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  1. this shop in Finland will ship to USA. they have the HPI M3 E30. https://www.eurorc.com/product/20470/hpi-racing-bmw-e30-m3-clear-body-200mm Tamico also have it. https://tamico.de/BMW-E30-M3-BODY-200mm
  2. got the last parts i need for my FF-03. the aluminium suspension mounts, and some T-Works wheel nuts. and some tires for another project.
  3. recieved some T-Works parts today. some different wheels nuts, spacers, and a few parts for Tamiya FF-03.
  4. i dont know with this exact combo, but if there is reinforcement ribs on the back side of the wheel spokes, they could catch on the caliber. the grooves and holes on those discs in your picture looks enormous :S
  5. yes. an TA-02 with the Loctite Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R back in 2007. wanted that Skyline a lot at that time.
  6. the ones i have been at the most is these: (not listed in any particular order). Hoon's RC, Matteo's RC Movies, Kisun's RC Life, RCSparks Studio, Mark bryan, RC Girl, Scale Builder's Guild, RC Review and AMPRO Engineering
  7. the TT-02 has better options when it comes to gearing. you can get the YEah Racing motor mount and Tamiya high speed gear to get more gearing options if that is something you want. spares and upgrades is about the same for both. there is plenty, and generally easy to find too.
  8. got some parts today Kawada VX wheels in various width and offset, Topline SSR Aigle Minerva wheels, Yokomo Nissan Silvia S15 stickers, Yokomo spare wheel pins and wheel nut, Yokomo stabilizer bars (F & R) for YD-2TC, Kawada motor spacer for Tamiya FF-03, Eagle Racing stabilizer bars (F & R) for Tamiya FF-03, Eagle Racing aluminium spur gear mount for Tamiya FF-03, Yokomo aluminium spacers, TN Racing carbon spur gear plate, RC926 3mm wheel hex, Tamiya 84410 carbon servo plate, Tamiya 53876 aluminium damper retainers and Wrap-up Next 0272-FD carbon battery holder for VX-Concept YD-2.
  9. got some parts today. Tamiya short reversible suspension arms, FF-03 aluminium upper arm mount, FF-03 carbon reinforced K-parts, FF-03 gearbox for gear differential (incase i want to try gear differential) and some bearings i thought was ball bearings.
  10. i prefer hex machine screws, i found it easier to work with. i have assembled my TT-01, TT-02S and FF-03 with hex screws. before installing any screws, i threaded the holes with Tamiya M3 threading tap (54232).
  11. spare parts and hop ups for the FF-03 is starting to dry up, so that is a factor to take into account too. getting the aluminium spur gear holder is a @!)(="#$£@£€ pain.
  12. do anyone know if Ampdraw Hobbies is still going? i bought something at their webshop about a month ago. money was taken and i had no updates since. i have tried contacing them a couple of times now, but i never got any replies.
  13. i started an paypal case and got my money back some days later. i cant recommend this shop, absolute waste of time. for 4 months i was waiting for something i thought was shipped. i got a shipping confirmation with tracking number, but they didnt actually send anything. no replies to any emails when i tried contacting them.
  14. yeah, i am at that point. i have a feeling these is just some jokers..
  15. i bought an aluminium spur gear holder for my FF-03, total order was like 8$ usd shipped with DHL. showed to be in stock at the time i bought it, and i got a tracking number that worked on the DHL site for a while, but all it ever said was something like shipment submitted. now it only show an error.
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