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  1. There have been a bunch of listings for new Tamiya kits on FB Marketplace. For example, there are 5 or 6 listings popping up for a Midnight Pumpkin for $60 with $10 Shipping. I found one listing and traced the image back to a retail toy site in Japan. All of the sellers use variations of the same set of photos, most have no previous sales, the ones that do all have 1 star. The majority of the sellers have been FB members for years, but guessing hacked profiles. Also checked and found similar listings in the U.K. Needless to say, if it's too good to be true... you know the rest.
  2. This is great, thank you. I may be able to get away with not using the upright if I use the parts from the Novafox. Basically I won a Fox lot of parts with the chassis and body for $15 USD. There was enough to get a sembalnce of a car, but just enough missing that I need to source stuff. Figure I can get a little more custom since Trying to do that weird French mod that uses the Boomerang back end. Then converting the front monoshock to dual with a CRP kit. Now if I can find a Thorp differential! You know, something that is 20x more expensive than the initial purchase
  3. Thank you. Also, I should be more specific. I'm in the U.S. UK is cool as long as it's small like that and not crazy shipping!
  4. Hey all. I'm looking for a couple parts. I need a "The Fox" motor mount spacer 4305163/BC11 and two Upright Stays 4305161/X9419. If anyone is holding, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. I used to use Mothers until someone turned me on to Simichrome. You can use it with a cloth or rotary tool. And it’s from Japan too, so your RC will feel a bit more at home. in all seriousness though. I restore vintage bicycles and after lots of tests with different compounds, Simichrome is always the final step in polishing.
  6. I found this on Tamiya Base. https://www.tamiyabase.com/view.download/3-pdf-manuals/178-58075-terra-scorcher-manual.htmlhttps://www.tamiyabase.com/view.download/3-pdf-manuals/178-58075-terra-scorcher-manual.html I know it's been discussed here and there but nothing I could find specifically about shocks. I got a vintage Fox the other day for the princely sum of $15. Problem is that it's mostly the chassis and a few pieces. It was missing enough that I thought I could have some fun with the build. However, I need shocks. Boomerang compatible for the rear and something that will work for the mono-shock conversion. I was chatting with someone at CRP about vintage and they steered me clear and suggested the following: Tamiya CVA RCAW Shocks Internal Spring I'm pretty intrigued by the hidden springs ones, but is there a disadvantage to not having oil dampers? Also, looking for the proper lengths for these. TLDR: Doing a Fox conversion with Boomerang shocks for the rear and a dual shock conversion for the front. I need some suggestions for shocks and the proper length. Thanks.
  7. I fear that my Blackfoot is somewhere with your Super G and Land Cruiser. All I can find is two sad wheels.
  8. I'm having a bit of a crisis, not midlife, that was last week. I recently posted about finding a NOS Grasshopper II Super G in my parents attic, a fully functioning model that was used as a display. For some background, here's the post: My Mid 90's Toys R Us Job is Still Paying My initial idea was to do some light mods, bearings, motor, possibly shock towers. BUT, it's never been used and once it goes, it's no longer NOS. I don't have the space for "Shelf Queens" so I'm considering selling it to get something different or used. But then again there is nostalgia in the story behind it. It's just one of those things where maybe someone else would love to have an NOS one and then I can grab a basher or project. On the flip side, chances that I stumble upon a complete (controller, receiver, servo, msc and battery/charger, manuals) one unless I pay a small fortune. As you can see from the above, I'm not thinking clearly . So looking to you all to confuse me even more. As an incentive, first person with the winning answer will get it* *first person with the winner answer will NOT get it- trying to create incentive for you all to post
  9. Love this. I used to do print production, so totally familiar with building stuff like this out. Going to give it a shot!
  10. Most of them were either thrown away or sent back to the manufacturer. Sometimes they would give them out. When the Star Wars prequals came out we had a 7' Naboo fighter and two 2' foot Vulture Droid ship.We raffled them off to employees. I got the larger one and one of the smaller ones. Still have them and have no idea what to do with them, they are huge.
  11. I know I'm not crazy, I found two of the BF tires in the box with the grasshopper. There were some stores that carried higher end stuff–Stock was either tested at these stores or they carried some pricier stuff because of the clientele. Certain bikes, video games, larger lego sets, rc, etc. I had no idea. Yeah, extra excited now. That's awesome.
  12. In the mid 90's I had a job at Toys R Us and it's still paying off. While searching for my missing Blackfoot in my parent's attic (the truck is still MIA), I stumbled upon an MRC/Tamiya shipping box with Toys R Us "do not inventory" labels on it. Inside I found an original Grasshopper II, a fully working display untouched since the 80s when TRU sold Tamiya RC stuff. I had forgotten about it entirely. I originally found it (in 1995 according to the receipt) cleaning up the store room and since it was a display and had "no value" I was allowed to take it home for the grand total of $5.28. Fast forward to today and I have a pretty cool project that needs some TLC. Some rubber wrapping and electrical tape turned brittle and gunked up a couple of spots and the body has a couple of brittle areas around the edges, otherwise, it's in great shape. Everything is there, driver, electronics, controller, manual(s), battery, charger and a few spare parts since I'm guessing someone had to build it for display. I'm probably going to skip trying to charge the old NiCad though. Nobody shared my excitement, so I had to post here–-now if I could only find the truck. Here's to new projects and hoping my parents didn't gift someone my Blackfoot.
  13. Love those top ones. I need to use the visual search on Ali for the bottom link to see if it’s cheaper. Thanks for the recco.
  14. I’ll give that a shot. Thank you. So neither bar, correct? Also, what about the slightly longer shocks?
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