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  1. it isnt something im going to start out with, but im considering doing it another time. just want to do some research beforehand.
  2. the plan is to just use the stock diffs, no spool. would be for a street basher, but i have some places nearby with pretty good surface for driving. a basketball court and a stadium with no bumps
  3. so, im planning to order an TT-02 Type-S, and i would probably get some universal shafts down the road. im thinking of using aluminium shafts for rear and front, because it reduces weight on rotational mass, and it looks good but would aluminium shafts work for the front? i plan to use an Tamiya Sport Tuned motor, or an brushless setup of an comparable (or slightly more powerful) power level to the Tamiya sport tuned motor.
  4. thats a very nice color. what paint was used?
  5. it's likely i would be changing gear ratios, so that could be useful. thanks
  6. would you recommend getting the Yeah Racing motor mount? im planning to run a Tamiya Sport tuned motor. im not chasing top speeds, but want it to be quick and fun.
  7. hmm, does sound good. i wouldnt want to mess up a expensive transmitter because of a bad battery. looking at the Arrowmax LiFe 2400mAh 6.6V, im not familiar with batteries for transmitters. is 2400mAh a lot?
  8. im looking for a LiFe battery pack for my transmitter (a Futaba 4PM) and found an affordable battery pack by Arrowmax. i have no experience with this brand, so can anyone here tell more? good or bad quality? i did visit my local hobby shops, but none have a battery pack for the 4PM in stock.
  9. i can see where you are coming from, and i understand that hop ups doesnt always make significant improvements, or me a better driver for that matter. but another aspect of the hobby i like, is to have some hop ups and give the chassis my 'touch'. while i dont need to have a top spec chassis, i dont want a stock either, but something in between. i had an TT-01D (which i sold some years ago), but i found that chassis fun drive, so i want something along that again. but i have had plenty of TT-01's, so i want to try a new chassis this time. nothing wrong with different answers, seeing varying views on stuff can help me move on . i dont think i would be drifting with the TT-02 becuase i already have a Yokomo MR-4TC SD and YD-2E for drifting, also the idea from the beginning was to do a grip car. i think the TB-05 is too high spec for me (it certainly looks advanced), and it doesnt have the bathtub chassis as the TT-02. i absolutely prefer the bathtub chassis for driving outside. i wouldnt consider the TA-07, because im not into belt driven cars. i did have a look at the TB-03, but it is quite similar to the Yokomo MR-4TC SD. your TT-02 looks nice. i have just bought and installed the same Yeah Racing shocks on my TT-01 i recently cleaned for the first time in a long time. it is possible i would swap them on the TT-02, depending how much the TT-01 will get to drive.
  10. the suspension is important, because i want to fiddle with that setup. also i dont like the stock arms on the TT-02 because of a few reasons. i think the TT-02D is out of the game, the advantages of the Type-S simply outweigh the TT-02D. i havent considered the Type-SR, will definitely check that out. and nice diorama you got there toyolien
  11. i have started fancy getting a TT-02 for some street running, no club racing. of course i want go buy some hop ups for it, but it is not the goal to get a top max spec. so the versions im looking at is the TT-02D and the Type-S. i want the suspension arm setup the Type-S comes with, but the TT-02D somes with the sport tuned motor and body shell i want. another thing is the Type-S box isnt big enough for storing the chassis and body when built, which i prefer. on the other hand it seems that to get the Type-S suspension arm for the TT-02D isnt that simple either. there is a bunch of parts/hardware to buy. so what would you guys recommend?
  12. looking nice. i have been considering getting a TT-02D, or maybe a TT-02 Type-S for street use. i havent built a Tamiya car in 13 years and starting to getting itchy fingers again.
  13. ok, the TT-01 has been totally cleaned up and drivetrain runs smoothly. i tried running it with the wheels not touching the ground, but the ESC would still warm up in a few minutes. it is possible that i wont get this fixed without changing motor and ESC to something else. not sure if a fan on the ESC is enough. well, i have been having some interest in a new chassis, so if i decide to buy one, i will take this knowledge with me.
  14. so going with my 12x2 turn motor wasnt a good idea from the start. well, it was done back when i was 14 and just wanted fast car, so... i dont want to put too much money into it because i dont use it that much. if im going to buy new motor/electronics, i would rather start out with a new chassis and just keep this one as a time capsule or something along that.
  15. gearing is just the stock that came with the kit. spur is 61T and pinion is 19T. will look into the timing. its not something i have done before, but it will be a little while before i can get to do that. i have the TT-01 in pieces in a cleanup process and discovered some damaged parts i will replace.
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