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  1. i might just look at getting double cardans, i would rather get completely rid of the problem than just work around it.
  2. got some working done on my FF-03. as RichieRich suggested, i tried swapping the diff around, but it didnt change. it still chatters/clacks and vibrates at the wheels and wheel hubs when turned. i would suspect it could happen if the swing shafts hit max turn angle, but im not sure thats the problem. i tried without wheels, then it runs with no clacking and vibrations. i suppose i should try some other wheels and see what happens.
  3. received some parts today. Yokomo aluminium ball differential, aluminium rear shock tower, shock mount parts and some MST ball bearings.
  4. got this IFS2 conversion kit for the Enduro.
  5. does it have to be chrome? seems like you can get them in matt silver and black. https://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/3815 https://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/3820 https://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/3816 https://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/3821
  6. i dont know yet, bought them to try them out. but i read a few reviews beforehand and they should be quality parts. i think this set is mainly for RWD drift cars, as the pistons have 12 holes for the front and 16 for the rear.
  7. got a few parts for my Yokomo RD2.0 project. Yokomo aluminium front shock tower, Axon aluminiums big bore dampers and Hiro Seiko aluminium spacers.
  8. i use a 2S LiFe 2400mah battery in my 4PM, it lasts very long. but not all LiFe batteries fits the 4PM, Arrowmax makes a one, which is what i use.
  9. received a package, last one for now. here i got a Yokomo RD2.0 chassis kit, MST adjustable wheel set, RcArt SSR Reiner wheel sets in offset 6 and 8, a sidemirror set, Topline damper pistons, D'Magic 180SX taillight set and a Yeah Racing spacer set.
  10. got one more package, a smaller one, but with important parts. a set of Boomracing 1.55'' TE37LG and Probuild 1.9'' Mag-10 wheels, wheel caps, a lug nut tool for M2 bolts and a Traxxas rollbar.
  11. got another package. got a ABC Hobby 1:10 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R body + included overfenders, 2 extra sets of overfenders, Yokomo titanium screw set, 2 MST wheel hub sets, and 2 RC Arlos side mirror sets.
  12. got another package, with a Pandora 1:10 Celica Supra Mk2 body, Yokomo Silvia S15 light bucket set, Wrap-up Next window lining in two different widths, HPI Rays 57S-Pro wheels and Work XSA 02C wheels in different offsets, and 2 sets of Spice Volk TE37 wheels.
  13. got some parts. a Demi Works overfender set for the Tamiya RX-7, some universal overfenders of two different types, SRC side pipes and a Yeah Racing aluminium steering wheel for my transmitter.
  14. got a small package yesterday. i got some Topline X-rings, Yokomo high grade O-rings, aluminium suspension mount and spur gear mount, and a set of side mirrors.
  15. i bought MST TR56 aluminium dampers for my TA-02. i used the Tamiya oil and O-rings from the TA-02 kit instead of the MST mineral oil and O-rings from the TR56 set, and it looks like it is free of leaks.
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