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  1. Yes I'm with the others, restore it a little then enjoy the memories of it. Get a super clod and then run and bash that one. Enjoy
  2. Went Asda today and they have limited it to 2 bottles of bleach per customer. The shelves were still empty.
  3. Probably passed out in the corner, sick down your front, wet yourself not even gone near Ebay 🙂
  4. Does an ironing board cover from Amazon count?
  5. Oh wow!! That brings back memories.
  6. I'm sure i read somewhere on here it was recommended to have ball on the back and geared on the front.
  7. I just caught a couple of videos on You Tube of the 12th scale IFMAR Finals. Wow!! I dont know how they get their eyes, brains and fingers to work together so quickly and smoothly.
  8. PayPal cool off??? I think you need to let your keyboard cool off after that post
  9. Yeah I pulled it from the receiver and used the ESC instructions to refer to which setting.
  10. Exactly as CoolHands says, leave most of it because it's all memories. Its survived 31 yrs in the garage, dont go changing it now, well not too much anyway.
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