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  1. What an interesting build you got here, i always thought Rough rider exist real. This is cool build, keep up!
  2. Thank you Krustybus, now the car shell is almost finished, i still need to find few stickers. My receiver contacts do not work very well, i still cant run it. I think i need to clean them, or get new receiver.
  3. You can seach Ebay, there a lot of re release tyres for Sand scorcher.
  4. Hello, today finished work on the lights, i did not have different color wires, so used only red. It works now, few photos.
  5. Thank you Ploots. I need to get few stickers, does anyone have any left? I need few i think. Now going on the holliday for a week. I think lights will take a lot of time, there so many vires! But i still want to make lights shine! Good old friend.
  6. Body painted, i still need to do small detailing work, i noticed few spray problems.
  7. Doing sand scorcher masking and painting. Masking the body. Before painting.
  8. Hi all, decided to get my scorcher new vintage shell. I always wanted to paint scorcher, so now i show few pictures. Still a lot work on detailing. Rear led pico lights, they shine naturaly. Licence plate lightening. Made lights First primer coat.
  9. Yes, i leave it like this now, i sow a lot of restorations on this page, i made few restorations already, i know body like this takes a lot of time to make looks right. Hope to fix the shock on this one. Does rear tyres had some foam inside, or it was empty original?
  10. So after a few months of parts search, and i can say huge prices for the parts, made this little matey to spin his wheels. Got new tyres! Old elctronics, they work somedays! Needs body restoration Period radio control Now i need to decide if i want to leave this shell, or try to do restoration. I will drive it like this for a while, if it goes!
  11. Hi, i was hoping to get my scorcher for some time, and i found this one on ebay, it was really bad shape, so got it for a fair price, needs a lot of work done. Front bumber broken. Tyres are gone. Shocks not working. Camlock is broken. No electronic. Need all rubber parts. Rear cage is broken, Need a body restoration. But Engine is working!
  12. This is one really nice model, i always wanted this one, it is pretty rare now. Good job on the chassis, this motor should go well!
  13. hello, show us some photos of your build!
  14. Hello all, as this is the break for whole world, i was working on my other projets and this beauty was left in the corner for a while. I got new tyres for it, it is Blazing blazer tyres.I think it gives different look for the car. Few photos:
  15. zappto

    Kyosho ford gt 40

    Hi all, this is my other project car, this one is Cobra daytone, it is well driven, engine not working, tyres are bald, i think it had a rough life. Hope to get engine working and new tyres for it. It is looking not too bad. Few photos:
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