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  1. You got an amazing example, very well done work, i like photo with scorcher! Interesting what will be other project;)
  2. I sow once, on the crystal letter R, it is for receiver, On the other crystal, letter T, transmitter. I am not sure it means somethink.
  3. Yes, riding dirty, lucky no police in the mud pits!
  4. Looks great decals from here, i usualy use mci, they make decals good quality.
  5. Stunning work, it is biggest pleasure to paint, so rewarding. Looks really good! you will use original decals?
  6. I want to make it period correct, and to use stock electronics. I will use stock motor, ap 227 acoms, stock servos. Do not know much about battery. I know it had to be 7.2 V. Does it mean mah can be different , i noticed there exist 2600, 3600, does it change motor speed? or its capacity? I noticed on other car, driving 2600 mah car goes slower. Thank you.
  7. What a cool project, long time not seen this huge car rebuild. I was doing Hilux rebuild some time ago, it is really fun car to work on. Good luck on the painting!
  8. I think to make lights shinning, just needs a lot electricity work. I do have licence plates, and wipers, it is hard to find parts! Just needs a lot of attention painting the plates. First attempt was bad, now need redo it;) Painting is not easy pysy;)
  9. Hi all. Was working on the Scorcher. Painting is finished, i am quite happy with the result, it is not perfect, but it looks good from distance. Hardest part for me was painting around windows, made it by hand. I guess best to place tape around windows. Got some wheels for the car. Now need to make electricity working. Later will work on the chassis. Few photos. Not registered, no licence plates.;) No licence plates. Sun roof not glued. Missing wipers.
  10. Decided to make it a box art, this is first layer of the paint.
  11. After months of work, here and there, a lot of patience, primed body.
  12. Hello all, long time not post here, i was working on the projects (not tamiya). But in spare time was repairing Sand Scorcher. I got it very bad shape but it was running. Very bad body, wheels and tyres needs replacement, radio box broken, a lot of dust and dirt. Now working on the body. Still needs to repair chassis, not work there. Here few photos. Hope you like.
  13. woderfull news, please photo.
  14. When doing restoration i usualy remove old paint, did not try to leave old one.
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