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  1. Hi all, was trying to fix my old broken bumper, painted it grey. I still think to find a metal one to replace original, which is so easy to brake!. Today was trying front lights, used small warm white leds. Got screws for wheels, which was missing. Few photos: IMG_6083 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_6216 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_6214 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_6215 by vito toto, on Flickr
  2. Hello all, thank you KEV THE REV, Doc Hollywood. This is where it sits now, still a lot of work ahead, but it is getting there. Few photos. IMG_5667 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_5666 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_5669 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_5668 by vito toto, on Flickr
  3. Hello all, today was working on the front grill, it was badly damaged, few photos of my work.
  4. Hello, thank you for the info GTod! I will think about ball bearings later then. Now i am searching for correct color for the car to spray. I found in the manual color names: Black x1, white x2, blue -x3, green - x5, orange - x6, red - x7. I think i can get all colors i need to paint small parts on the car, but i cant find main color for the car - red - x6. Any help would be great! thank you in advance.
  5. hello, thank you for the info blissard, just ordered bruiser leafs. I was thinking to change brass bearings in the axle to ball bearings. Does it works better with ball bearings? do you know any place to get them? thank you.
  6. Decided to keep the truck with manual gear box, i will run it using 2 chanel system, which i have already, might in the future will get 4 channel. Now i am considering to change stock leaf springs, they seems do not work at all, i push the truck it keeps still. What would be best option for the truck? I was reading High lift leaf springs can fit this truck. Any idea?
  7. Hello, thank you for the offer lowspot. Today was working on the axles, got new black hubs for the wheels, and they all are working now, i can say those small pieces hard to put back together. Few photos. IMG_5334 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_5333 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_5332 by vito toto, on Flickr IMG_5335 by vito toto, on Flickr
  8. Hello, i gathered information i can use transmiter: acoms ap427, servo acoms as-2, receiver ara 427, also find transmitter acoms ap535 FM possible for the car, servo as - 7, also transmitter - Futaba FP T3GS, i dont know which servo could fit this. Do i need to get same brand servo transmitter and receiver to make it work?
  9. Thank you mangoose! a big help! i will check that. it is possible to use 5 channel and to make lights to blink with transmitter?
  10. I have a problem searching info on the electronic system witch would work for 3 speed, i do not know which servo, receiver and transmitter to get for this model to make it as it was from the factory. I made it spin wheels using 2 channel system, but i want to make it change gears, i know i need to get 4 channel system. i was reading some 4 channel receiver do not work with other brand transmitter, do i need to get whole system of one brand? Might anyone have working model and can tell component names?
  11. Yours looking really neatly done, glass blasting looks awesome, as new! i never tryed it before, i was using sand blasting. I think to using some kind of polish to make it shiny in the future. First thing to make it run;)
  12. Nice to hear you rebuild yours, do you have a photo of it? I still need to do research on electronics , it is 4 channel system which is mistery for me.
  13. Thank you Blissard, it is really interesting job to rebuild, it is realy far from the NIB, i need to do whole electronic job,and parts are so hard to find. have a nice weekend.
  14. Hello, i decided to restore my old truck from tamiya. Needed to rebuild whole car, wheels, chassis cleaning. changing bolts, gearbox stuck two gears, engine not working, no electronics, bumper broken, body work. It had a rough life. Few photos of my work, any advice a welcome. This is the truck first day. Wheels not spinning. Lubricating. Rear end. Frame after cleaning. Gearbox, took me a week to clean it and put it back together. Front bumber. Working on electronics.
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