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  1. I definitely plan on new full gearing upgrades, metal arms, hubs.
  2. Sorry it has been a minute. I got her running. I am using a traxxas xl5 esc, a horizon hobby 20t dynamite 540, and a traxxas 7.2 3000 mah 6 cell nimh. Oh yeah and the original servo. Switched the rec/Transmitter to a nice generic chinese set. This thing is fast, and a lot of fun. Thank you guys for the advice to go new electronics. I hope to get a newer super hotshot at tax time and upgrade it beyond belief. I will post pictures later.
  3. Hello, i am new to more expensive rcs, and i made my first a flea market hotshot. Not sure if its a mk1 or mk2, but it came with pamphlets printed in 1985 for the nicad battery. I tried to fix the msc, but it still wont work, as soon as i plug in the battery, it just runs backwards even with the controller off. There is a considerable lip on one of the contact plates. Gear boxes and suspension seem good. I am looking to simply replace the old one with a modern esc. Also, i have a new motor that came with, is there any way to make sure that its a compatible power? I will post pictures this afternoon. Thank you all.
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