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  1. got some RC stuff delivered yesterday. some aluminium nuts, and wheels + offset hubs for my offroad car.
  2. i think it looks very good in this chocolate bronze brown i have a the 4 door version, and i have been thinking hard for a while about what color to paint it, and i still haven decided
  3. nope, the TT-01D (TT-01 Type-D) do exist. i had one at some point, and found it pretty fun to drive with grip tires.
  4. looks very much like those are used to attach stabilizers. maybe stabilizers was available at some point. FF-03 also have something like this, and stabilizers are hard to find.
  5. when i get my car and get it on the road i probably will do just that. it's not a daily or beater.
  6. i have a FF-03. im not looking to make it crazy fast :S i need to finish the electronics, bodyshell and sort pinion before it is ready.
  7. i dont know a lot about gearing, but would stock gearing be ok for 17.5 brushless ?
  8. ok, i think i will go for a hard coated pinion. i thought the FF-03 came 48p pinion and spur gear :S
  9. do you guys change the stock pinion? i have read varies places that the kit supplied Tamiya pinions are not very good.
  10. i dont like over fenders, but if you have to use them, i would paint them body color.
  11. got an offroad car delivered this week. settled on a SSD Trail King.
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