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  1. i have a LED set from MytrickRC, it is a bit pricy, but works very nice. if you connect it with the RC electronics, you can have stop lights, reverse lights, turn signals and more. there is a lot of options to select from, and it is easy to use. you can also have it attached seperately from your car electronics with an 9V battery, but then you wont have the functions as reverse lights, stop lights and turn signals. there is an review on youtube here:
  2. ****, where did you find the spur gear mount? im looking for one, and they are sold out about everywhere.
  3. with some colors, you cant tell the final outcome without backing. making paint tests on a lexan scrap piece is the best to do if you want to get an idea, or to know what direction to go (darker/lighter).
  4. received a bunch of stuff this week Tamiya FF-03 and a handful of upgrades for it.
  5. i have just started to use LiPo batteries first time ever in about May this year. had no problems so far, and has worked great. taking good care of it and it will be just fine. other things i have found out: the power supply of LiPo is consistent for the majority of the run time, as with NiMh it gradually gets sluggish before running of of battery. you may want to have a cut-off voltage set with the ESC, as too low voltage can damage the battery. LiPo batteries with two cells (2S) or more requires a charger that can balance charge. LiPo's requires a storage charge once in a while. leaving LiPo batteries at full charge over longer periods of time can damage the battery. when charging, put the LiPo in a safe charge bag (sold at hobby shops).
  6. if a body shell is too wide, you can just use some wheels with more offset.
  7. according to the tracking, my FF-03 should have arrived in my country friday. that means high probability of it getting delivered monday. looking forward to it just PM'ed you, so it wont take up this thread.
  8. we dont have official Tamiya or Futaba stores here, just the shops that buys their stock through the importers/supplier. having an actual official Tamiya or Futaba store sounds kind of exotic to me . sending one (i take it we are talking the Tamiya 54234 here) for free would have been very nice of you. if it is not too much trouble and you would help, i would pay for it. the cost of spur gear mount and cost of shipping.
  9. i checked with my local hobby shop, they said the supplier dont even have it in the system, so it cant be ordered. then i searched all corners of the internet, and found only few places with it in stock, but none in EU. im not sure if what your shops have is fresh stock, but when i search around it could look like this part is out of production. i will use an 17.5T brushless motor in the FF-03, so i would highly prefer this part in aluminium.
  10. is it just me, or is the aluminium spur gear mount for the FF-03 sold out almost everywhere? not just the Tamiya, but also 3Racing and T-Works spur gear mount. do anyone know if it is discontinued or something?
  11. im open to suggestions, but i would prefer something i can buy at my hobby shop. i know they have Futaba and Savox there, not sure about other brands but will look around. ok, but whether it is racing or bashing, it would still be annoying. im using a Futaba 4PM and Futaba recievers, so maybe i shouldnt have any problems.
  12. does brown out damage the electronics? im going to use a Lipo battery, so i dont know if that would fix something like that.
  13. the S9570SV was just the one i was considering with Futaba, and had ordered it to a very nice price (64€) yesterday, only to get a message from the shop today telling the price was and error. so that got too expensive. the FF-03 is for street bashing. would prefer to buy something in good quality within my budget of max 65€, and to be able to buy it at my local hobby shop. Savox 1251 or 1252 sounds as the best option right now.
  14. looking at servos for my FF-03, and has narrowed down to something from either Savox or Futaba, depending price. would prefer low profile for my FF-03 because of how it is mounted on this chassis. the Savox 1251MG looks like the best option, but i read somebody say Savox low profile servos wear out faster. got no idea if thats true, i havent even used Savox before, so some input would be good.
  15. still looking? im having a FF-03 coming with the Opel Vectra body, but want to change to another body. body is unpainted.
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