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  1. got a Yokomo Nissan Silvia S14 bodyshell and light brackets delivered yesterday.
  2. ok, will consider it as the next upgrade. i think i will go with the Tamiya ones, as those are the easiest for me to find and, the price is reasonable.
  3. just finished those Tamiya two-piece wheels today. i painted the wheel centers in silver, and the back in matt black to hide the chromed center behind. assembled with 3Racing M2.6 x 8 titanium screws so i can use a hex tool, and save some weight. the titanium screws reduces the weight for the 20 screws needed for 4 wheels from 9.10 g, to 4.58 g. saving 50.33% weight on the screws.
  4. i bought the Tamiya 5mm suspension balls (50944) for my FF-03. they can be used in place of the plastic ones used en the rear. not sure what metal it is made of though. would the aluminium suspension blocks be overkill for bashing? i have noticed the amount of slop with the suspsension front arms is a little different from left to right side, despite having put aluminium shims on.
  5. here is some photos of the TT-01D i had. the wheels is Yokomo Volk GT-7, with 4mm offset. was going to do this again, just with the TT-02S. even if the short arms are only 1mm shorter, i will take what i can get. if all fails, i can get some other wheels with less offset, but there isnt much i like.
  6. i want to run the Tamiya Toyota Supra body shell with either HPI +3mm offset wheels, or Yokomo +4mm offset wheels. it is mainly just that i like the wheel designs they offer. i have used +4mm offset wheels on a TT-01D with the Tamiya Toyota Supra, and it was a perfect fit. didnt think the arms would make this difference when i bought my TT-02S.
  7. my TT-02S with the wheels i want to use is bit too wide for the Tamiya bodyshell i want to run. found out Tamiya makes a short version of the suspension arms. i cant really find out the length of the short version, so have anyone here used the short version on one of their cars? how much shorter are they? the version included with the TT-02S is item number 51297, and short version i found is item number 53928, if that matters.
  8. got one more package HPI Work XSA02C wheels, HPI radial tires, Tamiya FF-03 aluminium bumper mount, Tamiya FF-03 carbon rear damper stay, Tamiya FF-03 carbon motor stay, Tamiya 5mm metal suspension balls, Tamiya titanium screws and some Tamiya wheel spacers.
  9. i have Tamiya 44mm CVD shafts on mine.
  10. got a package that turned up with a big open tear in the side. looked like trouble, but everthing was there. the smaller parts could have slipped out, but they were lying on the opposite side to the opening. Tamiya tires + foam inserts, HPI tires, 3Racing titanium screws, and 3Racing aluminium servo mounts.
  11. just started building my FF-03. have assembled the gearbox, but the ball differential have a fair amount of play, can move about 2mm from side to side. is this normal ?? i have the Yeah racing aluminium ball differential joint set.
  12. my TT-02S is almost finished. just need a battery and to make a body shell. also need to tidy the wires, but i want to make sure everthing works first.
  13. tape like this? https://www.drifted.nl/en/new-brand-1-panel-line-tape-03mm-x-5m.html https://www.drifted.nl/en/new-brand-1-panel-line-tape-05mm-x-5m.html
  14. didnt catch what you meant with the TC-01 at first i have not had a TB-05 or XV-01, so i cant really comment on them. but i would look at the XV-01 because of its different layout.
  15. i havent really seen any carbon stickers that looks right, but you can find some different ones for RC. here is from two different brands. https://www.drifted.nl/en/body-carbon-pattern-sticker.html https://www.drifted.nl/en/high-grade-carbon-fiber-effect-wrap-sticker.html
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