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  1. once sow ship kit which is 1500 euro, for 88, i thouhg it was true, but lost the money
  2. Work with masking is difficult. I found it is necessary to make sure the tape, has no air, all is on the surface, then no paint can go under the tape, usually using white tamiya masking tape for all corners. Well for me to take tape off i need the paint to be strong, because can easy scratch it, so i leave it for couple of hours, if using tamiya paints. It really depends on the paints.
  3. Wish they release it same as the old one, because to get parts almost impossible. It would be 40 years anniversary ?
  4. Hello, seems pretty good example, beautiful color too, no front damage, i would go for it.
  5. I was using automobile charger of acoms. But now colds come to my home, snow all around. I need to find other source of energy.;) I was thinking wire to the pc. What is your experience charging your battery and what charger you are using ? Thank you!
  6. Today i got a problem with my SRB speed control, i got it with a car. Now i am using old acoms ap 227 transmiter and receiver. It was working fine for a while, but today noticed reverse is not working, i hear strange sound from speed control, like beeping, but car moves very slow, or stops. I do not know what speed control it is, might it is possible to repair. Thank you!
  7. Hello, i found for sale Ball Diff Set II 54897. My question it is going to fit old sand scorcher vintage? I found it is for re release. thank you
  8. Hello all, thank you Blissard, yes i was using tamiya primer too, well, i had to use a lot of sanding, priming and sanding, to get it nice shape. Main primer was made in poland. Spray putty, - it helps to close all the repair and damage well! No chassis photo, no restoration there.
  9. Hello, i got it of ebay, i dont know the creator, it was made poor quality, i had to use putty to close all the holes, and a lot sanding, best to get original part!
  10. Yes, the falcon flies, it is light weigh and runs great for so old car!
  11. Wow. excellent work on the body, like it very much, beautiful shape!
  12. Hi all, after a lot of work, body work on this one is done, i can say to repair so huge car is not easy. Now only driver left to paint, and ready to go. Few photos:
  13. Thank you CoolHands, now i was working on the interior, the driver will wear helmet, real racer! Few photos:
  14. This is inspiring, very well done! Hight quality! And color scheme is unique!
  15. Today finished work on the rear lights, I am going to make front lights working, also interior lights and still not sure, if i will make rear lights shining. My progress. Happy coming Holiday ! Stay safe!
  16. Doing some progress on the restoration, roof panels trying on the car. Might you know why for was used perforation in the shell? few photos. Perforation.
  17. wow, going strong, nice body work on your scorcher, also good spot to drive, do you use stock motor?
  18. Oh, wow, thank you, i will have what to think now! awesome information!
  19. Do you mean rear stabilizator for rear arms? I sow it on some models, but not for sale.
  20. I want to upgrade my vintage sand scorcher, to make it handle better, also better motor, shock, all period correct. Cant decide which motor to chose, i sow there are black endurance, sprint motors, it goes better? which is better? what motor do you use for better performance? Also, noticed not so good handling , it is a way to make it better? what is your experience? thank you
  21. I was lucky there was ice under the snow, Rough rider makes big circle turning around usually, but i got used to that!
  22. I have never tryed, but might dry glue, used for paper work?
  23. Thank you Champ85. I am thinking to make it ts40 collor, but still thinking. I need to make the roof panels still, they need a lot of work. Today had some fun with my Rough rider.
  24. This is my second Blazing Blazer restoration. It was very bad shape blazer with front damage. But after some work i solved it out. So show you few photos of my work. My question is what color you would chose for the car? I am thinking of the box art - black. Thank you!
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