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  1. If the other offer on the DT01/03 wheels and tires fall the through, I’d like to be next in line if I can. Definitely would like them. Thanks! Brian
  2. Good luck finding these! I SCOURED the internet to luckily find a set in Greece that I bought a few months ago....
  3. Yeah unfortunately finding mint spares out there are next to finding a leprechaun riding a unicorn. If you’re building a runner though, Jazrider sells sells aluminum C-parts on eBay that you can use to get your car rolling.
  4. How did the DB02 build end up? I just found this thread as I’ve recently acquired a DB02 and am trying to learn as much as I can. It’s great to see the info you’ve shared! Great write up!! Thank you for that!
  5. Ha ha ha!! Nothing at all!! I’m sure there’s a good reason this car didn’t go any further. I appreciate all the info, good and bad, that this thread brought to light. Regardless of the terrible reviews, I still felt compelled to acquire one! 🤣 Hopefully I have good results with mine.
  6. Sorry to revive this thread everyone! It’s 7 years later! Ha ha!! I just wanted to add that I just purchased a thoroughly hopped up DB02 for seriously low cost. I’m excited to see how this thing goes! I’m no racer though, but hope to tinker at the track a little bit. This is probably a great car for the likes of me.
  7. Hello! As stated, I’m in need of a set of body posts for my Monster Racer. I picked up a chassis, but it had the wrong posts on it. I’m hoping someone may have some spare laying around. Any condition at this point works for me. Any help would be much appreciated. -Brian
  8. I literally just bought one today... how much you looking to sell for?
  9. I’ve got a set of brand new ones I’ll trade you. I actually need the Monster Racer mounts too! -Brian
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