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  1. Thanks all, great advice. New car it is, will take a look at your suggestions on what to go for. Feel a lot better now that decision is made! I like the idea of him running the old classic, but the real life practicalities of it don’t stack up, at least for now...
  2. hi, I have one. I might be interested in selling if I get a new car. PM me if you are still looking.
  3. Hi, I need some advice. My kid is now 11 and wants to get into RC racing. I have an old RC10 from the late 80s with a couple of Reedy motors and tekin 410k from my racing days. I got the car out and everything still works like the day I packed it away.... brings back memories! Question is; for my son do I give him my rc10 or get a newer Traxaas or something? The rc10 and tekin feel slightly like precious antiques. I haven’t investigated the new cars much yet but if they are anything like the Losi’s that came out as I stopped racing then the rc10 whilst beautiful is starting to show its age on the track. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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