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  1. On the top force its applied to the spines of the diffs drive cups.
  2. Did some more of my Top Force Today. Its coming together slowly.
  3. Front and rear end of my top force done. High speed spur in the rear and centre one way in the front. Next the Hi Caps, should I use the soft oil in the high cap set or I've seen 40wt mentioned on this forum? I will hopefully be getting the carbon chassis sometime soon.
  4. Little bit more over the Top Force. The motor isn't staying, going to upgrade.
  5. Started building my Top Force today
  6. Started building my Re Re Top Force today (Yay) and instructions say I need synthetic rubber cement. Is there a common name for name for this like evo stik that I can get from screwfix or b&q or is it like a bike inner tube repair kit glue? Or am I totally wrong?
  7. With the teapot racing, they have to race round a track made of Rich Tea biscuits.
  8. I've enjoyed reading this post. All the original battlescars and repairs are all memories. I think you should use the original driver. I got my first Tamiya kit after 30yrs yesterday, I opened the tyres and even the smell brought back memories, my partner, she thought I was mad.
  9. Finally got it, I had to go to the depot to get it though, otherwise it would of been delivered on Tuesday!!!!
  10. Yeah, I have rung parcelforce numerous times since Monday. They know the charge amount (£25) but they cant take payment until it's in their depot. Two days to get from Hong Kong and then spends a week in customs!
  11. My top force kit and bearings have been sitting at customs since Sunday afternoon. So annoying.
  12. Got some more bits today. Just waiting for the kit and bearing set to be released from customs.
  13. Why is it, you order something from Stellamodels Hong Kong on a Friday afternoon and by the Sunday afternoon, it's been packed, shipped and landed in the Midlands (Or wherever it is) in the UK (International Hub). It then takes 2 or 3 days to get from the Midlands to London!! Ridiculous!
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