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  1. This is one really nice model, i always wanted this one, it is pretty rare now. Good job on the chassis, this motor should go well!
  2. hello, show us some photos of your build!
  3. Hello all, as this is the break for whole world, i was working on my other projets and this beauty was left in the corner for a while. I got new tyres for it, it is Blazing blazer tyres.I think it gives different look for the car. Few photos:
  4. zappto

    Kyosho ford gt 40

    Hi all, this is my other project car, this one is Cobra daytone, it is well driven, engine not working, tyres are bald, i think it had a rough life. Hope to get engine working and new tyres for it. It is looking not too bad. Few photos:
  5. zappto

    Kyosho ford gt 40

    This is my work on the legendary car build, it is my summer project. i still need to adjust carburator and all engine work, cleaned the outside and repaired the body. few photos:
  6. zappto

    Kyosho superten gtr

    thank you for the tip. You should rebuild yours! Few photos of my car:
  7. Hello, i am currently working on the Kyosho Superten gtr car, this car is really hard to find parts, i managed to make it running in 5 months, showing my progress. Car runs nicely now, engine starts great. Now working on the body, Few photos: Engine not working, wheels are cracked, front wheels not spining. After restoration chassis, few test runs. Front lights working. Rear lights working.
  8. Hello, the chassis rails are solid aluminium i think, they are separate, a very nice work of art indeed. It has no proper dif thought. Working on the radio box now. I was thinking does radio box had a rubber around, to protect from water?
  9. Hi friends, today cleaned all small parts of the frame, i still need to clean radio box and gearbox. Started to work on the rebuild, placed new tyres for the truck, they are reproduction, but look as original, even have small letters on the sides. Few photos:
  10. This is the start of the restoration, first of all i need to clean all the parts, they are so dirty a lot of oil on the chassis. Few photos:
  11. Hello, now i have some time for my old friend. It is Toyota Hilux pick up. This car is not so bad condition, it was siting on the shelf for long time and i want to make it running again, a lot of work ahead. This is how it looks at the moment. Few photos:
  12. Good day. Today was first time running on the ground, the car works quite good, just steering needs adjusting it does not turn one side well, not sure why, and i think i need to charge my battery properly, car was going not so fast. Few photos.
  13. thank you for info, I found re release body for the scorcher, does it fits for the vintage one? or it is different?
  14. Hello, i am going to start new restoration project on my old sand scorcher. Wanted to ask what are differences between MKI and MKII. which parts are different?
  15. Hello, thank you for the likes, doing some progress on the build, painted rear lights and the roof, i think it looks better with dark roll bars. Still waiting paints for my driver. Few photos. IMG_7830 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_7831 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_7832 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_7834 by vito toto, on Flickr
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