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  1. i get what you mean, there is much bigger selection of body shells when it come to stock TT-02. but you will quickly find some parts to improve, like ball bearings, oil dampers. at least start out with ball bearings, because they are not that expensive, and you have to disassemble the whole car to install them, and then reassemble it. oil dampers also make a big difference, but are an easy replacement later.
  2. consider a TT-02 Type-D, they have ball bearings, CVA oil dampers and sport tuned motor. it makes them more zippy to drive with normal grip tires, than bone stock. and doesnt cost much extra over an stock TT-02.
  3. i have seen them sold in sets with body posts. like this https://www.tamiya.de/tamiya_en/categories/rc-accessories/rc-chassis/ta-05tb-evoiv-b-parts-body-mount-300051242-en.html https://www.drifted.nl/en/yokomo-y4-016-front-rear-body-mount.html
  4. went to two hobby shops to buy some parts that i have ordered. Tamiya high torque servo saver, TA02 speed gear and ball bearings for my TA02. and some Yokomo drift tires, spare rod ends, aluminium servo mounts and a YD-2Z gear differential box set.
  5. for the body posts, there is the ABC Hobby body post extensions as an option. https://www.drifted.nl/en/new-brand-1-body-post-extension-set.html
  6. yeah, a body reamer is so much better than a drill. much more precise and easy to make holes clean.
  7. i dont know with the FF-01. but Tamiya bodies are pretty compatible with other Tamiya onroad chassis'. the body has markings for two different body post locations for both front and rear. you can see them on the instructions. mine has no holes drilled.
  8. are you looking for the HKS Vectra ? i have one that with with my FF-03.
  9. a smaller package turned up today, but it was a lot of smaller put still important parts. MST steel screws, Yokomo steel screws, Yokomo titanium screws, MST ball connectors, MST aluminium spacers, MST aluminium disc brakes, MST adjustable wheels, MST rear suspension arms+hubs, Yokomo adjustable suspension mount bushings, Usukani ball end sets, Wrap-Up Next body magnets, MST carbon battery holder set and Reve-D titanium spur gear screws.
  10. another option is to use some round universal light buckets, as the rear lights are simple round ones. so something like these ABC Hobby could be worth checking out. https://www.drifted.nl/en/abc-hobby-universal-light-bucket-set.html i have two Supra bodies i used Yokomo lights buckets on, here you can see how they look. there is LED lights in the red one:
  11. the Tamiya Supra body shell does have lightbuckets for the front, but not for the rear. you also have to drill them out to fit the LED's. it's possible to fit rear light buckets from the Yokomo Supra, but i dont know if those are possible to find anymore.
  12. currently working on my MST RMX 2.5S drifter i bought a while back. almost done with assembly, just need to make the dampers, install electronics and finish the magnet body mounts.
  13. a package from Tamico showed up contained a Tamiya Skyline R33 GT-R sticker set, 2 Yeah Racing pinions, Tamiya aluminium servo mounts, 3Racing aluminium ball connectors, some Tamiya turn buckles and Losi Set screws.
  14. pm me, maybe i can help.
  15. a small package showed up. got some MST wheel hubs, caliper set and a Hobbywing Quicrun ESC.
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