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  1. Open to offers, as long as it'll cover the postage plus something left...
  2. Send me a PM with your name/address/etc and if you would prefer to send me money via paypal or bank transfer and we can sort that out
  3. Having a bit of a clearout, various things left over from builds or came with things I bought and I don't need. Open to reasonable offers and discount for buying multiple things at once. Can send pictures if wanted but NIP things look the same. Vintage Futaba Attack Sport FP-2NCR: boxed with manual, transmitter, receiver, 2x servos, channel 3 xtals, channel flag, switch. SOLD Futaba 2PHKA trigger style: good used condition with manual, spare battery cover, receiver, 2x servos, channel 2 xtals, channel flag, switch, battery box. £15 shipped in the UK Tamiya parts (new in packaging unless stated otherwise): 53628 TB-Evolution III upper arm aluminium mount set (£20 shipped) 50979 TB Evolution III one way gear (£4 shipped) 53590 Cup joint for TB-01 Reinforced Front One-Way unit (£7 shipped) 54629 08 Module Steel Pinion Gear (19T) x2 (£4 each shipped) 50356 20T, 21T AV Pinion Gear Set (£4 shipped) 54213 M-Chassis 3x48.5mm Titanium coated suspension shafts (2pcs.) x2 packs (£7 each shipped) 51072 Porshe Carrera GT Wheels (24mm Width / Offset 0) (4 in pack) (£7 shipped) 51078 DF-02 D parts (Bumper) (£8 shipped) 53666 TT-01 Metal Motor Mount, silver (one new in pack one unused but not packaged) (£8 shipped for the NIP one, £7 for the other) Yeah Racing TA05IFS-005BU Aluminium Bearing C-Hub 4 deg (BU) for Tamiya TA051FS (NIP, £8 shipped) Etronix Female XT90 to Male Deans adaptor plug ET0856 (NIP, x2, £4 shipped)
  4. This is what you'd need to make it closer to a thundershot.
  5. That's roughly what I did with the Thundershot runner I built, though I do use the blue fixed suspension parts since I found the link pins. I think the only other significant thing I added was put thrust bearings in the gearboxes, replacing E1 and the thrust washer, to reduce wear. Checking the manual for the 2020 Terra Scorcher they don't include those thrust bearings. Official version 3rd party version Manual
  6. The Terra Scorcher shock tower isn't much lower than the Thundershot one, you need the Terra Scorcher tower to mount the wing to though depending on which body you want. The issue for me was the front shock mount, where I'm using Thundershot bodies I use the Thundershot mount in front. I've got a bit of a mixture of cars, from an almost pure Thundershot built from parts (before the Terra Scorcher re re) to an almost pure Terra Scorcher with upgrades (that one went brushless and is quite speedy, I went the route of trimming out an internal bulkhead to fit a decent brushless ESC). I did pick up a rere Terra Scorcher to keep on the shelf for spares down the line. The main differences I can think of at the moment, if you want to take a Terra Scorcher rere to a Thundershot entirely: Bodyshell Ball bearings (I'd keep them anyway) Universal joints (ditto) Rear stabiliser (ditto) Twin front shocks (ditto) Front and rear suspension mounts, body mounts ("G" parts) Adjustable suspension upper bars and fittings Wheel colour Most of the improvements were available as upgrade parts to the Thundershot, depends if you want to build an absolutely out of the box Thunder Shot or a more drivable one. The hardest part to find I had when I was building a Thundershot as part of this project was the 14mm link pins that connect the blue suspension uppers to the C1s and F parts. I found a link pin bag for a silly amount of money in the end. If you keep the Terra Scorcher upper suspension parts you don't need to worry about them. I have a hybrid build with a repro Thunder Shot body basically finished to actually drive, on that I'm using the Terra Scorcher rear suspension mount and the Thunder Shot front mount to avoid having to fit the body somewhat to the mounts and to not have the look change. It's doable, though, especially if you use the 3d printed higher front Thunder Shot body mount with the repro Thundershot body. I've got a set of 4 black wheel hubs I'm not using (new in their bags) but no spare 14mm link pins.
  7. These cost £40 (and time) to get from Canada. Best part of a fiver to ship via Hermes with a signature. Making £20 back is below my hassle to return ratio, so no thanks. I think £25 is a pretty good deal and that's as low as I'm going, any less than that and it can stay in my spares box. £25 or £30 including shipping in the UK.
  8. Even before I heard there was a ReRe Terra Scorcher coming I've been gradually working on cars. My Rising Storm (DF-02) and Porsche Carrera GT (TB-02) are finished mechanics (finally got all the all-metal adjustable suspension bars done) and electronics, both brushless. Bodies repaired (the Porsche shell had a pretty bad prang at the front) with shoo goo and being over-coated with clear to help protect the stickers and then they are finished. Still haven't started on the stickers and paint on my three Thundershot chassis cars. The Terra Scorcher had a slightly damaged painted body and a new original sticker set to go on it, that's all that would require now. The two Thundershots (shelf queen with original body and runner with repro body) still need body and driver, etc, painting and stickering. I'll work on those as soon as the DF-02/TB-02 are done. Veeery tempting to pick up a ReRe Terra Scorcher though. I have a bunch of spares still, including Thundershot bodies (new and repro) and random other parts if anyone is trying to do a TS from a ReRe TS kit.
  9. Bump... anyone looking to do a ThunderShot build from a ReRe Terra Scorcher kit?
  10. Hah. Your prediction might have some merit... though this will run me down to a B parts tree, a slightly damaged chassis, a bunch of dogbones, a spare set of new/original suspension arms... hey I could put a new car together!
  11. Yep. No idea how it got there, so few of them left in circulation new.
  12. I might have fallen down the "Oh, I've got all these spares, I can totally build another Thunder Shot to run" after my original body Thunder Shot appears to be turning into a shelf queen. Started inventorying things and seeing what I'd need but I didn't have a front stabiliser and a few other parts and I haven't been able to get front stabilizers other than with partial builds... until I read @Baddon's restore post which included a picture of a box of goodies with extras including front stabilisers. Next thing I know we're inventorying his box of goodies and I'm taking a chunk of parts I need. Ooops He did have an original chassis cover for a Thunder Shot which can go on my shelf queen and the repro one can go on this new runner. Time to find another receiver to put in it...
  13. The thunder shot rere manual download from Tamiya says the same part number, but the picture is of the new one. My terra scorcher manual says 9005288. Huh. I guess the thunder shot bucket o'bits I bought was original, then (I thought it might have been, the chassis said Japan in it, I'm about to use that chassis in a thunder shot runner build), I have a used full set of the extra height parts mixed in with my spare parts.
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