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  1. ok, i think i have it narrowed down to something like 10.5T or 13.5T yea i have heard that changing batteri from nimh to lipo will give the same motor more power. just didnt know it was that much. i have no idea about timing and setup, the guys at the drift track can probably help with stuff like that.
  2. i use a very sharp hobby knife. that works for me.
  3. of course batteri will be changed to lipo, its just that until now i thought a 19x2 brushed motor would be similar to a 19t brushless. the guys on the drift track runs 10.5t brushless and i they look to have more power than my 19x2 brushed motor. i will take a look at your suggestions, but preferredly i would buy the electronics at the local hobby shop. im not sure that they have all the brands, like Hobbywing. but Tamiya for sure they have, but that will be another place
  4. i have been toying with the idea of changing my old electronics in my 4WD drift car for something fresh and more up to date. it has a Team Orion 19x2 brushed motor installed and i like the power it has, so the goal isnt more power, but a more efficient system. what i dont like is how the ESC and motor gets warm, and loses power as the batteri runs lower on electricity (is a nimh type). i have no idea how to compare brushed to brushless, and need some help. what brushless motor would have similar power to a 19x2 brushed motor? it is not for competition, just for a fun drift car.
  5. got some stuff for my MR-4TC SD. some spare parts and some upgrades.
  6. one of the TT-01's looks to be a TT-01D. you can tell by the smaller foam bumper, red oil dampers, adjustable upper arms and tierods. should also have ballbearings. the blue aluminium drive shaft is a upgrade part bought separate. looks like it is missing some screws.
  7. hmm, sounds like the money would be better spend somewhere else. at least i think i will should to take my TT-01 for a drive and see if i find it fun as it is now.
  8. nice. i like the purple colors im not aiming at making a competition race car with as much carbon and aluminium as possible, but just want to throw in a few not super expensive upgrades now that is a good time to do it.
  9. just finished cleaning my Yokomo MR-4TC SD CM Drift Package. it has never been cleaned since i bought it back in 2006. will order a few parts and upgrades before i get to the assembly.
  10. well sounds like im going to get one . i could put it on a weight and compare to stock when i get.
  11. that sounds good. is there any disadvantage to it?
  12. hello, i am considering buying a hollow graphite drive shaft for my Yokomo MR-4TC SD CM since i have it in pieces and totally cleaning it right now. im not familiar with the graphite stuff at all, and might need some inputs. does anyone here have used the Yokomo graphite drive shaft in their MR-4TC SD CM ? it should be lighter than the stock drive shaft (which i assume is aluminium), but also stronger, is that correct? i read it is supposed to be hollow. and what is the difference between carbon and graphite parts when it comes to RC?
  13. many of the Tamiya 190mm body shells fit right over on Tamiya onroad cars. sometimes you can read descriptions on tamiyausa.com with the compatability.
  14. it was my browser doing stuff. i tried another browser and could see the photos. the red Silvia is pretty dusty in the last photo
  15. i was going to put this unused TT-01 with a bunch of nice upgrades for sale, but as i probably wont get much for it i decided to keep it as a fun car for when i want some grip driving. some years ago i had a TT-01D which i think was the car i had most fun driving, so im going for a similar build. i just bought an sport tuned motor the other day to replace the stock silver can, and im thinking of trying these stabilizer sets. its not for competion, but purely for fun. i read some people dont think stabilizers for the TT-01 is worth the money, or that it doesnt really add much to the handling. is there anyone here that tried the stabilizer set on their TT-01, and if so, whats your thoughts? another thing is i have always been curious to try those stabilizers, and see how they work. it looks like the stabilizer sets arent that easy to find (but still manageable), so i would want to try while i can get them..
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