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  1. check out Killerbody Nissan Skyline (R34) GT-R and ABC Hobby Nissan Leopard (F31).
  2. havent heard of that. but i have seen lots of people making listings with titles as Tamiya, not Kyosho, Yokomo, MST etc. i find that very annoying, because i have to go through a whole lot of extra listings which are not what i am searching for.
  3. actually im still running NiMH batteri in it. but i didnt think of the weight balance. i did for a short while think of changing to brushless and LiPo. in any case, its the shock towers that has priority. yeah, thats what i want to avoid. i do have installed some other lightweight saving parts, and i have weighted to see how much i save (but may not be 100% accurate). screws: stock 50 g --> titanium 27 g shaft drive: stock aluminium 14 g --> graphite 7 g input shafts: stock steel 10.24 g --> aluminium 4 g spur gear holder: stock 4,3 g --> aluminium 3 g bell crank post: stock brass 2,4 g --> aluminium 0 g (too light to get the scale to weigh it. have since then gotten a small scale to weigh spices)
  4. the stock batteri holder is about 12,5g of weight. not sure what the carbon one would weigh. but i dont want to buy it if bling is all it is
  5. im looking at a batteri holder and shock towers for a Yokomo MR-4TC SD. batteri holder like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yokomo-MR-4TC-SD-Carbon-Graphite-Battery-Plate-SD-118GP-/163019382856 shock towers as these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yokomo-MR-4TC-SD-Carbon-Front-Shock-Tower-SD-017G/163894694387?hash=item2628e291f3:g:SNoAAOSwDDxa4eo6 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rayspeed-Yokomo-Graphite-Rear-Shock-Mount-For-SSS-Shocks-MR-4TC-SD-RS-31/16303029599
  6. i am playing with the idea of getting a few carbon parts for my rc car, to make it a little bit lighter (and to have something new happen). im not in need of the extra stiffness, but mostly after weight reduction. so question is, how much lighter is carbon/graphite compared to plastic? i know we arent talking big savings like complared to steel, but compared to plastic it is still lighter, i take? im asking because i dont want to spend the money only to find out no weight was saved.
  7. yes, those looks to be the right ones thank you
  8. nope, those are different. you can tell by the bolts at the outher rim and molded on lug nuts.
  9. saw these wheels and i quite like them. i tried looking for them, but i couldnt find them. so does anyone know what wheels this is? they are seen on the ABC Hobby RX-7 bodyshell photos http://abchobbyusa.com/mazdarx-7fd3slatemodel196mm.aspx
  10. ok, i think i have it narrowed down to something like 10.5T or 13.5T yea i have heard that changing batteri from nimh to lipo will give the same motor more power. just didnt know it was that much. i have no idea about timing and setup, the guys at the drift track can probably help with stuff like that.
  11. i use a very sharp hobby knife. that works for me.
  12. of course batteri will be changed to lipo, its just that until now i thought a 19x2 brushed motor would be similar to a 19t brushless. the guys on the drift track runs 10.5t brushless and i they look to have more power than my 19x2 brushed motor. i will take a look at your suggestions, but preferredly i would buy the electronics at the local hobby shop. im not sure that they have all the brands, like Hobbywing. but Tamiya for sure they have, but that will be another place
  13. i have been toying with the idea of changing my old electronics in my 4WD drift car for something fresh and more up to date. it has a Team Orion 19x2 brushed motor installed and i like the power it has, so the goal isnt more power, but a more efficient system. what i dont like is how the ESC and motor gets warm, and loses power as the batteri runs lower on electricity (is a nimh type). i have no idea how to compare brushed to brushless, and need some help. what brushless motor would have similar power to a 19x2 brushed motor? it is not for competition, just for a fun drift car.
  14. got some stuff for my MR-4TC SD. some spare parts and some upgrades.
  15. one of the TT-01's looks to be a TT-01D. you can tell by the smaller foam bumper, red oil dampers, adjustable upper arms and tierods. should also have ballbearings. the blue aluminium drive shaft is a upgrade part bought separate. looks like it is missing some screws.
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