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  1. Isn't the Super Dogfighter essentially the YZ-10, just with a different body?
  2. More juice i.e. more voltage? Or more runtime? Modern NiMH can be as high as 5,000 mAh these days -- from established brands -- though they get quite heavy at those capacities... Otherwise if the LiPo "punch" is what you're after, you can run a 7-cell pack -- though that gets even heavier -- and they can't always be made to fit. I totally get being gun-shy about LiPo -- most of the time I'll go for the NiMH myself. But for the racy stuff -- can't beat LiPo. As long as you remember to set a storage charge, they'll last a long time.
  3. Showed up on Amain today: https://www.amainhobbies.com/kyosho-lazer-sb-dirt-cross-1-10-4wd-electric-buggy-kit-kyo34321/p1559398
  4. Despite swearing up and down that I'd never pay what feels like an exorbitant premium for a fancy-ish box and a "limited edition" sticker, I happened to see a box on the shelf at my local hobby shop and didn't even hesitate to grab it and go. So much for my convictions...
  5. If I were to hazard a guess -- I've got both my original LWB-converted Mid and a ReRe and while I honestly didn't notice it being especially twitchy, it isn't lost on me how much more rigid modern RC cars are vs. 30 years ago. The graphite plates of the LWB conversion (or the FRP top deck of the stock Mid) are easily half the thickness of what modern cars use. These cars would have been built and tuned around a certain degree of flexibility which I suspect "softens" their behavior. Also, the LWB conversion has a huge calming effect on the Mid platform, so if he'd become accustomed to the LWB handling it's not hard to imagine the SWB ReRe feeling relatively more lively...
  6. My experience has been that with the higher efficiencies of modern ESCs, the fact that all chargers now are "peak" chargers, and assuming bearings, correct gearing, and high-quality connectors, that a 3000 mAh battery provides more run-time than I have the attention span to take advantage of (~20 minutes?). Also keep in mind the higher capacity batteries will be noticeably heavier...
  7. NiMH and NiCd are essentially the same in practice, with NiMH really being the more forgiving of the two (less prone to "memory"). No concerns at all using NiMH in a system designed around NiCd.
  8. In any case, they should prioritize the Rocky line over the Shadow line…. 😝
  9. After coming across these guys it's been hard to consider anyone else, especially in the USA: http://www.superlitecars.com and the replicas: http://race-car-replicas.com A colleague of mine built several of their kits, both for himself and various customers. They are pricey, but the fit, and finish of the component parts is extraordinary. As a point of reference -- he had also built a FF GTM (for himself; since sold) and a Cobra replica for a customer. He found the Superlite experience far superior -- said the FF kits required a significant amount of re-work and modification to get anything to fit, whereas the Superlite kits went together like Lego. He knew what he was doing, though -- I watched what he went through putting together his Superlite and it still seemed like a lot of custom fabrication to go from rolling chassis to fully fitted out.
  10. Same! Totally out of the blue. Really looking forward to having the lineup on display -- Avante / Optima Mid / Cat XLS / Super Dogfighter...
  11. Ooooh, tough to pick just one... The front-wheel-drive chassis (M-0X, FF-0X) impress the heck out of me with how easy they are to drive well. Feel like a hero every time I put one on the tarmac. Avante/Egress simply for being marvels of engineering, especially for their time. Top Force Evo for being the best 4WD Tamiya buggy I've driven, by far. TRF201 for being the best Tamiya buggy I've driven, period.
  12. Well that's a good point...how do I ensure that the Tower membership does NOT renew when my current interval expires? The site just says mine will "expire," but no option anywhere for "cancel membership".
  13. HobbyTown was bought by AMain -- so hopefully they'll hold out against the Horizon Hobby horror-show...
  14. Done. Never thought I'd be able to get one of these! Between the Optima Mid, Avante, Cat XLS, and now this, I've got the four horse-buggies of the 80s era apocalypse. Can't wait. If I ever manage to find a Hirobo Jealousy I'll be happy as a pig in...
  15. While they "hey neat!" aspect isn't lost on me, I'll second (third?) the sentiment that I'd rather have a runner -- especially for something as historically competitive as the RC10. Still kicking myself for missing the Worlds Car re-re, which is what I really want...
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