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  1. it will take a lot of modding and tinkering to get it somewhere near a standard drift car. the weight distribution, center of gravity, steering angle and suspension matter a big deal. you can do a lot of modding and tinkering with a drift car too. probably better to start with an Yokomo YD-2S or MST RMX 2.5S.
  2. yep im into drifting i have heard of this, but i think this function is called Super Response. i have the option of using it on my drifter, but i havent tried as i dont feel the need.
  3. honestly i dont remember what this function does. but this servo cost about 52€, which is i think is about mid range. i have some more high end Futaba servos in my drift cars, so i wanted to test one in a normal onroad car, but rather a mid range one as a high end servo would surely be overkill. hence i got this servo.
  4. i use an Futaba T4PM. pretty good, can have 40 cars linked to it. but recievers gets a little pricey. i have seen a lot of other people use this, but also Sanwa transmitters where i drive.
  5. i recently bought a Carson Street LED light kit, and i need to change some LED's to fit my body shell. as i cant just buy the correct LED's and plug them in (like with Tamiya TLU-01), i have to change around by solder them. i dont see why there should be any problems doing this. but it is just do it or something to keep in mind? i need to change two 3mm LED's to 5mm, and one 5mm LED to 3mm.
  6. received a Futaba 3470SV servo for my TA-02 today.
  7. i have tried brush painting with acryllic X paint, and it didnt look good. the finish turned out very uneven. on the other hand, enamel X paints doesnt give me any problems.
  8. got a package today, had APlastics Toyota Supra body, Yokomo rear motor conversion set for YD-2, upgraded motor plate for rear motor, and Yokomo drift tires for asphalt.
  9. received two packages first one with some HPI XSA 02C wheels and a Yeah Racing narrow motor heat sink. though, the black wheels is the wrong offset to what i ordered, so i will have to talk with the shop about that.. second box from Tamico got a Tamiya Toyota Supra sticker set, side mirror set and a Carson LED light kit.
  10. i had to enable reverse with the program box with mine. a bit silly it isnt just enabled from the start.
  11. today i bought some paint at the local hobby shop, PS-5, PS-45 PS-46 and PS-55. also received a small package with some Hudy tape, Yokomo titanium screws and intercooler set, MST shock piston, spacer set, tire rings and tire sponges.
  12. thanks. looks good in daylight. but it may not be the one im looking for for my project.
  13. can you post a photo of it outside in daylight? im looking for a green PS paint, but im not sure about which. some reference photos would help.
  14. got a package with rc stuff from France. a D-Like Nissan Silvia S14 body, 2 LAB wheelsets, Demi Works fenders and MST spacers.
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