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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. All worth looking into. @NobbySideways - thanks for the offer. I may be in touch. @willyChang - I hadn't realised there were wifi/bluetooth receivers. I'll look at whats available. Michael
  2. Thankyou for your replies. I will look into trigger/wheel solution. I had not thought of that. However, a stick, if possible, would be easier. Grip in my hand is not good and the more ways there are to grab something the better. Michael
  3. I'm looking for a way to control a car with one hand. One idea i had was to use a two stick 4 channel transmitter and just use one of the joysticks for fwd/back and left/right. Does anyone know if this would work? Any other ideas welcome. Michael
  4. thanks again for the feedback. its extremely helpful. i've started building the chassis since my last post and it is a big step up in difficulty from the boomerang. it looks like i lack the experience to really appreciate higher end electronics just now. My hope in terms of budget is to build something I can enjoy but can afford to make mistakes whilst i rrelearn the ropes. Nobody round here has a car and there is no local track i can find so i wont be racing what ive learnt/decided so far: - a brushless 13.5t motor (preferably no soldering needed) - a tamiya tble-02s esc. - a NiMH battery - radio: still looking. i need one with two sticks you control with you're thumbs, not the trigger and wheel type. as for the servos, how much of a difference does a good servo make? they vary a lot in price. michael
  5. thanks for you're replies. i intend to use it as a basher. thanks for you're info. answers many questions. michael
  6. hi i just purchased a dn-01/zahhak. its been 30 years since i built my last rc car (a boomerang) and i need advice about the electronics. what is recommended for the following: - motor - esc - radio equipment (controler, reciever, servo) - battery im looking to get the most i can from the stock car. ill look at upgrades/hop-ups in the future. thanks michael
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