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  1. Oh! Since you mention the Madcap (and I agree with everything you say about it) -- how could I forget: Bear Hawk!
  2. For me, the "good from any angle" that I haven't seen called out specifically: Hotshot II, Astute (original red), Wild One. To second Saito2: Avante is the clear winner. It's such an unabashedly pretty design. Plus I particularly love the designs that have drivers (which is ironic -- I hated them as a kid, since I thought it made them look more "toyish"). I like the Egress -- the longer wheelbase in particular gives it a nice stance, but from the side, it -- particularly where the cockpit is -- looks too tall to my eyes.
  3. Zero interest in a 1/16 scale, personally. The Losi reasoning just sounds like a bunch of elitist hocus-pocus. BIG turn-off.
  4. I would dearly love an original Jrx2 -- was always fascinated with the 5-link rear suspension. It would be awesome if they did a re-re!!!
  5. The mid is quite a departure from the Optima. While there are some carryovers -- I believe bits like the A-arms, steering knuckles, gold shocks -- the architecture is completely different; far more efficient transmission, longer suspension travel, mid-mounted motor, etc. etc. There's definitely a generational difference between the two. This is not an "evolution," the way the Turbo Optima was to the Optima.
  6. Me too. Now I've got two buggies ordered. Wild One is still in backorder purgatory...
  7. Agreed on all points...and the RC10 is legendary...but not 4WD. But you submitted photos of your Boomerang, so all is forgiven!
  8. Beauty! Mine is set up with the chain -- mostly since I was curious what it sounded like... Shelf queen now.
  9. In addition to waiting not-so-patiently for the Mid, you just reminded me that I've had a Wild One on back-order since November of last year with no sign of the order ever being fulfilled... :-(
  10. I check every day...and every day I am disappointed...
  11. Does anyone know when Tower is going to list these?
  12. Here's my contribution -- will be a trio whenever the Optima Mid is released. Envious of your gold Hot Shot rims! By the time I got mine, they'd reverted to the plain white plastic...
  13. Holy smokes, that's awesome! Love the hump pack; haven't seen one of those in forever! I probably should have bought an Egress when I had the chance; the Avante was my white whale, so after I got that I kind of stopped paying attention to that lineage. I regret it now -- Egress is a beauty, especially when the two are paired up like that.
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