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  1. got a package with a bunch of goodies. but shipping from Japan had turned seriously expensive though.. some different wheel sets in different offsets, 3 Yokomo wing accessory sets, Yokomo aluminium spool, Tamiya aluminium spring retainers, an Eagle racing carbon battery holder for FF-03 and some Yokomo suspension parts with disc brakes/calipers for MR-4TC. Toyota Supra body shell and Yokomo drift sticker set Top Secret Nissan Silvia S15 body shell with accessory parts (but with no stickers/masking), and Yokomo sticker set.
  2. Tamiya PS-59 metallic dark blue, backed with Tamiya PS-5 black
  3. im not sure what purpose you are aiming for with those electronics, but Yokomo and Acuvance is both quality brands. im just not sure if getting RWD/drift spec electronics is something to spend the money on with this chassis.
  4. a shop in Denmark had them, also found one in Sweden. but that was about a year ago, both are sold out now.
  5. i searched the internet thin for many hours, the few places i found wouldnt post out of their country, or end up getting super expensive if i got somebody else to buy it, end send it. i ended up with a spur mount from Eagle Racing. on the other hand, i found the Aluminium Bumper Support, and quite easy and inexpensive at that too.
  6. upgrade parts for the FF-03 has become much harder to find over the last few years, so that could be something to take into account too. the spur gear mount in aluminium is rarer than a rainbow unicorn.
  7. i had a TT-01D when i was 15, and i had good fun bashing around on car parks. it had ball bearings, CVA dampers and Sport Tuned motor in the kit as standard. i would imagine the TT-02 with same upgrades would be same story. you could consider getting the TT-02D, then you would get those upgrades with the kit.
  8. overdrive is also used with 4 wheel drive drift cars, although that was the thing before rear wheel drive drift chassis' appeared. having overdrive on the rear wheels will give more over steering, making them drive more like a RWD car while being a 4WD chassis.
  9. almost finished this drift body shell. just needs license plates, and body magnets. the color is metallic red but the phone cameras dont capture the metallic. it looks much better in person.
  10. got some parts today, mostly for my MST drifter. MST aluminium suspension mounts, rear ESC mount, spring retainers, rear carbon damper tower, Yokomo diaphram and a Yokomo wing accessory set.
  11. got a D-Like Mazda RX-7 body, a Futaba servo, some wheels and a spare Yokomo body post set.
  12. got a few parts delivered. some MST spacers, and some MST hop ups for RMX 2.0
  13. it's not a new thing, i remember buying a Calsonic Skyline R32 GT-R back in 2005 that had wheel arches and holes pre cut like this. it makes the build process easier, but if you are using the body on another chassis than Tamiya, the pre cut body holes might not fit.
  14. nope, used metallic dark blue ps-59 with this one.
  15. i rinse the soup away with water, shake can well and apply paint in thin coats. still i think the paint should hold up better than it have had with the small impacts i had. i have no idea about hand moisturizing content in the dish soup i got, i will take a look at that. i dont scotchbrite, maybe it is something i should try.
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