-02S. There are no LED's lit or flashing. If I hold the set button down it will flash green and if I just press it, it goes red just for a blip. Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. I have another question for you guys. Since the spline on the servo is 24 tooth and the servo savers that came with the kit are 25, I bought a kimbrough servo saver with 24 spline for my Hitec servo. Actually says Hitec on the package. My concern is that the servo saver that came with the kit sticks out about maybe a 1/4 inch further from the servo than the Kimbrough/Hitec servo saver does. Any thoughts if this would cause an issue, or do I need to get another servo that has 25 spline to fit the savers that come with the kit, such as Futaba? thanks again!
  12. Here is another one that has me baffled. I have this part that is not shown anywhere in the instructions. It looks like a gear. It is not even in the parts list. I have a pics attached. Any help would be awesome. You guys have been great!!
  13. If you use the threadlocker are you able to get it off if needed? thanks!
  14. Do you just poke a whole with the motor shaft through the paper and push tight against the motor with the pinion gear or keep it somewhat loose?
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